Looking for the best things to do in Hana, HI?  Hana is filled with waterfalls, exotic beaches and adventure – what everyone wants from a Hawaiian vacation.

Hana is one of Maui’s most easy going, laid back towns that is the definition of living life at a slower pace.  Make sure you carve out more than one day to explore this part of the island as there are many things to do in Hana that one day won’t be enough time to experience them all.

In this article I’ll go over what to do in Hana, give you a few ideas on where to stay in Hana, plus some tips to know before you travel to this isolated part of Maui.  Okay lets get to it.

Awesome things to do in Hana HI

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About Hana, Hawaii

Hana Town is a small, sleepy town located on the eastern coast of Maui.  It is known for its lush, tropical landscape, stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere.  Hana is a popular destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Hana can be accessed by one road called the Hana Highway.  Getting to Hana is an adventure in itself and driving the road to Hana is one of Maui’s top attractions.

Make sure you load up on snacks and have a full tank of gas before you start this journey.  Hana town has limited food options and places close early (ahem Thai food truck) so coming prepared is clutch.

If you’re taking the time to drive all the way out to Hana I highly, highly recommend staying for at least 2 nights.  Ideally I would recommend staying three nights.

Top things to do in Hana, Maui

Places in Maui with I'm Jess Traveling

Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park is located 20 minutes past Hana town.  This is Hana’s top attraction and for good reason.  It is inside the Kipahulu entrance to Haleakala National Park where the Pipiwai Trail starts.

The Pipiwai Trail is one of my favorite hikes on Maui.  This 4 mile hike gets better every step you take.  It is considered a moderate hike with an elevation gain of 650 feet.

The first mile takes you past a few scenic outlooks where you can wander off the trail and see some waterfalls gushing in the distance.  Plus one of my favorite banyan trees on Maui lives on this trail.  I mean check out the picture.

Things to do in Hana Maui
The second mile of the hike takes you through an enchanting bamboo forest.  This might be my favorite part of the hike. 

I love the sound of the bamboo cracking and swaying in the wind.  The bamboo towers 50 to 60 feet above you and it feels like you’re walking through a fairy tale.

If you thought that the bamboo forest was magical don’t worry the Pipiwai Trail saves the best for last.  After 2 miles of magic the trail ends at the flowing 400 foot Waimoku Falls.

I always pack a snack and beverage to enjoy on the rocks near the falls.  Take in her beauty!  There have been some fatalities in the past due to sudden rocks falling from above.  Take extreme caution when you’re in the area.

*If it’s been raining a lot the trail can get muddy.  I always hike this trail in my slippas but every time I take friends visiting from the mainland they prefer to wear close toed shoes.

Also located inside Haleakala National Park are the Pools of Ohe’o or commonly known as Seven Sacred Pools.  If there hasn’t been any landslides recently you’ll be able to swim in the pools.  Even if the pools are closed you can still walk around the pools and get great views.

Waianapanapa State Park on the road to Hana

Wai’anapanapa State Park

One of my favorite places on Maui and best things to see in Hana is Waianapanapa state park.  The black sand beach inside the park is a show stopper and the most beautiful black sand beaches that I’ve ever seen.

There is a paved path/stairs that takes you down to the beach.  The beach is a mix of sand and black pebbles ranging in size.

I’m not the only who thinks this black sand beach is gorgeous, this is a popular attraction so it pays to come early.

While my friends came to visit we made sure that we were able to enjoy sunrise here and I was blown away.  Being the only ones on the beach only amplified the already incredible experience.

I'm Jess Traveling at Wai'anapanapa State Park on the road to Hana

There is a path on the opposite end of the beach that takes you up the lava rock.  Spend the morning reliving your childhood as you explore and climb around the lava rocks.

This is also where you camp as I meantioned earlier or better yet rent a cabin inside Wai’anapanapa.  You can reserve one here. And a Hana lave tube to explore.

If you’re really up for an adventure you can hike the Wai’anapanapa Coastal Trail all the way to the town of Hana.

TRAVEL TIP:  As of March 2021 reservations in advance are now required to enter Wai’anapanapa State Park.  Book a few weeks prior to visiting.  Same day reservations are not permitted.  You can reserve your spot here. 

Hamoa beach in Hana, Hawaii

Hamoa Beach

On the list of Hana things to do, this beach takes the cake.  The black sand might not be as vibrant as the black sand beach in Waianapanapa State park but it’s a beach you shouldn’t miss. 

This is my favorite beach in Hana.  Not only does it give you clear views of the Big Island but it’s the best beach to go for a swim.

The whole shoreline is a sand bar meaning there’s no reef making it easy to get in and out of the water.   If surf is up bring you’re long board and feel less stress knowing there is no reef to accidentally get tumbled across.

This is a beach for both locals and tourists alike.  Showers to rinse off at and bathrooms are available at Hamoa Beach.

Travel Tip:  Respect the ‘Aina and do your part to help protect the ocean by only wearing reef safe sunscreen.  This is a requirement in Hawaii and should be around the world.

Venus Pools in Hana Hawaii

Waioka Pond aka Venus Pool

Wandering what to do in Hana besides the beach and chasing waterfalls?  Cliff jumping- duh!  Venus pool is my favorite places to go cliff jumping.  

In order to get here you have to hop a fence, cross through a field, dip into the woods and you pop out at a natural swimming hole surrounded by lava rocks.

There are several rocks that you can jump off of ranging in different heights.  The highest being  upwards of 30 feet!  You could easily spend a entire afternoon here.

The swimming hole is tucked behind a black cobble stoned beach.  When you are swimming around you can see the waves crashing against the beach. 

Make sure you bring towels, a floatation device and plenty of beer and snacks.  You’ll be glad you did because you’ll be staying here all day.  Cliff jumping is one of the best things to do in Maui on a budget.

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    Koki Beach

    If catching the perfect wave is your main objective while experiencing Maui, then head to Koki Beach.  Sister beaches with Hamoa this Hana beach has great surf.  Pack a cooler, a good book and let your problems melt away.

    Hana bay in Maui HI

    Red Sand Beach

    One of the best things to see in Hana is this beach.  It’s not everyday you have a chance to hang out and explore a red sand beach.  

    Getting there is an adventure in itself.  Access to this beach is right next to the Hotel Hana Maui which is a wonderful place to base and style yourself out when your exploring Hana Town.

    The short 10 minute hike to get to the red sand beach takes you through a field, down a rooty trail and finally along the cliff that eventually leads you to the beach.

    hana cultural center

    No trip to Maui is complete if you don’t experience some of Hawaii’s culture.  At the Hana Cultural Center you can visit the museum and explore the Historic Hana Courthouse. 

    Inside the museum you can find traditional artifacts that were used by the Hawaiian people and see the Courthouse still in use today.  Pretty fascinating and cool to know that here in the archives are artifacts, photos, records and other treasures of Hana’s past.

    This is one of the things to do in Hana when it rains.

    Wailua Falls on the Road to Hana

    Wailua Falls

    Arguably the most beautiful waterfalls in Hana are the Wailua Falls.  These falls can be seen from your car as you drive from Hana town to the Kipahulu enternace of Haleakala state park.

    Since these falls are directly on the side of the road, they are busy and per usual earlier you arrive the better.  I can’t stress this enough, stay in Hana town for at least 2 nights.  Beating the crowds will be easy and worth it.

    There is a short trail that can take you to the front of the falls.  The trail can be mossy making it slippery so be careful on the walk.

    Lodging in Hana

    Where to stay in Hana Hawaii

    Hana Hotel Maui

    If you want to style yourself out with luxury and sit in an infinity hot tub that over looks the ocean then stay at The Travaasa.  It is luxury at its finest.  And worth the splurge.  One of the only and the best hotel in Hana.  A perfect place to spend your Hawaiian honeymoon.

    Hana Kai

    The Hana Kai Maui is just 100 feet to the ocean.  The unit is equipped with a king size bed and two twin day beds in the living room separated by a partition wall for privacy at night.  If you are traveling with a small family this would be the perfect stay for you.

    As one of the only hotels in Hana is the Hana Kai Resort which means you have access to all of the resorts amenities.  Some of the great amenities of the Hana Kai include beachside barbeque, fully equipped kitchens, private lanais, and free wireless internet service.

    Fisher’s Hana Hale

    The Fisher’s Hana Hale is the perfect location in Hana, walking distance to Hana Bay, Hana town and the infamous Red Sand Beach.  This stay is the entire bottom unit that sleeps up to 4 people.  This is a great budget option, costing only $150 a night.  

    Hana Hideaway

    Seclusion and serenity, this romantic Hana Hideaway is on the coastline located between Hana town and the Kipahulu entrance to Haleakala National Park.  This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house that has amazing views.  Stay here to relax in nature with a great view.

    Hana Cottage

    This 1 bedroom cottage comes with a full kitchen, living room, dining area, washer/dryer, outdoor shower, and a covered deck with views of the ocean and mountain.

    For a bigger selection of Vacation Homes in the area check here.

    Camping in Hana

    Camping in Hana

    You’ll want to spend 1 full day driving the Road to Hana and give yourself the other 2 days to experience all the things to do in Hana.  Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did.

    If you’re traveling Maui on a budget camping is a great way to cut down the costs.  If you’re looking for more camp spots, check out this post for more epic places to camp in Maui.

    Waianapanapa State Park

    One of the top things to do in Hana, Hi is camping in this state park.  You must now make reservations in advance to visit.  There are also cabins for rent.

    Haleakala National Park

    There is the Kipahulu campground inside Haleakala National Park.  It costs to enter the park and campsites are first come, first serve.

    And Voila!  Those are 10 epic things to do in Hana!  Have you been?  Let me know in the commments below!

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    Things to do in Hana HI with I'm Jess traveling
    Things to do in Hana HI with I'm Jess traveling
    Things to do in Hana HI with I'm Jess traveling
    Awesome Things to do in Hana, HawaiiAwesome Things to do in Hana, HawaiiAwesome Things to do in Hana, Hawaii