El Paredon is a serene beach town located on Guatemala’s Pacific coast. There are a handful of inviting El Paredon Hotels that cater to any travelers budget and style, and in this guide I’m gong to spill the beans on the best accommodations in El Paredon.

This (not-so) hidden gem captures the essence of laid-back coastal living. This tranquil beach town, characterized by its pristine volcanic black sand beaches and a backdrop of swaying palms, provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Renowned as a surfing haven, El Paredon attracts wave enthusiasts from around the globe, drawn to its consistent breaks and inviting waves suitable for surfers of all levels.

You can reserve many hotels in El Paredon or guesthouses online but you will likely have to pay cash at the property when you arrive, especially for budget properties. If you are staying at a more luxurious El Paredon hotel, credit cards are usually accepted but expect a 10% transaction fee added to the bill.

Since El Paredon’s popularity has been growing, I’d book accommodations in advance, especially if you plan to visit during the high season. If you are traveling Guatemala in the off/shoulder season then you can book as you go, a few nights before you plan to stay.

El Paredon Hotels

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In this post I’ll go over the best El Paredón buena vista hotels and the top El Paredon hostels. Plus at the end of the post, I’ll add any useful tips that will aid you in a trip to El Paredon.

But first, are you in a hurry? Below I have listed where to stay in El Paredón, Guatemala and the reason to stay for easy booking if you don’t have time to read the whole article or need to book a place to stay in El Paredon tonight.

Keep scrolling for more details on the best hotels in El Paredon, Guatemala.

El Paredon Hostels Quick List

Keep scrolling for more details on the best hostels in El Paredon, Guatemala.

El Paredon Hotels

El Paredon Hotels
Im Jess Traveling in the ocean in El Paredon
The Pool at the Cocori Lodge in El Paredon

Wonder Boutique Hotel

  • Price: $$
  • Highlights: Pool Area

Staying at Wonder Boutique Hotel is a tranquil retreat that seamlessly blends modern comfort with the laid-back charm of this coastal village.  Nestled along the coast, this boutique hotel in El Paredon offers a quiet escape, with stylishly designed rooms and views of the ocean.

The soothing ambiance of the hotel’s pool area, surrounded by lush greenery, invites relaxation after a day of surfing. The attentive staff ensures a personalized and welcoming experience, from arranged surf lessons to local excursions.

The on-site restaurant serves delicious cuisine with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, capturing the essence of El Paredon’s coastal lifestyle. Whether you’re a surfer seeking the perfect wave or a traveler craving a serene seaside escape, Wonder Boutique Hotel is the perfect option.

  • Price: $$
  • Highlights: Outdoor Shower, Swimming Pool & Chill Areas

If you are looking for beachfront tranquility and surf-inspired elegance, look no further than Swell. This boutique El Paredon hotel offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere with stylishly designed rooms that capture the ‘essence’ of coastal living.

Picture this, waking up to the soothing sound of the ocean and enjoying breathtaking sunsets from your private balcony. Swell Hotel embraces the surf culture with on-site surf lessons and board rentals.

The open-air restaurant and bar provide a delightful space to savor delicious cuisine while soaking in the panoramic views of the beach. Plus you’ll love lounge areas with include sofas, an outdoor pool and ping pong table.

Casa Zala

  • Price: $$
  • Highlights: Communal Areas & Stylish Decor

Our next place to make the best El Paredon hotels list is Casa Zala.  This beautiful little oasis is an intimate and charming escape, that offers a tranquil retreat in style. The rooms are stylishly furnished and have air conditioning which is a must in El Paredon.

Unwind in the hammocks on private terraces, relishing the gentle sea breeze and the mesmerizing sunsets. Casa Zala fosters a sense of community with communal spaces, including a shared kitchen (including a dishwasher) and vibrant garden.

Shanti Surf Camp

  • Price: $$
  • Highlights: Pools and Daily Breakfast

Shanti Surf Camp seamlessly blends the chilled out vibe of a surf haven with the comforts of a boutique retreat. This El Paredon hotel offers accommodations that is a 2 minutes walk from the beach so you’re removed, yet still in the action.

Rooms feel luxurious and high quality. This is a great place to be able to work remote from as the wifi is quick and reliable. Daily breakfast only adds to the charm and reasons to stay.

Ka´ana Surf

  • Price: $$$
  • Highlights: Laid-back Luxury

Ka´ana Surf is what we call laid-back luxury. This boutique beachfront accommodation is a serene escape, where contemporary design meets the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Ka’ana Surf caters to both surf enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil coastal retreat, providing a range of amenities including surf lessons, wellness activities and stylish accommodations with ocean views.

This is the place to stay in El Paredon, where the sound of ocean waves sooth you to sleep and parrots squawk to tell you good morning.

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    Hotel Evenezer

    • Price: $-$$
    • Highlights: Comfortable accommodations with a pool at a good price.

    Hotel Evenezer offers a warm and inviting retreat in the heart of this coastal village.  This family-run hotel embraces a relaxed atmosphere and is the best place to stay in El Paredon if you are traveling in a group.

    The comfortable accommodations include air conditioning, pool views and cozy rooms.  With a fun pool, lively atmosphere and close proximity to the best, this is an ideal choice for those seeking simplicity and genuine hospitality during their stay.

    Villa Makai 1 Orange

    • Price: $$$$$
    • Highlights: 2 Bedroom Villa perfect for a small family.

    If you are traveling with a group or small family, the Villa Makai 1 Orange is a two bedroom villa that can accommodate the whole group. This beautiful villa, adorned in warm hues, offers a perfect blend of comfort and tropical sophistication.

    With spacious interiors and private outdoor spaces, including a terrace with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, staying here will allow you to unwind in style. The calming ambiance, complemented by the rhythmic sounds of the waves, creates a tranquil retreat.

    Whether lounging by the pool, strolling along the sandy shores, or enjoying breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of the villa, this coastal abode encapsulates the essence of El Paredon’s natural beauty, providing an idyllic escape for those seeking serenity and seaside luxury.

    El Paredon Hostels

    El Paredon Hostels

    Cocori Lodge

    • Price: $$
    • Highlights: Pool Area and Fun, Social Vibes

    The Cocori Lodge is one of the best El Paredon hostels. Located on the black sand beach, staying at Cocori Lodge is an invitation to immerses yourself in the tranquil rhythm of beach/surf life.

    Staying here you can splurge on a private room or if you are traveling Guatemala on a budget, opt for a bed in a dorm. The lodge, has one of the best pools to hang out for the day.

    Relax in hammocks, enjoy the ocean breeze or partake in the lodge’s surf lessons or yoga sessions. If you don’t end up staying here, you can buy a day pass to be able to use the pool and lounge area for 150Q (about 20USD) per person but 100Q of that is put towards your bar tab.

    Mellow Hostel

    • Price: $-$$
    • Highlights: Mellow Vibes and the Common Areas

    The Mellow Hostel is a chilled out and welcoming hostel that offers budget-friendly accommodations with a communal atmosphere, fostering connections among travelers from around the world.

    With its colorful and eclectic design, Mellow Hostel provides a comfortable and social environment where you can share stories, swap surf tales, or relax by the pool. The hostel’s proximity to the beach makes it a convenient choice. Choose between booking a bed or private room.

    There is tons of outdoor space and spots for relaxing and taking it “mellow”. Plus theres a pool table if you’re looking a little more action. This hostel in El Paredon embodies the easygoing vibe of the town, making it a great choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking both adventure and a sense of community.

    Paredon Surf House

    • Price: $-$$
    • Highlights: Bungalows/treehouses on the beach

    Paredon Surf House has bungalows/treehouses on the beach. Where barefoot luxury meets surf culture. Nestled amidst swaying palms, the eco-friendly bungalows provide a rustic-chic retreat, with open-air designs that capture the ocean breeze.

    Guests can wake up to the sound of crashing waves, rent surfboards on-site and enjoy communal spaces that encourage socializing among fellow travelers. Private rooms and shared rooms are available depending on your budget.

    With its communal areas and proximity to the beach, El Paredon Surf House is a haven for those seeking a relaxed and immersive coastal experience.

    Driftwood Surfer Beach Hostel

    • Price: $-$$
    • Highlights: Beachfront digs ranging from dormitories to private rooms

    Finishing off our best hostels in El Paredon list is the Driftwood Surfer Beach Hostel. Staying here promises a dynamic fusion of surf culture, seaside relaxation and community vibes.

    This beachfront hostel is a vibrant hub for surfers and travelers. The rustic charm of Driftwood Surfer, with its wooden structure and eclectic decor, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

    Accommodations range from dormitories to private rooms, each designed to capture the essence of beachfront living. With a communal pool, hammock-filled social spaces, and direct access to the Pacific shoreline, you can effortlessly embrace the surf lifestyle.

    Kids playing soccer on the back sand beach in el Paredon

    Things to do in El Paredon

    People come to El Paredon to relax and surf, but there are a handful of other things to do in this beach town.

    • Learn to Surf
    • Kayak the Mangroves
    • Spend the Day at one of the Beachfront Hostels
    • Yoga on the Beach
    • Dine at Chef in Flip Flops

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    Where to Stay in El Paredon Guatemala

    El Paredon Travel Tips

    • Don’t forget to bring your reef safe sunscreen.
    • Mosquitos are swarming, make sure to apply mosquito spray if you don’t want to get eaten alive.
    • Book your accommodations in advance if you are traveling here during high season.
    • Book your transportation to El Paredon here.
    • While you can get by with English, having some basic Spanish phrases go a long way.
    • You’ll need cash at many places throughout town. Don’t worry there is an ATM in the Super 24 store.
    • Credit cards are usually accepted but expect a 10% transaction fee added to the bill.
    • Get an eSIM for your phone to stay connected with a local high-speed data network while you travel.
    • Tap water is not safe to drink in Guatemala (or most Central American countries for that matter).
      • Lifestraw Water Bottle – helps me save a little money on buying water and stay healthy with clean drinking water.
      • Travel Insurance – don’t try surfing without it. It’s very affordable when you consider the alternative.

      Final Thoughts on El Paredon Hotels

      El Paredon embodies the quintessential charm of a coastal retreat, making it a destination cherished by those seeking a harmonious blend of surf, culture, relaxation, and the allure of untouched landscapes. Do you have any favorite hotels in El Paredon? Let your fellow travelers know in the comments below ↓.

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      Where to Stay in El Paredon
      El Paredon Hotels
      Best Hotels in El Paredon
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