Hi I’m Jess

I’ve had the travel bug for as long as I could remember.  Growing up every summer I would drive across the country with my family to visit relatives.  They are some of my favorite memories growing up.  I didn’t care how many hours I was crammed into a sweaty car because I was traveling and that’s all that mattered. 

Fast forward to this day that feeling still holds true.  I’m Jess and I’m the creator and sole writer of this travel blog.  I started it as a serious side hustle to fund my ever burning desire to always be on the road.  It’s a great way to document my moments and to help others travel easier.  

I'm Jess Traveling MAUI Travel blog
I'm Jess Traveling MAUI Travel blog

I started the blog less than a few years back and am still loving the journey.  I do 98% of my travels with the man behind the camera, Joe.  Although hesitant at first he always says yes to my crazy travel ideas.  Like that one time we took a 2 day slow boat from Thailand to Laos down the Mekong River – it was quite the experience.

We both run the YouTube channel The JessNJoeShow vlogging about our travels around the world and the behind the scenes of my blog posts.  We are currently hunkering down during this pandemic at home on Maui.  So if you are looking for some Hawaii inspiration head over to our channel and subscribe.

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Follow along as we vlog about our daily lives in Hawaii.  We’re currently social distancing at home on Maui, saving, planning, and waiting to make our next moves.  

Everyday is a new adventure!  Come get beautifully lost with us.


I travel as often as I can!  It’s a bug that I could never get rid of.  When I’m not traveling I’m living on Maui planning for my next great big adventure.  Follow @imjess_traveling  as I explore Maui and wait out this pandemic.


Although you may not see Joe in front of the camera very often.  You’ll love the behind the scenes @kapenamorgan shows as a drone pilot and photographer.

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