Looking for ultimate gifts for travel couples?  Getting travel gifts for couples shouldn’t be a difficult journey and with the help of this article shopping will be a breeze for whatever the occasion.

Traveling is my favorite pastime and as much as I appreciate solo female travel, I prefer traveling with a buddy more.  I do 90% of my travels with my partner Joe (the man behind the camera).

That’s why I wanted to put together a post of travel gift ideas for couples.  I broke up these travel items into 4 categories, Gifts for Travel Couples Homes, Travel Gifts for Couples on the Road, Eco Friendly Gifts for Travel Couples and Photography Gifts for Traveling Couples.  

This will make finding gifts for couples who travel easy and efficient.  Without further ado, these are 45+ of the best travel gifts for couples written by your favorite traveling couple.

50 + Gifts for Travel Couples

For full transparency, I have sprinkled some affiliate links in this post.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases that gives me a small commission at no extra cost to you if you decided to make a purchase.  As always, I would never recommend a product or service that I didn't truely believe in.  All proceeds go to keep Jess traveling and coffee ☕️.  I thank you in advance.

Traveling Gifts for Couples on the Road
Away Luggage

Matching Away Luggage

Gift the traveling couples in your life a set of matching luggage.  Joe and I have a matching set of the Away Luggage and I absolutely love them.

The Bigger Carry-On Away Suitcase is lightweight and sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines, or pop easily onto a train or into a car.  These pieces are perfect for longer trips.  This suitcase is built to last and is one of the best travel luggages out there.

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are a thoughtful gift for traveling couples.  These nifty travel accessories help keep your clothes organized and make it easier to pack bulkier items like jackets.  Perfect for those winter trips.

The packing cubes also make it easier to separate your clean and dirty clothes.  If you are on the road a lot and doing a lot of laundry at laundromats and the such, having your clothes separated in the packing cubes are a travel hack you’ll be happy to have discovered.

Nomatic Travel Pack

Nomatic Travel Pack

The Nomatic Travel Pack is one of the best travel backpacks on the market.  Everything about it was designed with the traveler on the go in mind. It’s the perfect bag to take with you when you are doing the actual act of traveling.  A thoughtful and useful travel gift that is unisex that anyone would be happy to have.

Osprey backpack

Osprey Day Pack

The Osprey Day Pack is incredibly comfortable and is perfect for day trips or hikes.  Fit for every hiker, backpacker and traveler.  This is also one of the best gifts for hikers.

Matching Passport Holders

Every traveler needs a Leather Passport Holders.  Get a matching set and let the adventure begin!

Bose Headphones

Bose headphones are definitely an investment.  I personally have a pair and can attest that they are worth every penny.  They completely cancel out all the noise around you.  Pair this with the sleep mask and you’ll be out like a light on any flight.

The headphones are comfortable around your ears and have bluetooth and have Alexa built in.  Get a his and hers pair for the traveling couple.

Digital Hand Luggage Scale

A Digital Hand Luggage Scale is a useful travel gift.  The hand scale weighs your bags before you get to the airport.  This is a great travel item for flying budget airlines.  Avoid the stress of an overweight bag fee with this useful and unique travel accessory.

Universal Adaptor

A Universal Adapter makes for a great stocking stuffer.  This universal adapter is compatible with over 150 countries including popular backpacking spots like Europe and Southeast Asia.  Plus it has 4 USB ports making it easy to charge multiple devices at once.

Head Lamp

A Headlamp makes a great stocking stuffer and is a wonderful travel gift under $20.  You never know when a head lamp will come in handy.  It’s ideal for camping, hiking up a volcano in the dark to watch sunrise, trying to pack your bag in the dark in a hostel…well you get the picture.  This is a useful and thoughtful backpacker gadget.

Priority Pass membership

Priority Pass Membership

Does the traveling couple that you are looking for presents for fly often?  The Priority Pass gives you access to over 1300 airport experiences worldwide.  The lounges are quiet, connected spaces to relax or work in, with pre-flight bites, drinks and other added perks that help keep you refreshed and revived.

If you aren’t living lounge life, you’re doing something wrong.  These memberships are terrific gifts for someone who travels a lot for work.  An airline gift card is also an excellent choice.

Portable Speaker

A Portable Speaker is a must have for any traveler.  This Bose speaker produces a deep, loud sound and has a wireless range of about 30 feet.  Battery lasts up to 12 hours, perfect for extra added surround sound as you watch Netflix on your computer or cooking dinner on the road.

Portable Espresso Maker

This is the best travel item for the coffee lover in your life.  This Portable Espresso Machine is compact, simple to use, lightweight and versatile.  This is an awesome item to have on an early morning hike or camping trip.  Talk about couple goals.

Luggage Lock

A luggage lock is a small travel gift that comes in handy when you store your bags behind a hotel desk after you’ve checked out and still have some exploring to do.

Get a luggage lock that uses a combination instead of a key so you don’t have to ever worry about loosing or having the key on you at all times.  

You can get a 4 pack of TSA approved luggage locks for under $20 perfect for a stocking stuffer.

Matching Luggage Tags

Nothing says ‘I’m ready to travel’ like matching Luggage Tags.  Make it easier to identify your luggage with these matching tags.

Sky roam Personal wifi

Sky Roam

Sky Roam is an awesome travel companion.  This personal WiFi can travel with you on a vacation home for connectivity anywhere, anytime. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of pay-as-you-go WiFi with no contracts.  This unique travel gift is perfect for work and play when you’re on the go.

Travel Journal

A Travel Journal is a great gift so anyone can document their adventures along the way.  Plus it looks like the journal from Indiana Jones.

Eco Friendly Gifts for Travel Couples

Eco Friendly gifts for travel couples

Collapsable Water Bottle

The Nomader Collapsable Water Bottle is a portable water bottle that is perfect for the couple on the go.  It rolls up for compact travel, loops around your wrist for easy carry and attaches to your bag for quick access.  This is also a must have flight essential for any and every type of traveler.

Final Straw

The Final Straw is a pocket-sized, portable, convenient and eco friendly. It comes with a cleaning squeegee tool that stores in the case for cleaning on the go! Stored in its own carrying case, it can attach to a set of keys, backpack, or carry-on.  This TSA friendly stainless steel straw is great for travel.

Life Straw

The LifeStraw Go Water Bottle filters water while drinking.  This is a great gift for travel, backpacking, camping, and emergency kits.  The Lifestraw is reusable and will ensure clean and safe drinking water no matter where you are in the world.

National Park Pass

National Park Pass

A National Park Pass is a great gift for the travel loving couple and the nature lovers.  With 423 National Parks scattered throughout the United States, this pass pays for itself in about 3 visits to any park.  Plus road tripping around and exploring National Parks is one of the best ways to spend a summer.

Steri Pen

The SteriPEN is a great gift for a traveler that is eco conscience.  This useful device destroys over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa by UV light.  This is a super useful item to always have on you when you travel.  If you love the outdoors as much as I do check out these 50 gifts for the outdoorsy women.

Solar Bank power Charger 

A Solar Power Bank with a Flashlight & Compass is a great gift for the outdoorsy couple.  The external solar power battery charger can recharge by solar or outlet.  It also features a flashlight and a compass making this a dual gift.

Photography Gifts for Traveling Couples 

Photography Gifts for traveling couples

Polaroid Camera

The FujiFilm Polaroid Camera is a great gift.  Not only does it help spice up some pictures, it

Go Pro

Go Pro 

A Go Pro is a thoughtful gift for the travel couple.  Help them document and recored lifes special moments as they adventure around the world.  Every new version of the Go Pro keeps getting better and better.  A Go Pro can be taken on most any adventure so whether they are relaxing at the beach or hiking Mount Everest, this gift will be put to good use.

Go Pro Accessories

Do they already have a Go Pro?  Go Pro accessories are a lot cheaper and depending on what they are into, you’ll have a lot more options.  These are a few of my favorites.

  • Protective Housing is much needed for most adventures especially snorkeling.  If the travel couple in your life lives at the beach like me this is a must.
  • Floating Handle – Along with the waterproof case you’ll want a handle that floats, making it easy to find in the water if the Go Pro gets out of your grip.
  • Head Strap– Perfect for zip-lining.
  • Surf Mount – to capture life changing barrels.
  • Helmet Side Mount – If they love they extreme sports such as dirt bike racing or skydiving.
  • Travel Kit – Contains a mini-tripod and extension rod.
  • Light Mod and Microphone are perfect if they are into filming videos for YouTube.
  • Handlebar Mount if they are into biking.
  • Go Pro Bubble Dome –  This is an awesome Go Pro Accessory that creates those awesome half under, half over water shots, perfect gift for the beach lover.

Joby Gorillapad

The Joby Gorillapod is a great camera accessory for the travel photographer.  The Joby Gorillapod has wrappable legs that allow you to secure professional camera equipment to virtually any surface.  

It’s compact and lightweight for easy transport. There are multiple Joby tripods to choose from depending on the weight of your camera from Go Pro to Professional Camera.

Lens Ball

The Lensball is a perfect gift if they are looking to take their photography up to the next level.  The Lensball is made for beginners as well as for professional photographers.  It’s a great way to be creative in a picture and this unique travel gift is small enough that they can take it around the world.

Selfie Stick

You can never have too many Selfie Sticks!.  This selfie stick features a fully expandable handheld selfie stick handle with built-in collapsible legs that allow it to double as a stand-alone tripod when opened.  Easily switch between Selfie Stick Mode & Phone Tripod Mode for your preferred use.

Gifts for Travel Couples Homes

Gifts for travel couples homes

Wooden World Map Wall

The Wooden World Map Wall makes a great wedding gift for traveling couple.  This wall art is a classy way to spruce up a home and keep the adventure alive.

Pushpin Map for Couples Travel

Anniversary USA Pushpin Map

If you’re looking for romantic travel gifts, then this Anniversary USA Pushpin Map is a great idea.   Personalized with names and anniversary date, this print is framed and mounted on sturdy foam core.

The couples travel map comes with 100 pins to mark hometowns, honeymoon spots, and favorite vacation destinations, this is an artfully sentimental way to celebrate a traveling twosome.

Fitness dice

Fitness Dice

Take the “work” out of your workouts at home or on the road with this innovative Fitness Dice.  No need for dumbbells, bands or equipment. These seven wooden cubes require only your body weight and your determination to work out.  

Every roll leads to one of 45,000 possible routines.  This is a great gift for fitness enthusiast and suitable for all experience levels.

Adventure Fund Suitcase Bank

Help make their dreams come to life with this Adventure Fund Suitcase Bank.  This wooden money bank decor will look good in any room and be a constant reminder of what they are saving for.

City Map Whiskey Glasses

Get a travel couple a pair of City Map Whiskey Glasses that features their favorite city.  This glassware showcases a favorite city with a stunningly unique and intricate map design.  This will have them toasting to the good life in no time.

Ultimate Journey’s for Two Book

Give the gift of wanderlust with the Ultimate Journey’s for Two: Extraordinary destinations on Every Continent Book.  This inspiring book reveals hidden-gem destinations and insider tips for unforgettable couples travel across the world.

Photo Album Scrapbook

This Scrapbook Photo Album resembles the one from the movie Up.  Fill it with your memories, plane stubs, pictures and all the special keep sakes you get along the way.  They’ll love this couples travel gift.

The Adventure CHallenge Couples Addition Book

No matter how long the travel couple has been together, the Adventure Challenge Couples Addition Book will help relationships grow.  The book consists of 50 exciting and creative date idea.  The challenges range from baking an apple pie blindfolded to a picnic on the water, boring date nights will soon be a thing of the past.

Bucket List Journal

Our Bucket List Journal for Couples is a journal to create your dream life together and recored your adventures.   This journal will not only help them create their dream life together but will also make a treasured keepsake of their shared experiences and adventures.

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    Traveling Gifts for Couples
    Gifts for Travel Couples

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