There are so many things to do in Lahaina that a visit to Maui can’t be complete without experiencing this charming, historic town.  From the beautiful beaches to the stunning West Maui Mountains, there is a reason that lots of travelers choose Lahaina as their home base to explore the island.  

The downtown area of Lahaina is home to variety of restaurants, boutique shops, art galleries and surf shops.  There is so many things to do on Front Street that you could stay its 5 block radius and not run out of things to do.  What fun is that though?

I have lived in Lahaina for over 10 years and my partner Joe (the man behind the camera) grew up in Lahaina!  It’s crazy to think that his home town attracts visitors from all over the world.  So if you are still wondering what to do in Lahaina…Don’t.  I’ve had ample time to try all the Lahaina things to do and give you my local input. 

Whether you’re setting sail on a whale-watching tour or just relaxing at the beach, Lahaina will leave you with an ever lasting imprint on your heart.  Now let’s get to the juicy details of the best things to do in Lahaina. 

Best things to do in Lahaina

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Below is a quick list of 27 awesome Lahaina activities.  If you’re in a hurry, screen shot the list below or if you want more information just click on the blue links for more detail.

  1. Visit the Lahaina Banyan Tree
  2. Take a Surf Lesson
  3. Sunset Ceremony at Fleetwoods
  4. Gallery Hop on a Friday Night
  5. Rent E-Bikes
  6. Float at Baby Beach
  7. Go Kayaking
  8. Enjoy an Adult Milkshake at Cool Cats
  9. Attend a Luau
  10. Visit the Baldwin House Museum
  11. Catch Live Music at Fleetwoods
  12. Front Street Shopping
  13. Moana Glass Blowing
  14. West Maui Parasailing
  15. Hike to the ‘L’ in the West Maui Mountains
  16. Magic Show at Warren and Annabelles
  17. Lahaina Water Bike Tour
  18. Brunch at Papa’aina
  19. Go on a Whale Watch
  20. Ride the Atlantis Submarine
  21. Try Hula Pie at Kimos
  22. Catch a Sunset
  23. Happy Hour at Fleetwoods
  24. Sample Cookies at the Honolulu Cookie Company
  25. Go Scuba Diving at Mala Pier
  26. Take a Sunset Cruise 
  27. Segway Tour

Best Things to do in Lahaina

Best Things to do in Lahaina
Banyan tree in Lahaina Maui a top thing to see in Lahaina

1. Visit the lahaina Banyan Tree

If you don’t visit the banyan tree then did you actually visit Lahaina?  The large banyan tree is the heartbeat and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Lahaina.

Located at the beginning of town, the banyan tree court park spans a whole block.  There are plenty of benches to sit and relax at to take in her beauty.  In the mornings and on the weekends, don’t be surprised to see a pop up art walk or hear live music.  This is one of the best things to do on Front Street and a great way to escape the Lahaina heat.

Surf camp at breakwall in Lahaina, Maui

2. Take a Surf Lesson

When most people think of Hawaii surfing comes to mind.  Learning to surf in Lahaina at break wall surf break is a perfect spot for beginner.  There are plenty of surf shops nearby that will set you up with a group or private lessons depending on your preference.

Opting for a surf lesson is best as the experienced guides will teach you the proper technique, the basic knowledge about how and when waves break as well as telling you the surfing etiquette. ← This is very important when you are surfing, especially in Hawaii, you don’t want to injury someone or yourself.

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3. Rent an E-Bike

E-Bikes are all the rage and such a fun thing to do in Lahaina.  You can cruise along the coastal roads, with breathtaking views of the ocean.  Head North towards Kaanapali where you’ll ride the coastal trail all the way to the Kaanapali resort area and black rock.

Renting an E-Bike you can explore the different areas of Lahaina at your own pace, without having to worry about stressful Lahaina parking.  Plus, the the electric engine helps you make it up Lahainaluna Road without breaking a sweat.

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Sunset Ceremony at Fleetwood in Lahaina.

4. Sunset Ceremony at Fleetwoods

Every night at 5:45 on the rooftop of Fleetwoods on Front Street there is a sunset ceremony.  A Kumu (Hawaiian for teacher) or Scottish bagpiper start the ceremony and tell you a little bit about why they’re here, their relationship with Fleetwoods and then they light the tiki torches.

This is one of the best free things to do in Lahaina, well minus the drinks and pupus of course.  If you come on a night when the Kumu is speaking, you’ll get a small taste of the Hawaiian culture.

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5. Gallery Hop on a Friday Night

Front Street is littered with art galleries and on Friday nights the town will be buzzing.  It will especially be busy on the second Friday of each month.  All the galleries will have their doors open and offer you wine or champagne as you peruse the art.  Just remember, it’s illegal to drink on the streets.  Enjoy your classy art crawl.

Some of my favorite galleries are:

  • Peter Lik
  • Kush Fine Art
  • Morrison Hotel Gallery
  • Andrew Shoemaker
Floating at baby beach in Lahaina Maui

6. Float at Baby Beach

Baby Beach is the perfect Lahaina beach to float at because of the shallow waters.  This also makes it a perfect beach to take your kids, hence the name Baby Beach.  Pick a floatie, pack a cooler, grab your girlfriends and spend the day relaxing in the ocean.  If you see a giant rubber duckie float come over and say hi.  Its not unusual to find me here.  It’s one of my favorite things to do in Lahaina.  

These are some other beaches in Lahaina to enjoy:

  • 505 Beach
  • Shark Pit
  • Puamana 
  • Wahikuli Beach
  • Kaanapali Beach (Just North of Lahaina)

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7. Go Kayaking

Kayaking in Lahaina is a great thing to do in Lahaina for a workout, suntan and views.  From the moment you start paddling, the crystal clear blue waters and views of the West Maui’s and Lanai will take your breath away.

You can kayak along the coastline chances are, you’ll even spot some of the stunning marine life such as bottle nose dolphins and sea turtles.  The calm waters make this a relaxing journey.  Except when it is super windy…don’t kayak when its windy.

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Cool cats adult milkshake in Lahaina, Maui

8. Enjoy an Adult Milkshake at Cool Cats

Cool Cats is a popular restaurant in Lahaina that serves up delicious burgers.  Another tasty item to order at Cool Cats is an adult milkshake.  The adult milkshake is exactly how it sounds, a milkshake with booze in it.   Made with local Roselani ice cream you have your choice of flavors like the Kona Carbomb and Bananas Foster.  Enjoy your shake and take in the busy Front Street from above. 

Maui Luaua of the top things to do on Front Street

9. Attend a Luau

Going to a luau is one of the best things to do in Lahaina and a great way to spend an evening.  One of the best luau’s in Lahaina is located at the beginning of Front Street – The Feast at Lele.  This luau takes you on a 5 course dinner of polynesian cuisine from the islands of Hawaii, Aotearoa, Tahiti and Samoa.

Another great luau located on the opposite end of Front Street is the Old Lahaina Luau, one of Maui’s oldest luau’s.  This luau will greet you with the sounds of traditional Hawaiian music and the aroma of a luau feast.  If you’re staying in Ka’anapali check out the Royal Lahaina Luau or the Sheraton Luau at black rock.

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10. Visit the Baldwin House Museum

Visiting the Baldwin House Museum in Lahaina is a great way to gain insight into the history of the island.  The museum contains a variety of artifacts, photographs and displays that tell the story of the area.

The house was built in 1834 and is the oldest standing building in Lahaina.  The museum is filled with fascinating information about the lives of the missionaries who lived there, as well as the native Hawaiian culture.

Mick Fleetwood on the drums at Fleetwoods on Front Street

11. Catch Live Music at Fleetwoods

Lahaina town is full of restaurants and bars and most of them have live music.  One of the best places to catch live music is at Fleetwoods on Front Street.  

I know I’ve mentioned Fleetwoods before but if you LOVE listening to live music then head over the Fleetwoods because the talent is above par.  I mean what do you expect, it’s the house of Mick Fleetwood, every musician/ band that plays here has loads of talent!  You might even get lucky and see the great Mick Fleetwood perform himself.

Best Places to watch Live Music in Lahaina:

  • Dirty Monkey
  • Mala
  • Fleetwoods on Front Street 
  • Cool Cats
  • Down the Hatch

12. Moana Glass Blowing

Moana Glass Blowing is a unique activity in Lahaina that offers visitors the opportunity to see and take part in the ancient art form of glassblowing.  This hot glass studio is a place where you can watch firsthand as glass is shaped into beautiful art pieces.

The experienced glassblowers at Moana are passionate about their craft and take great pride in their work.  This is also one of the best things to do in Lahaina when it rains. 

13. West Maui Parasailing

West Maui Parasail is a great way to experience the beauty of the island.  Soar high above the turquoise waters giving you breathtaking views of the coast and beyond.

Experienced and knowledgeable captains will make you feel confident and safe while enjoying the thrill of flying high over the stunning Maui landscape.  From atop, you’ll be able to take in he sights of the islands, including the neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai.

Lahaina town Travel Guide

14. Front Street Shopping

Shopping on Front Street is like a right of passage when you first visit this Hawaiian town.  Front Street is littered with boutique shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries.  You can easily spend a morning eating, drinking, and shopping your way up and down Front Street.  A few of my favorite shops are:

Hawaiian shave ice dessert in Front Street, Maui

15. Enjoy a Hawaiian Shave Ice

The cruel merciless heat of Lahaina makes it the perfect place to enjoy a shave ice.  This iced concoction is made from a block of ice that gets shaved off into something that resembles snow.  You then pick a flavor and the sweet, condensed syrups are added to the shaved ice. 

Since the shaved ice is a bit thicker, it is able to hold onto the syrup giving each bite a full, flavorful, sweet taste.  To add to this already sugar packed dessert, is a scoop of ice cream.  The Hawaiian made ice cream flavors come in haupia, gauva and mango.

    16. Magic Show at Warren & Annebell’s

    One of the most fun things to do in Lahaina is attend the Warren and Annabell’s Magic Show.  I’ve had the pleasure to see this show twice, 4 years apart and the whole show had me in stitches every time.  
    Not only is it hysterical but there’s real talent in the magic.  It’s a small venue with about 85 seats so the small area gives you a up close and personal view.
    Hiking the Lahaina L Trail Maui Hawaii

    17. Hiking to the Lahaina ‘L’

    If you are looking for hiking in Lahaina, then look no further than hiking to the Lahaina ‘L’.  Yes the giant L that you can see anywhere from Maui that is placed in the mountainside of the West Maui Mountains.

    The hike is about a medium difficulty as it’s uphill and if you happen to be hiking during a hot summer day.  It can get brutal.  Once at the top you’re greeted with sweeping views of the Pacific and Lahaina town.

      18. Water Bike Tour

      If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary to do in Lahaina, to for a Lahaina Water Bike Tour.  It’s pedaling a bike comfortably and steady on the water.  Just like most Lahaina water activities, this will offer you epic views of the coastline.

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        19. Brunch at Papaaiana

        Papaaiana is a newcomer to the Lahaina brunch scene and let me tell you, it steals the show.  Located below Pioneer Inn directly in Lahaina town, Papa’aiana boasts local dishes and a relaxing atmosphere.

        The menu offers a wide variety of local favorites from fresh island-style pancakes to crispy ramen.  The generous portions make it easy to share and this is a must eat when exploring Maui.

          Pacific Humpback whale in the ocean in Maui

          20. Go on a Whale Watch

          Going on a Whale Watch is one of the best Lahaina activities to enjoy.  If you’re visiting Maui during mid December through mid May you be here during whale season.  In my opinion this is the best time to visit.

          Every year the humpback whales migrate from the cold waters of Alaska to the warm waters of Maui.  It is in the warm Hawaiian waters that the females give birth to their young.  Whale watching tours depart directly from the Lahaina harbor.

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          21. Riding the Atlantis Submarine

          The Atlantis Submarine is an awesome way to witness Lahaina.  This unique activity in Lahaina takes you on a journey beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean, providing a unique view of the diverse marine life that inhabits the area.  The submarine travels to the depths of up to 100 feet and you can observe a variety of coral reefs, tropical fish and sea turtles in their natural habitat.

          Hula pie at Kimos on Front Street

          22. Try Hula Pie at Kimos

          Macadamia nut ice cream ice cream piled onto of a thick cookie crust topped with chocolate fudge, whipped cream and macadamia nuts.  My mouth is drooling as I write this post. Don’t miss out on this dessert when you’re strolling Front Street.

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            23. Segway Tour

            Rather see Lahaina without walking?  A Segway Tour is a great way to explore the area on two wheels.  Enjoy the views of the harbor, the historic buildings and beaches on this fun and easy ride.  This is also a great way to learn about the rich cultural history of Maui.

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            Sunset at 505 beach Lahaina Maui

            24. Catch a Sunset

            Make sure you do this every night you are in Hawaii.  The sunsets are always beautiful as each one surpasses the next.  Grab a glass of wine and watch the sky turn a brilliant orange as the sun sinks below the horizon.  The perfect way to end a day in paradise.

            Happy Hour at Fleetwoods on Front Street in Lahaina<br>
            Happy Hour at Fleetwoods on Front Street in Lahaina

            25. Happy Hour at Fleetwoods on Front Street

            Fleetwoods on Front Street in my opinion is the best happy hour in Lahaina.  Everyday from 3-5, you can enjoy $2.50 oysters, half-off all wine by the glass and scrumptious food.  This is an awesome place to hang out with your company and enjoy some delicious happy hour specials.

            26. Sample Cookies at the Honolulu Cookie Company

            I always pop into the Honolulu Cookie Company when I walk by because their shortbread cookies are just too good to pass up.  There are samples of the classic cookies as well as the current seasons flavor.  I especially love popping in around Fall as I love the ginger flavors.

            Mala ramp Lahaina Maui

            27. Scuba Dive at Mala Pier

            The Mala Pier is an amazing spot for scuba diving in Lahaina.  The pier is home to a wide array of marine life, including eels, white tip reef sharks and sea turtles.

            The site provides divers a beautiful landscape to explore.  The water temperature us usually comfortable and the area is typically free of currants, making it the ideal destination for scuba diving.

            If you’re not into scuba diving, the historic Mala Pier is located at the end of baby beach which is a great place to catch sunset.

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            28. Take a Sunset Cruise

            How much better can it get then a Sunset Cruise.  Not only do you get to watch sunset but you get to do it on a boat on the water.  Imagine the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean, the warm tropical breeze and the colorful sunset providing you the perfect backdrop for an evening of relaxation and tranquility on the water.

            There are several boats you can book a sunset cruise on in Lahaina.  Enjoy drinks and pupus as you sail across West Maui in search of the perfect spot to watch the sun set.  Raise your glass in a toast to the beauty of Maui.

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            Best Things to do Near Lahaina

            Things to do near lahaina
            Olivine Pools Maui Hawaii
            View Kapalua Bay Beach on Maui

            Lahaina is located on West Maui and just North of town is the popular resort area of Kaanapali, luxurious Kapalua and a few other towns.  If you keep driving North you can actually travel around the entirety of West Maui.  These are some of the best things to do near Lahaina.

            What are your favorite things to do in Lahaina?  Let me know in the comments below!

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            Top things to do in Lahaina with I'm Jess Traveling
            Top things to do in Lahaina with I'm Jess Traveling
            Top things to do in Lahaina with I'm Jess Traveling
            27 Things to Do in Lahaina Maui27 Things to Do in Lahaina Maui27 Things to Do in Lahaina Maui