Traveling to the Philippines have always been high on my ‘must travel’ list.  Once I started planning my Philippines trip I knew that visiting Kawasan Falls would be a top priority.  If you are looking for a Phiippines itinerary with all the highlights check out this post from Journication.

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Kawasan Falls, Philippines

Tucked away in the jungle you find the Kawasan Falls.  Being able to see the falls myself and in person was one of my favorite days of my Philippine’s trip!  Here is a quick guide to 

How to Get to Kawasan Falls 

The Kawasan waterfalls can be found on Cebu, Philippines.   The Kawasan falls location is specifically on the southwest side of the island in the town of Badian.


Kawasan falls from Cebu City by taxi down to the south costs around $65 and it takes 3 hours.  


Take a bus to Kawasan falls which leaves out of the south station for 115 pesos per person.  Buses run 4 times per day.  The bus is a lot cheaper BUT has a lot more stops and takes longer.

When we were visiting the falls, we stayed in the town of Moalboal.  Moalboal to Kawasan falls is 45 minutes by moped.  You can rent a moped for 300-500 pesos for the day or a cheaper option, the bus costs around 20 pesos.


We opted for the moped as we didn’t want to be restricted on time.  You will drive 45 minutes until you see a church on the left side of the road which will be where you will park your moped.  It cost 50 pesos to park in church which you will give to a ‘parking’ attendant and he’ll give you a parking voucher when you pay.

Walk to the Falls

The path is paved and straight forward and its a 10 to15 minute walk to the Kawasan falls.  Locals will offer to guide you for a fee, just politely say no.  The Kawasan falls entrance fee is 45 pesos per person to enter.

Palm trees in the Philippines

about kawasan falls

The Kawasan Falls are a top attraction in the Philippines, becoming an instagram hotspot over the past couple of years.  The water really is that blue!!  And clean!

The first waterfall you reach is the most famous one of the Kawasan falls.  There are a couple restaurants next to the falls to grab food or beers.  We indulged in some beers so we could occupy a table to put our stuff on and take photos and swim around.

You can walk yourself up through the levels and the falls without a guide. On the left there are some stairs to head up to the second and third waterfall.  These waterfalls are less busy and allow swimming.  There are also spots to go cliff jumping!  Super FUN, definitely recommend that you take the leap.

At the very top there is a rope swing that cost 10 pesos that you can swing off into the turquoise pool.

Aerial view of Kawasan Falls Philippines

For the traveler that wants more adventure, it’s possible to go Kawasan Falls canyoneering from Kanlaob River to the falls.  This involves some cliff jumping up to 30 feet.  It takes around 2-3 hours to make your way to the main falls on these Kawasan falls tours.

The price of a tour guide to take you Kawasan canyoneering is about 700-1000 pesos per person depending on if you’re traveling in high season or not.  You can arrange a tour when you arrive at the start of the walk to the falls or you can prebook a Kawasan falls canyoneering tour below.

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Tours ↓

Of course the guides are fun and awesome!   And if your traveling with a mate they’ll get you some great photos together, including some action shots.

Kawasan Falls Survival Tips

  • Get there early before 8 or late afternoon to avoid crowds. We went in the afternoon. After 4 pm we had the falls to ourselves!
  • Bring a towel and change of clothes for the way home.
  • You’re able to rent life jackets there for 50 pesos if you’re not that confident of a swimmer.
  •  Make sure you bring ample money as many things cost and there are no close ATM’s
  • There is NO SMOKING allowed inside (hooray!)

Where to Stay near Kawasan Falls

I recommend staying in the Moalboal area for a couple nights so you can have ample time to explore the falls and enjoy other activities in the area like swimming with the whale sharks in Olsob or seeing the world-renowned sardine run.

Budget Places to Stay Near Kawasan Falls

Garden Village

The Garden Village have private and comfortable rooms.  This hotel has good value for the cost.  Rooms start at $35 per night.

Blue Abyss Resort

If visiting the falls isn’t the only reason you’re visiting this area and you’re into diving then the Blue Abyss Resort is perfect if you’re on a budget.  There is a good restaurant on sight. Friendly atmosphere.  Rooms start at $32 a night.

Mid Range Places to Stay Near Kawasan Falls

Moalboal Tropics

The Moalboal Tropics is located in town around a number of restaurants to choose from and some night life. You’ll enjoy the large pool.  They don’t let you bring alcohol into your room tho.  You had to consume it in the dining area only where you purchased it.  Rooms start at $55 a night.

The Blue Orchid Resort

The Blue Orchid Resort is a secluded  beach resort near Kawasan falls located on White Beach.  Amazing pool, rooms and location.  Rooms start at $100 a night.  

The Best Places to Stay Near Kawasan Falls for Luxury

Badian Island Wellness Resort

The Badian Island Wellness Resort is an eco-friendly health resort is located on Badian Island which is a great hotel near Kawasan falls.  Its luxurious especially for Philippines standards.  Complete with lush grounds, a professional spa, and a pool table.  If you book you’re own villa, you’ll have your own private salt water pool!  Prices start at $193 a night.

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A Guide to Kawasan Falls, PhilippinesA Guide to Kawasan Falls, PhilippinesA Guide to Kawasan Falls, Philippines