Fitness travel – a verb; meaning to stay fit while traveling on a vacation or a trip. No this doesn’t mean you have to take a vacation designed around fitness, it means to take an active trip where you are doing more than laying around the pool and sipping pina coladas, even though that is perfectly acceptable to do for a few days.

Traveling in my opinion is the ultimate high. I am always searching for the next big adventure and unknown place to explore in the world. But just because you are traveling, that doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to go out the window.

Or that you’ll have to go on a diet from your vacation.

Travel and fitness are top priorities in my life. Being fit, makes me feel better mentally, physically and emotionally. That is why I put together a list of how to stay in shape while traveling.

Fitness Travel | 10 ways to stay in shape while traveling

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I'm Jess Traveling in Peru with a llama

Walk Everywhere to Stay Fit While Traveling

This is one of the easiest ways to stay fit while traveling, walk everywhere. Not only does it burn more calories but it helps you get familiar with a new area. Free walking tours is one of my favorite ways to explore a new city.

I once walked 16 miles in one day in Las Vegas just by exploring the strip. This made indulging in margaritas and meals that much more enjoyable. This is also a great way to save money while you travel.

Full moon party in Thailand

Party with a Purpose

Did you know that average beer has 150 calories, a margarita is anywhere from 200-300 calories and a glass of wine has 123 calories? It’s no secret that drinking heavily adds hundreds or even thousands of extra calories a day to your diet.

Excessive drinking not only drives up your budget but it also packs on the pounds. This brings us to our second fitness travel trip, party with a purpose.

Save the partying for special occasions at events like St. Patrick’s day in Ireland or at a legendary full moon party in Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand. These are 2 major drinking events and it’s fun to be able to let loose every once in a while.

Pair this fitness travel tip with the previous one and you’ll be able to balance out the splurge and get back on track.

Fitness Travel of Hiking

Stay Fit and Travel by Taking a Hike

Hiking is by far my favorite way to stay fit while traveling. Some of my favorite travel memories are from conquering an epic hike in a foreign destination. 

Hiking while you travel not only burns some serious calories but it gets you outside which boosts your Vitamin D and you’re almost guaranteed killer views.  

The Summit of Rysy Peak
Views on the Thethi Valbone Trek
Hiking Pacaya Volcano a beautiful place in Guatemala

Noteworthy Hikes to Add to Your Bucket List

Salkantay Trek – 46 miles in completion that takes you through rugged mountain terrain and connects Cusco to Machu Picchu.  The maximum elevation of this trek is at 15,090 feet at the Salkantay Pass.

Colca Canyon – Offers trekkers a chance to spot soaring condors, stay in an oasis on the canyon floor, witness some of Peru’s most beautiful landscapes, bathe in thermal hot springs and hike through desert scenery.

Valbona to Theth Trek – An adventure through the Albanian Alps hiking connecting Valbona and Theth National Park.

Haleakala Volcano – Hiking into the world’s largest dormant volcano on Maui, staying the night in a cabin and hiking out another route.

Rysy Peak – Hiking to Poland’s highest peak starting in Slovakia.

Hiking the Great Wall of China – How to avoid the crowds and hike the wall independently.

Hiking Acatenango Volcano – An overnight hike in Guatemala to witness an active volcano erupt during the night.

Best Hikes in Maui – I lived on Maui for 12 years and these are the best hikes on Maui, Hawaii.

Best Hikes in Zion National Park – Zion is one of my favorite places in the world and the hiking is worth visiting for.

Use the Airport Gym & Exercise While Traveling

An exciting fitness trend that has been emerging are airport gyms. This means that sprinting to your gate doesn’t have to be your only form of cardio.

Many airports around the country are popping up with airport gyms which are usually located within security and some even offer options to rent exercise clothes and tennis shoes.

Make sure you check out an airport gym next time you are flying through Singapore, San Fransisco, Dubai, Chicago or Toronto. Plus exercising before a flight helps increase your mood and aids in having a more comfortable long haul flight.

Biking through Don Det, Laos

Explore a New Destination on a Bicycle

A great way to explore city is by bike. Renting a bicycle and biking around takes you further than if you were just walking.

When I traveled through China, I rented a bike in Xi’an and in Beijing to explore these massive cities. This was a perfect way to explore as many of the highlights I wanted to check out were spread out across town.

It doesn’t just have to be a city that you explore by bicycle. If you ever find yourself in France in wine country, cycling around to different vineyards in between wine tasting is the way to go. Travel and fitness doesn’t get more perfect than this.

Fitness travel yoga

Yoga | Exercise Travel

Yoga is a great way to start your day mentally, physically and emotionally. Yoga is very popular on a world wide scale so chances are you’ll be able to find a yoga class near you wherever you are on your travels.

Opt for taking a class at a local studio or seek out one that offers more of an experience. Can we say goat yoga?! If you are ever on Maui, there are goat yoga classes help in upcountry Maui.

Kayaking in the Philippines

Choose Active Activities to Stay in Shape While Traveling

Who says you can’t plan your vacation around fitness. For example you can take a ski trip, spending all day skiing in the mountains is one heck of a workout. Or taking a trip to Hawaii to perfect your surfing is a full body workout while getting a tan.

Even if your vacation isn’t designed specifically around a certain sport you can still choose active activities to fill your days. For instance, instead of going on a whale watch you can opt for kayaking with the whales, a once in a lifetime adventure on Maui.  Or go rock climbing, one of the coolest things to do in Vang Vieng, Laos.

If you’re not much of an adrenalin junky, schedule an early tee time to hit the links. There are plenty of activities that exert effort and are lots of fun in the process.

Morning Runs to Explore a New City

If you enjoy running, a great way to get to know a city is by waking early and going for a run. Not only does it blast major calories but it gets you familiar with your surroundings and the lay of the land. Early morning runs are great because it’s cooler in temperature and less people are out and about.

I have a friend who runs destination marathons all over the world! From the original marathon in Greece to Uganda, Africa she travels all over the world to run marathons which is pretty awesome.

There is no better reward after finishing a marathon than to explore a new foreign city. Does this sound up your alley? Check out these adventure marathons for your next fitness travel trip.

Fitness Travel

Fitness and Travel with a Local Workout Class

There is always a new fitness craze popping so why not try one on your next trip. If you are ever traveling to Maui you must check out The Block and partake in a HIIT workout class.  

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, a HIIT class at the block will get your heart pumping and leave you feeling like the queen that you are, strong, confident and powerful.

Some other trendy workouts you should try are aerial yoga, Muay Thai training classes, pole dancing or a dance class like salsa dancing.

Do a HIIT Workout in your Hotel Room

Now a days there are apps for everything and this includes fitness apps. Check out these apps when you’re looking for a heart pumping workout.

  • Sweat by Kayla
  • Beachbody
  • 8fit
  • FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans
  • Forte

You don’t need to just use an app you can also utilize Youtube. There are tons of exercise videos on Youtube that don’t require equipment which means you can do them at home or on the road. Here are a few great channels that have great workouts.

Traveling with portable exercise equipment also makes it easy to do a quick workout in your hotel before you start your day. A few of my go to and portable items are exercise bands, travel yoga mat, a light weight pair of running shoes, a running belt that will hold your hotel keys and ID’s and a collapsible water bottle.

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Final Thoughts on Ways to Travel and Stay Fit

As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate fitness travel into your next vacation. If staying fit while traveling is important to you, I’d love to hear about the ways that you stay in shape on the road.

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Fitness Travel: Ways to stay in shape on the road
Fitness Travel: Ways to stay in shape on the road
Fitness Travel: 10 Ways to Travel and Stay FitFitness Travel: 10 Ways to Travel and Stay Fit