If you are planning on exploring Khao Sok, the best way to experience this stunning National Park is with a stay at one of the many Khao Sok floating bungalows.  There are about a dozen floating raft houses Khao Sok and resorts to choose from.

In this article, I’ll go over my honest (and unsponsored) review of my experience at the Khao Sok bungalows, let you in on any tips you’ll need to know before you go, what to pack

I’ll also list other Khao Sok National Park floating bungalow options at the end of the post which include some of these epic places to stay in Khao Sok.

Staying at an overwater bungalow in Khao Sok<br>

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👇 But first, are you in a hurry? Before we get started with what to expect when you stay at the floating bungalows Cheow Lan Lake, this is the tour that I booked and I loved it.

We spent two nights on the floating bungalows Khao Sok National Park. This tour will pick you up from your accommodation in Ao Nang, Krabi Town, Ao Nam Mao, Klong Muang or Tubkaek Beach, which makes things super easy for you to travel to Khao after spending some time in the islands.

You can prebook your tour online here to reserve your spot especially if you are traveling to Thailand during busy season (dry season from November to early May) as Khao Sok is a trending and popular destination in Thailand.

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Khao Sok Floating Bungalows

How to Get to the Cheow Lan Lake Floating Bungalows

Most people going on a Khao Sok Floating Bungalows tour package are usually already in the National Park.

You can arrange a private transfer for 1500 baht.  That’s the going rate everywhere, I asked around.  Unless of course you haggle with a taxi and that’s if you find a taxi.

Save the hassle and book the private transfer.  If you are traveling with a group, it gets much cheaper which the more people you split the private minivan with.

They picked us up promptly at 9 am just as they said.  Per usual, I waited til the last minute to pack my weekend pack, was hustling to the reception and the van was already here.  They even had a sign being held upside down with my name on it waiting for us.  Adorable.

It took about an hour to reach the boat ramp.  From there we hopped on a longtail boat and 30 minutes later we arrived at Phutawan Floating Capsules.

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Floating Bungalow in Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok National Park

Spending the Night at the Khao Sok Floating Bungalows

The small lodge on the lake is breathtaking beautiful.  Although I imagine any of the raft houses in Khao Sok you book on Cheow Lan Lake is a stunning site.

We went with the Phutawan Floating Capsules and it was such a great choice.  There are 30 capsules and each capsule can accommodate up to three or four people.  They all have a private patio complete with a ladder to get in and out of the lake gracefully.

We booked the Khao Sok Lake Floating Bungalows tour as a two night trip.  Booking two nights on a floating bungalow inside Khao Sok National Park was the BEST decision.

It’s so relaxing and peaceful.  On the second day we had ample time to chill on the deck by reception with a Thai tea in hand.  This was especially rewarding as we were the only ones there.  Our entire group moved on after the first night as they all booked a one night stay.

Traditional Thai Dishes
Breakfast at the overwater bungalows in Khao Sok

Traditional Thai dishes at the Floating Bungalows Khao Sok

Let’s talk about the food at this specific Khao Sok floating bungalow.  6 meals where included with our package.  2 breakfast, 2 lunch and 2 dinners.  MEALS WERE HUGE.

The first picture is lunch and the second picture is breakfast.  They serve only traditional Thai dishes, we were definitely eating local.  We were so stuffed but it was so good!

Some of the dishes were Tom Gai, an entire Fried Fish, Massaman Curry (my favorite) and heaps of steamed rice.

Bamboo raft in Khao Sok National Park
The Guilin of Thailand

Included Khao Sok Lake Activities

Now that you’ve booked a floating bungalow, you’re in perfect location to experience Khao Sok Lake.  Cheow Lan Lake is one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever seen.  

The mountain range is a dramatic limestone karsts that stick high up into the air.  Formed millions of years ago, the range starts in Guilin, China and runs through much of Thailand.

Things to do in Khao Sok

Cheow Lan Lake Boat Tour

One of the best ways to explore Khao Sok National Park is on a boat tour.  A typical Cheow Lan Lake tour will take you by Khao Sam Kloe (the Guilin of Thailand) and to Coral Cave via bamboo raft.

The long tailboat ride through the lake is like a dream.  The dynamic mountains jutting out of the water is some of natures best work.

Fun Fact:  Cheow Lan Lake is a man made and was built in 1987.  It took a year to divert a nearby river and flood the 185-square-kilometre basin.

Thailand is lush and green, that’s because it get 1,200-4,500 mm of rainfall each year.  Chances are, you’re going to get rained on when you’re exploring the lake.  Trust me, this only adds to the experience.

We got poured on before we reached our first destination.  The longtail boat takes you to a part of the lake where you then have to trek through the rainforest to get to the other side where a bamboo raft is waiting for you.

Wearing something quick drying would be a good choice.  It took about 20 minutes to trek up and down a muddy trail.  Also leaches live here.  Wear flip flops to be able to check for the tiny little blood suckers.

Bamboo raft in Khao Sok National Park
Bamboo raft in Khao Sok National Park

Pakarang Cave in Khao Sok

The bamboo raft then took us 15 minutes to the coral cave.  The Pakarang Cave was a nice refugee from the constant drizzle outside.

We rafted and trekked back to the longtail boat.  After stopping at a spot looking for wild elephants.  Yes there are 10 elephants that live freely here and can be spotted freely drinking water around the lake!

Sadly we spotted no elephants but we had the most magical journey back to the raft house.  It started dumping rain again and it was so beautiful.

The water was a milky blue, with black trees stumps sticking out of the water and with a misty, mountainous background.  Add in the heavy rains, it was my favorite moment of the trip.  I felt so alive being outside listening to the rain cascade down on me from the heavens above.

Hotels in Khao Sok National Park

Choosing a Khao Sok Floating Bungalow

If you are traveling to Khao Sok during busy season, it is best to book a tour in advance as these tend to sell out quickly.  Here are some other Khao Sok floating bungalows to check out.

500 Rai Floating Resort – The best floating resort in Khao Sok.  Disconnect to reconnect.

Panvaree The Greenery – Luxury on the lake at this raft house resort.  Private bath and shower, air conditioning and TV.

PraiwanRaftHouse แพไพรวัลย์ – Private balcony to jump into the lake.

Khao Sok floating bungalows

Tips for the Khao Sok Floating Bungalows

These tips can be applied to most Khao Sok floating bungalows but it would be a good idea to check or ask the property if something listed below is a make or break amenity for your trip.  For example Khao Sok bungalows have limited wifi.

  • Power was only available between 6 pm and 8 am.  So utilize the electricity and charge your devices.
  • Bathrooms are communal.
  • No wifi.
  • There is strong cell signal though.
  • There is a bar on site to order beverages on your downtime.
  • If you have time stay 2 nights.
  • Pack only a weekend pack and leave tour main suitcase with your tour company.  Best bet is to book away transportation with them so they can pick you up with your suitcase.

What to Bring to the Khao Sok Overwater Bungalows

Longtail Boat in Khao Sok NP
Khao Sok Floating overwater bungalows

Other Things to do in Khao Sok National Park

I loved Khao Sok, it’s officially my favorite place in Thailand.  For more information of things to do inside Khao Sok National Park check out this post.  If not, here is a quick list of things to do in Khao Sok NP

Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok floating bungalow

Khao Sok National Park Tours

Khao Sok is one of the best places to visit in Thailand. If you’re short on time, seeing Khao Sok on a tour is a great way to see and do as much as you can in a short amount of time.

That means even if you don’t stay the night at some floating bungalows Khao Sok National Park, you can still enjoy the park.

Khao Sok Floating Bungalows Travel Vlogs

Would you rather see what traveling Thailand is like? I have been blessed enough to have traveled to Thailand on 5 separate occasions, and it wasn’t util my last visit that I got to experience the floating bungalows of Khao Sok National Park.

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I'm Jess Traveling in Khao Sok National Park
On a longtail boat in Khao Sok

Final Thoughts on Khao Sok Floating Bungalows 

Staying over night at any of the Khao Sok National park floating bungalows is an adventure you shouldn’t miss when exploring Thailand. From staying in a treehouse surrounded by monkeys or jungle trekking, there’s plenty of reasons to make Khao Sok your next destination.

If you found this article useful, let fellow travelers know in the comments below 👇.

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