Looking for the best gifts for beach lovers?!  Don’t worry I got you covered.  Having spent the last 12 years living on Maui I’ve had my fair share of time at the beach.

The beach is an awesome place no matter where you are.  From the beaches of Thailand to the beaches of Spain, fond memories always pop in my mind.  But nothing compares to the beaches of Maui, they’re exotic, beautiful and pristine all wrapped into one.

What I’m trying to say is that…I understand how the beach lover feels thus I know they’re going to love at least one, if not all of these gift ideas for beach lovers.

I made finding gifts for beach lovers super simple.  I broke up the beach gift ideas into 6 categories, Practical Beach Gifts, Fun Gifts for Beach Lovers, Beach Gifts for Her, Luxury Gifts for the Beach, Beach Gifts for Him and Gifts for Ocean Lovers.  Here are 40 + beachy gift ideas.

Gift Ideas for Beach lovers

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Practical Beach Gifts

Practical Beach Gifts
Yeti Cooler

1. Yeti Cooler

A cooler is the best practical beach gift as there’s nothing better than an ice cold beverage at the beach.  Having a Yeti Cooler will not only keep your liquids super chilled but it will keep ice for days.  This is worth the splurge.

Unseen reef safe sunscreen by supergoop!

2. Reef Safe Sunsreen

If I had one piece of advice to give to my younger self, it would be to take better care of my skin, i.e. wear more sunscreen.  Wearing sunscreen daily will help reduce wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and prevent burns and worse, skin cancer.

Having a Reef Safe Sunscreen not only protects your skin but it saves the coral reef.  This is the perfect present for the environmentally friendly beach lover.

Teselate towel for beach lovers

3. Beach Towel

A beach towel is an essential for any beach you go to.  I recently got the Tesalate beach towel and love it.  It’s fast-drying, super absorbent, compact, light and sand doesn’t stick to it.

It’s super fashionable as it comes in many different patterns and it can be used for multiple different activities such as hiking or camping.  These towels make great Christmas gifts for beach lovers.

Beach towel fastener stocking stuffer

4. Beach Towel Fasteners

These Beach Towel Fasteners are a nifty gadget that secures your beach towel in the sand.  Not only are these contraptions great for the beach but they come in handy for picnics and while camping.  Plus it’s small size make this a great stocking stuffer for the beach lover. 

Beach umbrella

5. Beach Umbrella

Get your beach lover a Vintage Beach Umbrella so they look fashionable on the beach.  Provides shade from the relentless sun and keeps them at the beach for longer.  Can we say beach goals?

Hiking socks for women

6. Shade Tent

Shade tents are great beach gifts for mom because so she can take her kids the beach and be comfortable staying there all day.  Have a shady home base for the kids to hang out in between swim sessions and to keep your cooler cool.  Family vacation just got better!

Sandwich container

7. Subsafe Sandwich Container

Nothing ruins a day at the beach like a soggy sandwich.  Gift the beach lover in your a Waterproof Sub Container.  It comes with two caps, one that accommodates a footlong (and, as it happens, a bottle of wine), and a shorter one for a 6-incher (or to use as, say, an on-the-go cocktail shaker).

Roll up picnic blanket for the beach

8. Roll up Picnic Blanket

This cute Picnic Blanket rolls up for easy toting to the beach and allows you to be able to eat your lunch sand free.  The waterproof backing prevents the picnic rug from getting wet, perfect for outdoor activities.

Beach blankets for the beach

9. Beach Blanket

A beach blanket always comes in handy at the beach.  These Baja Blankets are cozy, practical, and full of vibrant colors.  It not only spruces up a photo but they’re versatile for any adventure.

Beach Chairs for beach lovers

10. Tommy Bahama Chairs

If you’re looking for a beach lover gift for a couple, get them a pair of Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs.  I know these may seem cliche but I promise it’s because they are worth it.

It’s easy to carry on your back, has multiple pockets to store you things, its comfortable and the pineapple design is classic.

Fun Gifts for Beach Lovers

Fun beach gifts
Spikeball beach game

11. Spikeball

If volleyball and foursquare had a baby…its name would be Spikeball.  Spikeball is a fun, active, easy-to-learn game that can be played anywhere by anyone.

This is by far my favorite beach game and you’ll be diving around in the sand in no time.  One of the best gifts for beach lovers who are active and like to have fun.

Frisbee ring beach gift for kids

12. Frisbee

Playing frisbee at the beach is mandatory especially if you are a kid.  Gift a Frisbee Ring as it’s easy to throw and easy to catch.  Plus they float and glow in the dark!  Get one of these beach gift ideas for kids today.

Portable blender

13. Portable Blender

Bring the power of your blender to the beach.  This powerful, cordless Portable Blender is the ultimate party as you whip up frozen margaritas right on the beach!  Comes with a handy tote bag for travel and storage.  Here comes the life of the party.

Beach glass for the beach

14. Beach Glass

Whether you’re floating in the pool with the girls, sunning on the beach with your friends, or relaxing in a hot tub, the Beach Glass is just what you need to hold your favorite drink.

When you need your hands just stick the Beach Glass into the sand and it keeps upright.  Do your part in eliminating plastic cups in the process.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

15. Mermaid Tail Blanket

A crocheted Mermaid Tail Blanket will keep you thinking about the ocean even if you don’t live by the beach.  One of the most unique gifts for beach lovers, this blanket is cute and cozy.  Perfect to snuggle in while doing homework, watching TV or even napping on the couch.

Solar Power Bank

16. Solar Power Bank 

A Solar Power Bank is a great item that comes in handy when you are hanging at the beach all day.  The external solar power battery charger can recharge by solar or outlet.  Now you won’t have to worry about your phone, gopro or speaker running out of battery.

Beach lounger

17. Inflatable Beach Lounger

This easy to Inflate Beach Lounger is perfect for a day of relaxation at the beach.  Napping at the beach has never been easier…can we say multitasking?  Comes in many different colors and patterns, the beach loungers make great presents for beach lovers.

Luxury Gifts for the Beach

Luxury gifts for beach lovers
Go Pro

18. GoPro

Did you really go on that epic trip if you didn’t record it?!  Well yes – but WHY NOT recored it!  Give the gift of a GoPro so the traveler in your life can recored life’s special moments no matter what beach they’re on.

Gopro Dome port

19. GoPro Dome 

Is the beach lover in your life into photography?  The GoPro Bubble Dome is an awesome GoPro Accessory that creates those awesome half  under, half over water shots.

Make sure you get the one compatible with the edition of your GoPro, I have the one compatible with the Hero 9 linked.

Bose speaker

20. Portable Speaker

A Portable Speaker is a must have for any beach goer or traveler.  This Bose speaker produces a deep, loud sound and has a wireless range of about 30 feet.  Battery lasts up to 12 hours, perfect for jamming at the beach.

Portable wine table


This Portable Wine Table will have everyone at the beach jealous.  This bamboo table has carved slots for suspending a wine bottle and wine glasses, great for the beach or a picnic. 

grill utensil travel pack for the beach


The Portable Grill Utensil Kit is a great gift if someone loves grilling at the beach.  This handy kit has all your grilling utensils zipped up into one small backpack.  Plus this gift could be used in so many other occasions like traveling, hiking or camping experiences.

Beach cocktail party set

23. Beach Cocktail Mini Bar

The Bar Backpack Portable Cocktail Tote with tools is the perfect set for the traveling home bartender.  There’s lots of storage, pockets and can hold up to 3 bottles!  This is the best portable mini bar to bring to the beach.

Backpack picnic basket

24. Backpack Picnic Basket

This is a great gift especially for someone who loves picnics and getting the perfect photo as this Backpack Picnic Basket is the perfect setup.  This quality picnic basket for 2 comes with coffee service for two – vacuum flask and stainless steel mugs, plates & napkins, utensils, cheese board, corkscrew and even wooden spill proof salt and pepper shakers.  This is a thoughtful beachy gift idea.

Beach Gifts for Her

Beach gifts for her

25. Floats

Pool Floats are always the best gifts for the beach.  There are so many to choose from which will make it easy to choose one for her personality.  These are a few of my favorites.

Wave ring for ocean lovers

26. Pura Vida Wave Ring

Gift her a Wave Ring, necklace, anklet or bracelet from Pura Vida.  Available in three killer finishes—gold, silver and rose gold.

Sunglasses for the beach lover

27. Floatable Sunglasses

A pair of Floatable Sunglasses are always useful if you like to play in the waves while you are at the beach.  Never loose a pair of glasses again.

sun hat for the beach

28.  Sun Hat

Another beach essential that she’ll love is a Sun Hat.  Protect your face, sun damage is real.  A foldable sun hat makes it easy to pack for those beach vacations.

Sun hat for the beach

29. Sun Visor

A Visor Hat is perfect to keep your hair up in a bun when hanging out at the beach.

Straw Beah Tote

30. Beach Tote

This Straw Beach Tote is fashionable and functional.  It’s lightweight, durable and has lots of room for hauling books, towels, water bottles, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, or whatever else you might need on the beach or at the pool.

Beach Mug

31. Beach Themed Mug

Gift the beach lover in your life a fun, big Coffee Mug.  Remind them of the beach every morning as they wake up with coffee.

Beach Gifts for Him

Beach gifts for him
Surf Changing Poncho

32. Surf Changing Poncho

A Surf Changing Poncho is a great beach gift for him especially if he surfs.  These oversized towel ponchos make it easy for him to change in and out of let’s say a wet suit or board shorts.

Since the poncho is essentially one giant towel, you can dry off with it before changing into dry clothes.  This is one of the best gifts for surfers.

Yeti can insulator

33. Yeti Tumbler

Help keeps his canned beverages cold with a YETI Can Insulator.  The solsters are insulated with a double-wall vacuum so your beverages stay really, really cold.

Backpack cooler beach gift for him

34. Backpack Cooler

A Backpack Cooler always comes in handy for say…when your hiking to an exotic beach.  This backpack cooler can hold up to 12 cans and an ice pack.  It also comes with mesh pockets for food and gear.  It looks stylish, casual and makes an awesome gift.

Travel hammock

35. Beach Hammock

If he loves the outdoors and likes to travel, then he’ll love the Travel Hammock by Kammok.  Packed down, the hammock becomes truly pocket-sized.  There’s nothing better than stringing your hammock up between two palm trees and letting your worries fade away.

Outdoor Safe

36. Outdoor Vault

These beach lover gifts provide safety, an Outdoor Safe.  This is the personal small safe was designed to go where you go.  Secure all of your valuables in the internal zipper pouch and lock to any fixed object.  This beachy gift is ideal for use as a travel safe that you can secure onto a beach chair, bike, umbrella, golf cart or any other fixed object.

Gifts for Ocean Lovers

Ocean Gifts for Beach Lovers
Inflatable Paddle Board

37 Inflatable Paddle Board

An Inflatable Paddle Board is the ultimate gift for ocean lovers and fitness fanatics.  Take your paddle board anywhere…lakes, rivers and yes especially to the beach.  Comes complete with paddle, travel backpack, shoulder strap, leash, waterproof bag, removable fin and double action pump.

Dry Bag gifts

38. Waterproof Dry Bag

A Waterproof Bag is a great gift because they always come in handy.  They are perfect for protecting your valuables like a cell phone or camera when you are out on the ocean.  Perfect for paddle boarding, kayaking, boating and much more.

Snorkel and fin mask set

39. Mask, Fins, Snorkel Set

Having a nice pair of Fins, a Mask and Snorkel makes exploring under the sea that much better.  One of the best gifts for ocean lovers is a nice snorkel setup.  This way you’re not putting your mouth on a foreign snorkel and you’re able to explore under water.

Waterproof Camera

40. Waterproof Camera

Never miss a moment with this Waterproof Camera. This underwater camera can shoot 48 megapixels high-quality JPEG format photos. With the 2.7K video resolution and 16X digital zoom, this is a fun item to use snorkeling.

waterproof phone case

41. Waterproof Phone Case

A Waterproof Phone Case is a great beach accessory for vacation.  This keeps your phone protected from the water when you are in or around water. The waterproof cases are useful for outdoor rafting, swimming, beach playing and even snorkeling.  These also make great Christmas gift stocking stuffers. Great for any type of phone.

Beach Themed Frame

42. Beach Picture Frame

A Beach Picture Frame is perfect for someone to showcase their happiest moments.  These cool gifts for beach lovers show you really care.

I hope you enjoyed the beach lover gifts.  I’d love to hear from you, give me a shout in the comments.

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