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Adventurer. Story Teller. Explorer.

Avid learner.  Lover of coffee, good times, avocados, and whiskey.  Explorer with a terrible sense of direction.  My bucket list keeps getting longer know matter how many items I keep ticking off.

If I have any spare time or change I use it on travel.  I bartend in between my travels to fund my adventures.  My goal is to see the world (the whole world)  and to show and aspire others to do the same.  

I have traveled to 37 countries and have lived all over the United States, from the country roads of West Virginia, the deserts of Arizona,  to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, all the way to the beaches of Hawaii, trying to turn my dreams into reality.  

I am based out of Maui and this thing called life is the biggest adventure of them all.




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Why I started this Blog

Growing up my dad was a pilot in the airline industry so I caught the travel bug early on in life. Every summer I got to get on a plane and fly somewhere new for my yearly family vacation. I can still feel the excitement I had as a little girl.

I took my first international trip the summer after I graduated high school with money I had saved up from working weekends at a coffee shop. I started bartending in college so I could afford to travel, which led me to studying abroad in Italy, staying after my program to travel Europe that summer and finally backpacking through Southeast Asia as a reward to myself for graduating college.

As years progressed, so did my country count and I knew I wanted ‘travel’ to be a large part of my life. That’s why I created ‘I’m Jess Traveling’ to help inspire and encourage others to travel. I plan most of my traveling with a frugal eye and am living proof that you can go anywhere no matter what the budget. With a little planning, research, and imagination you’ll be on your way. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog.

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