Berat is a stunningly beautiful city in Albania known for its ancient architecture and well preserved buildings. Nicknamed ‘the city of a thousand windows’, there are plenty of guesthouses and hotels in Berat that will suit any travelers budget and style.

Berat is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and its old town includes Ottoman-era mosques, houses with picturesque balconies, cobblestone streets and a fortress on the hill that overlooks it all. Staying in Berat has become increasingly popular as tourists discover its unique charm.

The city is small enough that you can explore it easily on foot and you’ll be able to experience traditional festivals in the summer, discover the local cuisine and witness the city’s historic and vibrant culture.

In this post, I’ll go over the best hotels in Berat, Albania, list accommodation options for every budget and at the end of the post, I’ll list any useful tips that will aid you in a trip to Berat.  

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Berat, Albania

Things to Know About Berat Hotels 

  • 📍 Location: Berat is divided into two main districts – the historic Mangalem Quarter, located on the hillside overlooking the Osum River, and the newer Gorica Quarter, situated on the opposite bank. Hotels in Berat can be found in both districts, offering different perspectives of the city and easy access to its attractions.
  • 🏨 Berat offers a range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly guesthouses to nicer hotels.
  • 🍳 Most hotels in Berat include breakfast in the cost of a room so having a hotel with a nice terrace is always a plus.
  • ⏳ Berat is a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to the capital. Book accommodations in advance especially if you are traveling to Albania during peak season of June to August.
  • 💰 $$$ – Prices are market driven and vary depending on what season you are traveling Albania in. Expect the highest room rates during peak times. The price will be quoted in euros although the currency is Lek (ALL).
  • ⛪️ Many hotels in Berat are housed within traditional Ottoman-era buildings know as “kullas” or “tower houses”, which feature stone walls, wooden balconies, and tiled roofs. Staying in one of these historic properties provides an authentic experience.
  • 💳 You can reserve many hotels or guesthouses online but you will more than likely have to pay cash at the property when you arrive, especially for budget properties.  If you are staying at a more luxurious Berat hotel, credit cards are usually accepted.

10 Charming Hotels in Berat, Albania

I'm Jess Traveling in Berat, Albania
st Michaels church in Berat

Hotel Vila Aleksander

  • Price: $$
  • Highlights: Views & Location

Hotel Vila Aleksander is one of the best hotels in Berat.  Located in the heart of the city, this hotel is a short walk’s distance to Gorica Old Town and Kalaja fort.

The hotel is full of history as its a fifth generation family home turned into a hotel.  The stay offers luxurious rooms splendidly furnished and equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure guests a comfortable stay.

You can’t beat the panoramic views from the terrace.  Breakfast includes local vegetables, homemade jam and fresh eggs.   Stay here for the views, the delicious food, and location.

Hotel Onufri

  • Price: $$
  • Highlights: Amenities, Charm, Views & Location

Hotel Onufri is another charming hotel in Berat located in the center of the action.  The hotel offers spectacular views of the Berat Castle and is a 2 minute walk from Osum River.

Inside, you will be treated with an array of modern amenities such as wifi and private parking.  The hotel also provides a shared lounge, bar and restaurant with a meals prepared using locally sourced ingredients.  Rooms are spacious and comfortable and the staff are always friendly.  Hotel Onufri is the perfect base to explore this ancient city.

White House Berat

  • Price: $$
  • Highlights: Historic and Charming Luxury

The White House Berat is a stunning hotel in Berat and great destination for travelers looking for an unforgettable stay.  Situated in the city center along the river, the hotel is central to a number of attractions, shops and restaurants.  With its historical and cultural charm, you can get a taste of local life while also experiencing luxury service.

Rooms are equipped with amenities for an enjoyable stay, including air-conditioning and wifi.  The hotel staff is friendly and attentive, and each day will begin with a bountiful breakfast buffet.  With its convenient location and great service, the White House Berat is the perfect place to create lasting memories while discovering Albania.

Merko Hotel

  • Price: $$
  • Highlights: Free Breakfast, Location & Comfort

One of the tallest hotels in Berat is the Merko Hotel.  The location of this Berat hotel is ideal, as it is within walking distance to Berat’s historic Old Town and many of the city’s attractions.  In addition the hotel is conveniently located close to bus stations and taxi services, making it easy to access the surrounding region and attractions such as Osumi Canyon.

The hotel offers a variety of amenities for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.  The rooms are modern with air conditioning, TV, and free wifi.  Breakfast doesn’t get much better from the rooftop dining area, with 360 degree views.

 Hotel Orestiada

  • Price: $
  • Highlights: Value for your Money

Hotel Orestiada is another great place to stay in Berat.  From the moment you arrive, the colorful exterior will make you feel welcomed and at home.  The rooms are spacious, brightly colored and the beds are comfortable.

Like most hotels in Berat on this list, the location is great, walking distance to top attractions such as the old city center, the Berat fortress and the historic churches.  There are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby plus breakfast is included.  This is where to stay in Berat for the best value for your money.

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    Hotel Colombo

    • Price: $$$
    • Highlights: Amenities & Grand Building

    The most glamorous stay to make the best hotels in Berat list is Hotel Colombo.  This is a perfect choice for travelers who don’t have to stick to a budge and want to stay in an elegant building.

    The hotel offers a range of amenities including a bar, a restaurant, indoor swimming pool, fitness center and spa.  The rooms are spacious and comfortable. with air-conditioning, a pleasant shower and seating area.  The friendly and helpful staff deliver a personalized service to ensure that you have an enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

    Hotel Mangalemi

    • Price: $$$
    • Highlights: Most Unique Hotel in Berat

    Another unique and charming hotel in Berat is Hotel Mangalemi.  Built on the ruins of Turkish mansions in the historic centre of the Mangalem Quarter.  Situated on a hilltop and overlooking the valley, the hotel is an 18th century Ottoman-style mansion.

    The hotel has been lovingly restored and refurbished, giving it a graceful elegance and a warm, homey atmosphere.  The attention to detail is immediately apparent upon entering the building.

    Rooms are equipped with modern amenities, yet still preserve their traditional look and feel.  Enjoy a delicious meal prepared from locally-sourced ingredients from the onsite restaurant and a glass of local wine after a day of exploring this magical town.

    Portik Hotel

    • Price: $$$
    • Highlights: Views and Class

    If you are looking for a wonderful experience and luxurious stay in Berat, then look no further than the Portik Hotel.  The hotel has an unbeatable view of the old city, offering breathtaking sunsets from all its balconies.

    Its traditional architecture is very inviting and the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful.  You will feel as if you have stepped back in time as you take in the sights and sounds of the old city.

    The hotel has a variety of rooms to choose from including, single, double and family rooms, as well as apartments and suites.  The interior decor of the rooms is modern and chic with an Albanian touch.  This is one of the best Berat hotels for an experience you’ll never forget.

    Hotel Gega

    • Price: $
    • Highlights: Great Value for your Money

    The Hotel Gega in Berat, Albania, offers a unique hospitably experience.  Located walking distance to the old town, the hotel provides guests the perfect spot to sit back and relax while taking in the the city.

    The hotel offers a calming atmosphere that is simultaneously historic and modern.  The suites are equipped with plush bedding, in-suite bathrooms and private balconies, allowing guests to take in the stunning views of Berat.  Plus the hotel provides a complimentary breakfast each morning which makes this one of the best hotels in Berat for a fantastic price point.

    Bujtina Apsus

    • Price: $$
    • Highlights: Quiet Location, Breakfast & Large Comfy Beds

    The Bujtina Apsus is another stunning hotel in Berat.  This stay offers an authentic and unique experience for travelers who are looking for something off the beaten path.  Located nestled away in a quiet corner of the city, this Berat hotel offers a wonderful blend of traditional Albanian hospitality with modern comforts.

    Inside, you’ll find a collection of comfortable guest rooms that have been tastefully decorated to reflect the region’s rich history.  As a guest, you will enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the nearby Osumi River and the historic town.  For travelers looking for a unique experience, staying at Bujtina Apsus in Berat is a perfect choice.

    View of Mt Tomorr in Berat, Albania

    If you are traveling to Berat during busy season, it is best to book a hotel in advance as accommodations fill up quick and are double the price as off season.  If you are traveling Albania in the off season then you can book as you go, a night or two before.

    Things to do in Berat

    There are a lot of things to do in Berat that spending a few days in this magical town will be enough to see it all.  Click on the blue links below for more details of each activity and check out the post below for a detailed guide of the best things to do in Berat.

    • Climb to Berat Castle.
    • Explore the Mangalem Quarter.
    • Eat a Antigoni Restaurant for traditional food and even better views.
    • Hike up to Saint Michaels Church.
    • Grab a Traditional Dessert in the Old Quarter.

    📖 Read Full Post:  14 Things to do in Berat

    Best Hotels in Berat
    Where to Stay in Berat

    How to Get Around

    Berat is a pretty compact and walkable city.  Prepare for lots of walking and if you are staying at a Berat hotel that is on a hill, prepare for some steep walks.  Some of the cobblestone streets are uneven so exploring in a pair of comfortable walking shoes would be a good idea.

    I walked everywhere when I visited Berat, even the steep trek up to the castle in the hot sun.  The Gorica Quarter and Mangalem Quarter in the old town are filled with tiny streets which are fun to explore by foot.  Joe and I found some fun shops on those back streets.

    How to Get to Berat

    There are three ways to get to Berat – bus, taxi or rental car.  A bus or furgon from Tirana to Berat costs 500 lek about 5 USD and takes about 3 hours.

    A taxi takes about an hour and a half and will cost around 60 Euro.  If you want to see the drive check out the YouTube video above ↑.

    Reserve a Car Today →

    What to Pack for Berat

    Bridge in Berat, Albania

    Onward Travel in Albania

    Albania is a pretty small country and if you rented a car you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground.  If you are relying on public transportation, the Berat bus terminal has good connections throughout the county.

    Final Thoughts on Best Hotels in Berat

    Those are the best places to stay in Berat that not only prioritize comfort but also service. From quaint walks along the river to exploring the ancient castle, there are many reasons to spend some time in Berat.

    If you found this article useful, let fellow travelers know in the comments below 👇.

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    Hotels in Berat
    Hotels in Berat
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