VISA: A Visa is required by most countries to enter Cambodia. You can get an E-Visa here before you go or get one on arrival. I always get one on arrival, it costs $20 and there are ATM’s that dispense USD at the borders. Just make sure you have at least 6 months validity on your passport and a blank page for the Visa.

CURRENCY: The Cambodian Riel is the official currency  but USD will be your main source of money.  4,000 Riel is about 1 USD. Most things will be priced in USD and the Riel’s are used as change.

LANGUAGE: Khmer is the official language of Cambodia but English is widely spoken especially in Siem Reap.


  • Sunrise over Angkor Wat
  • Experience paradise in the Cambodian Islands
  • Live it up in the capitol city of Phnom Pehn
  • French inspired Kampot
  • Cambodian cuisine
  • Bamboo railway in Battambang

Best Time to Visit

Cambodia basically has 2 seasons.  

May to October is rainy monsoon season.  There will be heavy rains and the humidity will be off the charts.  Expect it to heavy down pour for a couple hours each afternoon.  

November to April are the dry months.  The average temperature will be in the 80s. 

December and January are the best months to visit. 

Getting around

Getting around in Cambodia is an adventure in itself.  You’ll find that most of the stories you tell your friends will involve transportation.  

By plane:  International flights fly into Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap.  Flights are cheap and a time savor to fly to other southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand. 

By bus:  Buses are frequent within the country and to neighboring nations including Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.  Perfect for budget travelers.  Over night buses are better here than most countries in southeast Asia.

By tuk tuks : Hire a driver for the day to take you through Angkor Wat.  It will cost about $20.

By boat:  There is a regular ferry service that runs between Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap and Battambang.  Don’t expect many comforts.


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Average daily budget $60-70 for a couple.  This is mid range hotel with A/C and a pool.  Enterance into the temples.  The occasional happy hour.

Bed in an air conditioned dorm room $3-7 USD.

Average mid range hotel with A/C, double bed, own bath – $20

Budget luxury hotel will cost you $30 USD.

Luxury $40 & above.

Angkor Beer -$1.50

Fish amok – $2 -3 USD’s.  This is a famous Cambodian dish and one of my favorites.

Western dish at a sit down restaurants  – $2-4 USD’s

Crab at a sit down restaurant near the crab market in Kep – $7-8



Bus from Laos to Siem Reap with AVT $20

Private tuk tuk driver for the day – $25

Cambodia travel guide domestic flights  – $65

Angkor Wat 1 Day Pass $ 37, 3 Day $62, 7 Day $72

Battambang railway – $5

See the plankton at night in Koh Rong – $5


Cambodia travel guide travel tips

 ATMS are widely available throughout Siem Reap.  They will dispense USD’s.

  To save money eat street food and try to stay out of the bars.

 SIM CARD:  Get a Sim Card for no more than $10 depending if you’re their for a week or more.  Its cheap and you’ll always have the internet.

 WIFI is available at most guesthouses and hotels. 

 To enter temples in Cambodia you will have to dress moderately.  This means having your knees and shoulders covered.  Always have a sarong or wrap skirt handy.

Safety is an important factor in planning any trip, espicially when it is international.  Here are my Cambodia travel guide safety tips.

  As each year passes, Cambodia is becoming safer.  Gun crime is still common in Phnom Penh tho.  

 Snatch in grab crimes are also common.  Like for instance if you’re holding your iphone outside the taxi window to take a picture and someone rode by on a motorbike and snatched it.

∇  Scams are also common at the border.  Uniformed men will approach you and ask for your passport and then a fee.  Use your common sense, if it seems shady, it probably is.

 You can find the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh.

Travel insurance is very important.  There is nothing worse than being in need of medical care or get robbed or loose something in a foreign country without insurance!  Protect yourself!  This is your best investment.



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