Searching for the best hotels in Antigua Guatemala? There are a tons of places to stay in Antigua catering to all budgets and travel styles, ensuring a  memorable stay for every traveler.

The city, steeped with Spanish colonial influences, Antigua is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its allure beckons visitors with its history, delectable restaurants, and colonial charm. Those are just a few of the many reasons to visit Antigua.

From luxurious retreats that redefine opulence amid the city’s colonial charm to budget-friendly gems that prioritize affordability without compromising comfort, the accommodations in Antigua will not disappoint.

In this article, I’ll go over where to stay in Antigua Guatemala, list accommodation options for every budget and at the end of the post, I’ll add any useful tips that will aid you in a trip to Antigua.

Best Hotels in Antigua Guatemala

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In a hurry? There are plenty of places to stay in Antigua that will accommodate every type of traveler and on every type of budget. If you don’t have time to read the whole article or need a place to stay in Antigua tonight, these are the top hotels in Antigua Guatemala.

Where to stay in Antigua Guatemala
Beautiful building in Antigua Guatemala

Things to Know about Hotels in Antigua Guatemala

  • 🚿 Hot Water – It takes a bit for hot water to get hot, especially if you are staying at a budget accommodation in Guatemala. Be prepared to wait up to 5 minutes for water to get hot.
  • 💰 $$$ – Prices are market driven and very drastically depending on what season you are traveling to Guatemala in. If you are traveling Guatemala during the high seasons from late November to early April, expect the highest room rates.
  • 🍳 Breakfast – Most hotels in Antigua include breakfast in the price of the room.
  • 🎅 Holidays – Book accommodations around Christmas and Easter far in advance as places fill up quickly.
Luxury hotels in Antigua Guatemala

Luxury Hotels in Antigua Guatemala

If you are looking for 5 star hotels in Antigua Guatemala, look no further as I’ll cover the best luxury hotels in Antigua in this section.

Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo

  • $$$
  • Highlights: On-site amenities including gourmet dining, a spa, and a museum showcasing colonial artifacts.

Staying at Hotel Museo Casa Santa Domingo is a luxurious immersion into the city’s colonial charm and historical grandeur. This is definitely one of the most luxurious hotels in Antigua Guatemala and offers a five-star experience.

Set within a former Dominican monastery, the hotel seamlessly blends ancient architecture with modern elegance. The meticulously preserved courtyard, antiquities, and cobblestone pathways transport guests to a bygone era while providing all the comforts of a home away from home.

It’s feels as if you are spending the night inside a museum. The individually decorated rooms and suites exude sophistication. And let us not forget about the best spa in Antigua Guatemala. Can we say couples massage followed by a bubble bath and champagne?!

Porta Hotel Antigua

  • $$$
  • Highlights: Stunning pool, fine restaurant and easy access to the cities main attractions.

One of the most luxurious hotels in Antigua is the Porta Hotel Antigua. Situated in the heart of the city, this Antigua resort is a blend of colonial elegance and modern comfort.

The tastefully decorated rooms and suites, adorned with traditional Guatemalan elements, provide a cozy and welcoming retreat. The lush central courtyard, framed by flowers and surrounded by the hotel’s colonial-style facade, creates a tranquil oasis.

Staying at this hotel in Antigua means you can enjoy the convenience of on-site dining, two swimming pools, as well as spa facilities for relaxation. With its central location and upscale amenities, this is an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and modern luxury.

Posada del Angel

  • $$$
  • Highlights: A seamless blend of comfort, charm, and culture.

Posada del Angel is one of the best hotels in Antigua, where luxury meets the history. This boutique hotel, tucked away within a beautifully restored colonial mansion, captures the essence of Antigua’s heritage.

This hotel offers an intimate retreat with elegantly appointed rooms, creating an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication. The courtyard serves as a tranquil oasis for you to unwind. Stay here for a seamless blend of comfort, charm, and culture.

Hotel Boutique Los Pasos & Spa

  • $$$
  • Highlights: Cozy, Luxury, the Spa & the Garden

Hotel Boutique Los Pasos & Spa unfolds the perfect mix of colonial posh and modern comfort. This cozy boutique hotel situated in the heart of Antigua, immerses travelers in a world of refined luxury against the backdrop of cobblestone streets.

The intimate atmosphere of Los Pasos is complemented by meticulously decorated rooms, each boasting a unique blend of contemporary amenities and traditional Guatemalan elements.

The tranquil courtyard, serves as a peaceful retreat, and the views from the terrace will not disappoint. This is one of the best hotels in Antigua for cozy, luxury.

Camino Real

  • $$$
  • Highlights: All the comforts of a first-class hotel

Camino Real is an elegant hotel, located in the heart of Antigua. It cohesively blends colonial architecture with modern comforts. The spacious rooms are tastefully decorated, featuring a harmonious mix of traditional facets and contemporary amenities.

The Camino Real Antigua is a beautiful hotel that offers a tranquil escape with its landscaped gardens, courtyards, and pristine swimming pool. Stay at this Antigua Guatemala hotel for exploration and basking in the comforts of a first-class hotel.

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    Mid Range Boutique Hotels in Antigua

    Mid Range Boutique Hotels Antigua Guatemala

    If you are looking for the best boutique hotels in Antigua, I’ll cover those in this section.

    El Convento Boutique Hotel

    • $$-$$$
    • Highlights:

    Staying at the El Convento Boutique Hotel is luxury and historical elegance all wrapped into one stay. This boutique hotel in Antigua is housed in meticulously restored 17th-century former convent.

    Each room is a testament to the attention to detail, featuring antique furniture, vibrant textiles, and contemporary comforts. The swimming pool, central courtyard and delicious breakfast make this one of the best hotels in Antigua Guatemala.

    Hotel Las Faroles

    • $$
    • Highlights: Top pick for mid range hotel in Antigua. Nice garden area and simple, clean rooms.

    Nestled within the historic district, the Hotel Las Farolas captures the essence of Antigua. With its cobblestone pathways, pleasant garden area and colonial-style architecture.

    The accommodations blend modern comfort with traditional aesthetics, offering a cozy retreat after a day of exploring the cities sites. This boutique hotel in Antigua feels removed from the busy street but within 5 minutes walking, you’re in the action.

    The attentive staff adds a personalized touch, ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether savoring the views or enjoying the serene garden, Hotel Las Farolas is a great choice.

    Hotel Nico

    • $$
    • Highlights: Nice Terrace and a hot tub

    Located a few doors down from Hotel Posada San Miguel is Hotel Nico. This boutique hotel combines modern amenities with a touch of colonial charm, providing you with a cozy retreat.

    The rooms feature traditional Guatemalan textiles and contemporary comforts. Hotel Niko’s central location allows for easy exploration. The hotel’s courtyard offers a peaceful oasis and the rooftop terrace provides panoramic views of the surrounding volcanos.

    Casa Santa Rosa Hotel Boutique

    • $$
    • Highlights: Comfort, Price & Breakfast on the Patio

    Casa Santa Rosa Hotel Boutique is a mid-range hotel in Antigua that offers modern elegance and historical charm. Each designed room is a sanctuary of comfort, adorned with handcrafted furniture and local artwork.

    The courtyard is filled with lush plants, accented by a fountain, provides a serene escape. Every morning you’ll eat breakfast on a stunning outdoor patio surrounded by wild orchids and listening to soft jazz that plays over the speakers with the tropical birds chatting in the background.

    Rooms are large and coffee is on point. Stay here for a luxurious retreat at half the price.

    Meson Panza Verde

    • $$-$$$
    • Highlights: Restaurant, Rooftop Terrace & Cozy Rooms

    Another elegant hotel in Antigua is Meson Panza Verde, who seamlessly blends luxury and artistic ambiance. This boutique hotel, captivates guests with its intimate setting and attention to detail.

    This European style property adorned with local artwork and lush gardens, offers elegantly appointed rooms, each designed to create a sense of both comfort and sophistication. It doesn’t get more cozy than a fireplace inside your room.

    The on-site restaurant, renowned for its gourmet cuisine, serves as a culinary haven, inviting you to indulge in delectable dishes amidst a romantic courtyard setting. Other top amenities include the rooftop terrace and the panoramic views.

    Where to stay on a budget

    Budget Hotels in Antigua Guatemala

    In the next two sections, I’ll list the best budget hotels in Antigua Guatemala and the best hostels Antigua Guatemala has to offer if you are traveling Guatemala on a budget or looking for a more social scene.

    Hotel Posada de la Luna

    • $
    • Highlights: Cute & Cozy

    Hotel Posada de la Luna is a cozy and charming retreat in the heart of the colonial city. The hotel exudes a a warm and welcoming atmosphere and you can’t beat the price.

    The rooms, decorated with traditional Guatemala textiles and rustic furnishings, provide a comfortable stay for guests. Conveniently located near notable landmarks and lively markets, this hotel in Antigua invites you to explore the city’s cobblestone streets while enjoying a comfortable and authentic stay.

    Hotel Posada San Miguel

    • $
    • Highlights: Comfy Beds, ample pillows and blankies.

    One of the best places to stay in Antigua on a budget is the Hotel Posada San Miguel.  This charming little posada is centrally located a few blocks from the main drag.

    The cozy and individually decorated rooms provide a comfortable and intimate escape, while the central location allows guests easy access to the city’s iconic landmarks and tasty restaurants.

    The staff goes above and beyond to ensure a warm welcome and personalized service, creating a sense of home away from home. Stay at this Antigua hotel for the price, location and comfortable bedding.

    Best Hostels in Antigua Guatemala

    Tropicana Hostel

    • $
    • Highlights: Known for its rooftop bar and being a party hostel.

    Booking a stay at the Tropicana Hostel in Antigua promises a budget-friendly experience for travelers seeking a social atmosphere. This hostel, provides dormitory-style accommodations for less than $10 a night.

    The communal spaces are a highlight of the stay, specifically its rooftop bar. With its central location, Tropicana serves as a convenient base for exploring Antigua and the surrounding area.

    This hostel is known as a party hostel so if you’re looking for a more quiet experience, I’d opt for one the other budget hotels in Antigua Guatemala on this list.

    Ruaj Hostal

    • $$
    • Highlights: Temazcal on a Budget

    If you are looking for a hotel in Antigua that won’t break the bank but includes a traditional Temazcal, then you’ll enjoy the Ruaj Hostal. Temazcal translates as “house of heat” which is Guatemala’s version of the sauna.

    This hostel has lots of local charm and provides a comfortable retreat for those exploring the historic city. The hostel offers a range of accommodation options, from dormitory-style rooms to double rooms with a private bath.

    Communal spaces include a courtyard and rooftop terrace. This is one of the best places to stay in Antigua for affordable amenities.

    Antigua a day trip from Guatemala City

    Antigua Travel Guides

    I spent 3 weeks roaming around Antigua’s cobblestone streets and eating at all the amazing restaurants in town. I haven’t traveled to every country in Central America yet, but from the ones that I did, Antigua comes in as my favorite city in Central America.

    There are many reasons to love this town but between the adventures on the surrounding volcanos and the delicious food, I promise you will love your visit to Antigua. Check out the guides below to help plan your trip.

    Overnight Trek on Acatenango Volcano – This 2 day, 1 night adventure takes you up Acatenango Volcano for front row seats of Volcan Fuego erupting through the night. Located an hour from Antigua.

    Best Things to do in Antigua – This is the big guide of 31 awesome things to do in Antigua, including the most popular day trips.

    Hiking Pacaya Volcano – An active volcano that takes you on a hike through lava rocks.

    Best Restaurants in Antigua – There are so many insanely good restaurants in this town. I was blown away by the food.

    How to Get to Antigua from Guatemala City – A detailed guide on getting from Antigua to Guatemala City.

    15 of the Coolest Places to Visit in Guatemala – Get inspired on other beautiful places to visit in Guatemala.

    Santa Catalina arch the most popular thing to see in antigua

    Final Thoughts on the Best Hotels in Antigua Guatemala

    The best hotels in Antigua not only prioritize comfort but also deliver exceptional service. Gourmet dining experiences, spa facilities, and personalized tours, will only enhance the overall stay. If you found this article useful, let fellow travelers know in the comments below 👇.

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    Best Hotels in Antigua Guatemala
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