You’ve landed on this post because you are wondering how to get from Guatemala City to Antigua, safely, efficiently and cheaply. There are several different ways to get to Antigua from Guatemala City, the capital city.

In this article, I’ll go over all the ways to get from Guatemala City to Antigua, and at the end of the post I’ll add any useful tips that will aid you in a trip to Guatemala.

Guatemala City to Antigua

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But first, are you in a hurry? The easiest way to get to Antigua from Guatemala City is a on a shared shuttle. You can prebook your shuttles from Guatemala City to Antigua online so it will be waiting for you when you land.

Shuttle buses to Antigua cost less than $20 and they’ll probably even be waiting for you with your name on sign. Book your Guatemala City to Antigua shuttle now if you don’t have time to read the whole article or are trying to book transportation to Antigua at this moment.

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Antigua a day trip from Guatemala City

Guatemala City to Antigua Distance

The distance from Guatemala City to Antigua is about 25 miles or 40 kilometers for all my non-American friends. The journey typically takes around 45 minutes to 1.5 hours travel time, depending on traffic conditions and the mode of transportation to Antigua that you chose.

The route between Guatemala City and Antigua is well-traveled, making it a convenient and accessible trip for travelers exploring these two popular destinations in Guatemala.

Door in Antigua Guatemala
How to Get from Guatemala City to Antigua

Why Shuttle from Guatemala Airport to Antigua

The main entry and exit point into Guatemala is through La Aurora International Airport, located in Guatemala City. The Guatemala City Airport Code is (GUA).

This means that more than likely you will be passing through Guatemala City at some point during your trip. A lot of visitors choose to skip Guatemala City on their travels. Guatemala City has a bad rep for safety reasons.

That’s why, due to the close proximity to the capital and the convenience of taking a shuttle from Guatemala City airport to Antigua, many travelers skip Guatemala City and bee line it for Antigua.

Antigua is Guatemala’s most charming town, filled with colonial architecture and will set the tone for your travels through Guatemala. That’s why I recommend that you head directly to Antigua when you land at La Aurora airport from your international flight.

✈️ Travel Tip: If you are arriving into Guatemala City on a late flight, book a room at a nearby hotel that offers a free airport shuttle service so you can shuttle from Guatemala City to Antigua in the early morning in the daylight.

Main Ways to Get from Guatemala City to Antigua

🛵 Okay, let’s get into the details of the different ways to get from Guatemala City to Antigua.

  • Shuttle from Guatemala City to Antigua
  • Private Transfer
  • Uber
  • Taxi from Guatemala City Airport
  • Public Bus
  • Renting Car from Guatemala City Airport

Everybody has different priorities when it comes to transportation options and traveling around a foreign country for the first time. My top priorities are to get somewhere safely, swiftly and for a good price.

The transportation through this Central America country is sometimes grueling, sweaty and very bumpy but it is well connected throughout the country. If you’re willing to be patient, you’ll be able to explore the entire country via tourist transport and/or public transportation.

Pepian a traditional dish in Guatemala
Jocon at one of the best restaurants in Antigua

Shuttle from Guatemala City to Antigua

One of the easiest ways to reach Antigua from Guatemala City is on a Shared Shuttle. These shared shuttle services run frequently from the Guatemala airport to Antigua and are the best option for most travelers.

These are cost-effective options that you can also book in advance or figure one out when you land. For a more stress free experience, I would book a shuttle to Antigua in advance so it is there when you land.

If you want to wait and figure out the minivan services when you arrive in Guatemala, know that the shared shuttle you get on the spot won’t leave until the van has at least 4 passengers.

Just be aware that you may be waiting until other passengers arrive. I immediately found a Guatemala City airport to Antigua shuttle when I landed in Guatemala and didn’t have to wait at all as there were already two guys in the van. 

This could go the other way and leave you waiting a long time. Therefore, I wouldn’t be too strict on my travel plans for the first day. It could take a bit longer to reach your final destination, that’s why its best to book your minivan ticket to Antigua in advance. 

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View from Pacaya Volcano

Private Driver to Antigua

Hiring a private driver is definitely the most comfortable and convenient option and it’s also the most expensive option. If money is no concern, booking a private transport from Guatemala City Airport to Antigua is the best way to go.

The private car or private shuttle will drop you off at the front of your hotel and you can avoid the anxiety about having your bag being tied down on the roof, which can be a concern if opting for a shared tourist shuttle. This option will make you feel safe, is hassle free and will be the most convenient way.

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Uber Guatemala City to Antigua

I love when a country has Uber and Guatemala has Uber. It takes the potential for miscommunication out of the equation, gives you peace of mind, and you know the payment isn’t going to be inflated, because I always get ripped off by cabbies no matter what country I’m in.

Uber is very affordable and easy to use in cities like Guatemala City and Antigua. An uber ride from Guatemala City to Antigua should cost about $30-40 US dollars depending on rush hours.

If you’re going the Uber route, make sure you have an eSim. An eSim allows you to connect to the local network and stay connected, access maps, communicate with locals, order Ubers, etc without hassle.

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✈️ Travel Hack:  If you own the American Express Platinum Card, you get up to $15 dollars of cash credited towards your account each month when you use Uber. This goes a long way in Guatemala.

Airport Taxi from Guatemala City to Antigua

It is possible to take a taxi from Guatemala City to Antigua for about the same price as it will cost to take an uber. With this option, you won’t have to worry about your bags being strapped to the roof of your shuttle.

I recommend uber over a taxi driver. Uber you won’t have to worry about exchanging money to local currency and you can alert friends and family where you are as a safety precaution.

chicken buses in Guatemala

Chicken Bus Guatemala City to Antigua

I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous chicken buses that make up Guatemalas public transportation system. These local buses are called chicken buses because it’s not uncommon to see locals on the bus holding a basket full of chickens.

This is by far the cheapest way, but not the most convenient as it makes many, many stops. It’s more of a novelty experience for the travelers like myself that aren’t backpackers and are not über-luxury travelers taking private drivers on a daily basis either. We’re somewhere in between.

Coming from the Guatemala City airport, it seems more of a hassle trying to find transportation to the local bus station, find the bus and then make your way to Antigua. Plus if you have a big bag, it will be difficult to put on top of the bus. 

Who knows how many transfers this entails. When you can pre-book a shuttle to Antigua for less than $20, it is a good idea, convenient, and thrifty choice.

Wine bar in Antigua Guatemala

Renting a Car Guatemala City Airport

The last way to get to Antigua from Guatemala City is in a rental car. Renting a car at the Guatemala City airport is a straightforward process. I would definitely reserve a rental car in advance.

The transportation system throughout Guatemala isn’t always the most comfortable but it is convenient. If you don’t mind driving on some rural and winding roads and like to get off-the-beaten path, this could be a good option for you.

Just make sure you have a claro SIM card (or something similar) so you can always have access to google maps. You will also want to brush up on the rules of the road for Guatemala and make sure you have an international drivers license for your road trip.  

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💳 Travel Hack: If you reserve your rental car in Guatemala with the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, rental insurance is covered through the credit card at no extra cost.

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    How to Get from Guatemala City to Antigua FAQ’s

    Guatemala Travel FAQ's

    How Far is Guatemala City to Antigua?

    Guatemala City to Antigua distance is 25 miles or 40 kilometers. The journey typically takes around 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the transport options you chose to get to Antigua.

    Can you Fly to Antigua Guatemala?

    The closest airport to Antigua Guatemala is the La Aurora International Airport (GUA), located in Guatemala City. Therefore, you can not fly to Antigua but instead you can fly into Guatemala City and drive 45 minutes – 1.5 hours to Antigua.

    How to Book a Shuttle from Guatemala City to Antigua

    Shuttles from Guatemala City to Antigua run frequently and cost around $20. You can pre-book a shared shuttle here to avoid some stress and hassle at the airport.

    Book a Shared Shuttle to Antigua from Guatemala City →

    What are the Best Things to do in Guatemala City?

    The city’s historic center, Zona 1, features the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace of Culture. However you explore, Guatemala City provides a gateway to explore the surrounding area.

    Santa Catalina arch the most popular thing to see in antigua

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    What Luggage Should I Travel Guatemala With?

    I travel the world full time and I use this Carry-On Roller Suitcase and this Travel Backpack/Camera Bag and I absolutely love these brands.

    No, I am not sponsored (not yet at least 🙌🏼, Goals) but these pieces of travel gear have withstood me rolling, dragging, carrying, stuffing, and banging them around for two full years of travel all over the world. Still haven’t had to replace them.

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    Final Thoughts on How to Get from Guatemala City to Antigua

    It is very straightforward and easy to get to Antigua from Guatemala City. There are multiple ways to achieve the same result, and if you found this article useful, let fellow travelers know in the comments below 👇.

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