Looking for the best gifts for travel lovers in your life?  There are a ton of travel items out there that make perfect gifts.  Not only are the useful but they help solve some of travels most annoying problems.

I made finding gifts for people who love traveling super easy.  I broke up the travel gift ideas into 6 categories – Practical Gifts for Travel Lovers, Unique Travel Gifts, Eco Friendly Travel Gift Ideas, Travel Gifts for Couples, Travel Gifts for Her and Travel Gifts for Him.  These are 50 Gift ideas for travel lovers.

50 Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

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Practical Gifts for Travel Lovers

Practical Gifts for Travel Lovers
Nomatic Travel Pack

Nomatic Travel Pack 

The Nomatic Travel Pack is one of the best travel backpacks on the market.  Everything about it was designed with the traveler on the go in mind. It’s the perfect bag to take with you when you are doing the actual act of traveling.  A thoughtful and useful travel gift.

Packing Cubes gift idea for travel lovers

Packing Cubes

These handy dandy Packing Cubes keep your clothes organized and makes it easier to pack bulkier items like jackets.  They also make it easier to separate your clean and dirty clothes.  This is one of the best gifts for travel lovers.

Travel Cord Roll

Travel Cord Roll

Keep your electronic companions organized in style with this Travel Cord Roll.  It’s also great for stowing small knick-knacks like watches, hair clips, or other on-the-go necessities.

Adventure Passport Journal Gifts

Adventure Passport Journals

Give a thoughtful travel gift of Adventure Passport Journals.  Each journal allows you to record all your National Park and road trip adventures.  Plus there are pages for logs, checklists, and bucket lists to plan your next great adventure.  These make great gifts for someone who likes to travel.

Power bank Charger

Power Bank Charger

Having an extra, portable power bank is a travel accessory no traveler should ever leave home without.  This Power Bank Charger has lots of battery life, being able to charge multiple phones at once, twice before it would run out of battery life.  And its only the size of an iPhone.

Portable Luggage Scale

Portable Luggage Scale

A Digital Hand Luggage Scale is a useful travel gift.  The hand scale weighs your bags before you get to the airport.  This is a great travel item for flying budget airlines.  Avoid the stress of an overweight bag fee with this useful travel accessory.

Osprey backpack

Osprey Day Pack

The Osprey Day Pack is incredibly comfortable and are perfect for day trips or hikes.  Fit for every hiker, backpacker and one of the best gifts for someone who loves to travel.

World Nomads Logo

Travel Insurance

Give the gift of safety with Travel Insurance from World Nomads. It is been designed by travelers for travelers, to cover your trip essentials. Help keep your friends and family protected.  Let’s travel smarter and safer.

Away Luggage

Away Luggage

The Bigger Carry-On Away Suitcase is lightweight and sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines, or pop easily onto a train or into a car. Perfect for longer trips.  This suitcase is built to last and is one of the best travel luggages out there.

Travel Electronics Case

Travel Electronics Organizing Case

Keep your cords untangled and organized in a nifty Travel Electronics Organizing Case.  No more wasting time trying to find the right cord for the right device.  This is a travel accessory every traveler should have.

Universal Adaptor GIft

Universal Adapter

A Universal Adapter makes for a great stocking stuffer. compatible with over 150 countries including all of Europe and Asian countries.

Travel Door Alarm

Travel Door Alarm

Put your mind at ease while you sleep with an extra precision and travel with a portable door alarm.  The Travel Door Alarm is a great stocking stuffer as the backpacker gadget is compact, portable and weighs less than 2 ounces.

Head lamps

Head Lamp

A Headlamp is perfect for camping, hiking up a volcano in the dark to watch sunrise, trying to pack your bag in the dark in a hostel…basically anything.  This is a great travel gift under $20.

Travel Wellness Kit

Essential Travel Wellness Kit

Show them you car with an Essential Travel Wellness Kit.  this kit of essentials. Including botanical-based helpers for sleeplessness, hangovers, belly issues, and decreased immunity, you can travel far and wide while feeling good and rested.

Unique Travel Gifts

Unique Travel Gifts for Travel Lovers
Luggage cup holder

Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Free Your Hands with this Luggage Travel Cup Holder.  Traveling can be a drag, and you don’t usually have a free hand to hold a drink especially with kids.  But with this suitcase cup holder, you can hold two drinks and have your hands free.  

Inflatable Wine Bags

Inflatable Wine Bags

This is a wonderful gift for a travel lover and for a wine lover.  These Inflatable Wine Bags meet all TSA & Airline requirements.  They can accommodate wine & spirits, olive oil, breakable keepsakes, perfumes, camera lenses and more.

Road Trip Pillow

Road Trip Pillow

Comfortably catch some z’s during long drives with a neck cushion that stays in place while you sleep.  The Road Trip Pillow soft-to-the-touch travel gadget is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Priority Pass membership

Priority Pass Membership

With a Priority Pass you have access to over 1300 airport experiences worldwide. 

The lounges are quiet, connected spaces to relax or work in, with pre-flight bites, drinks and other added perks that help keep you refreshed and revived.

Eco Friendly Gifts for Travelers

Eco Friendly gifts for Travel Lovers


The SteriPEN is a great gift for a traveler that is eco conscience.  This useful device destroys over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa by UV light.  This is a super useful item to always have on you when you travel if you love the outdoors as much as I do.

Lifestraw Go Water Bottle

Lifestraw Go Water Bottle

The LifeStraw Go Water Bottle filters water while drinking.  This is a great gift for travel, backpacking, camping, and emergency kits.  The Lifestraw is reusable. 

Collapsable Water Bottle

Collapsable Water Bottle

The Nomader Collapsable Water Bottle is portable.  It rolls up for compact travel, loops around your wrist for easy carry and attaches to your bag for quick access.  This is a must have flight essential.

National Park Pass

National Park Pass

A National Park Pass is a great gift for the travel lover and the nature lover.  With 423 National Parks scattered throughout the United States, this pass pays for itself in about 3 visits to any park.  Plus road tripping around and exploring National Parks is one of the best ways to spend a summer. 

Eco friendly travel straws

Travel Straws

The FinalStraw is a pocket-sized, portable, convenient and eco friendly. It comes with a cleaning squeegee tool that stores in the case for cleaning on the go!

Stored in its own carrying case, it can attach to a set of keys, backpack, or carry-on.  This TSA friendly straw is great for travel.

Travel Cup

Collapsable Travel Cup

The Collapsable Travel Cup is a great gift for the outdoor lover.  It has a collapsible design.  It fits well in your pocket, purse, backpack, suitcase and takes up no space.  This is an ideal item for outdoor hiking, camping and travel.

Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Charger Bank with a Flashlight & Compass

A Solar Power Bank with a Flashlight & Compass is one of the best gifts for outdoorsy women.  The external solar power battery charger can recharge by solar or outlet.  It also features a flashlight and a compass making this a dual gift.

Gifts for Travel Couples

Travel Gifts for Couples
Wooden World Wall Map

Wooden World Map Wall

This is one of my favorite gifts for travel lovers.  The Wooden World Map Wall is a classy way to spruce up a home and keep the adventure alive.

Matching passport covers

Leather Passport Covers

Every traveler needs a Leather Passport Cover.  Get a matching set and let the adventure begin!

Travel Stub Diary

Travel Stub Diary

Giving the gift of a Travel Stub Diary lets the travelers in your life keep track of specials moments.  The album has clear sleeves to store your memorabilia, including postcards, maps, brochures, ticket stubs and snapshots, with space in the margins to jot down details of the experience.

Portable speaker

Portable Speaker

A Portable Speaker is a must have for any traveler.  This Bose speaker produces a deep, loud sound and has a wireless range of about 30 feet.  Battery lasts up to 12 hours, perfect for getting ready in your hotel room or for extra added surround sound as you watch Netflix on your computer.

Destinations of a Lifetime book

Destinations of a Lifetime: National Geographic Book

Get inspired with the Destinations of a Lifetime: National Geographic Book.  This book takes you on a photographic tour of the world’s most spectacular destinations.  This will having you plan your next trip in no time.

Go Pro

Go Pro

Did you really go on that epic trip if you didn’t record it?!  Well yes – but why not recored it!  Give the gift of a GoPro so the traveler in your life can recored life special moments.

Lonely Planet Guide Books for travel gifts

Lonely Planet Guide Books

Another gift of travel inspiration is any of the Lonely Planet Guide Books.  These guide books are great if you have to travel on a budget but still want to be able to see the world.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty DVD

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty DVD

Get excited for a new adventure and watch the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  This movie always give me instant wanderlust.  This is a great travel gift to make them feel inspired.

State Shaped Picture Frame

State Shaped Picture Frame

Celebrate your loved ones and the place you love most with State Photo Frames.  Even if you are off traveling doesn’t mean you can’t have a piece of home hanging around.

For a More Gift Ideas:  Best Gifts for Travel Couples

Travel Gifts for Her

Travel Gifts for her
Outdoor smart wristband

Outdoor Safe Smart Wristband

Feel calmer and more confident on your next outdoor adventure with this Outdoor Safe Smart Wristband. It uses encrypted technology to store important medical info.  Plus, you can let loved ones know you’re safe with a simple tap of your smart phone.  This is a great gift idea for the solo adventurists.

Womens toiletry bag

Toiletry Bag

This Toiletry Bag folds up and hangs on the wall.  There are three large clear zippered compartments, and one detachable pouch which is perfect for makeup.  This helps keep you organized and perfect for the traveler on the go.

Travel Jewelry case

Travel Jewelry Case

Take the Travel Jewelry Case wherever you go while keeping your jewelry in place. It’s compact enough to fit in your purse or luggage.

Travel Hair Dryer

Nano Hair Dryer

The Nano Hair Dryer is a powerful, lightweight travel dryer.  Keep your hair looking good without having to lug around huge hair products.  This is one of the best travel gifts for women.

Travel hair straightener

Nano Ultra-Thin Hair Straightner

The Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin hair straightener has a slim design that helps eliminate hand fatigue while increasing styling flexibility.  Create pin-straight styles with this fast-performing flat iron.

Travel curling iron

Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

Never a bad hair day with a Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron.  Travel gifts for her all the way.

Luxury Pool Float

Pool Float

If she’s into Instagram or just creating epic pictures, a Pool Float is never a bad gift for the female traveler in your life.

Bose Headphones

Bose Headphones

She’ll be thrilled with a pair of Bose Headphones.   They completely cancel out all the noise around you and are comfortable around your ears.  This is one of the best gifts for her and a necessity to survive a long haul flight.

Insta travel book

Insta Travel Book

Give the gift of travel inspiration with Insta Travel Book by Aggie Lal.  Discover breathtaking destinations, have amazing adventures and capture stunning photos.  This is a great travel gift under $20.

FujiFilm Polaroid Camera

FujiFilm Polaroid Camera

Give the FujiFilm Polaroid Camera as a gift to help spice up some pictures.  It makes a great photo prop and you easily produce instant pictures.

Travel Gifts for Him

Travel Gifts for him
Mens toiletry bag

Men’s Toiletry Bag

He’ll love this stylish and luxurious Leather Toiletry Bag.  Keep all your toiletries organized in one space while traveling.  Smartly designed for maximum storage capacity with ease of handling.



Gift him a gift of a Military Compass for his next birthday.  Shockproof, waterproof and sandproof, this compass performs flawlessly in all temperatures.

Travel hammock

Travel Hammock

If he loves the outdoors and likes to travel, then he’ll love the Travel Hammock by Kammok.  Packed down, the hammock becomes truly pocket-sized.

Yeti can insulator

Yeti Can Insulator

Help keeps his canned beverages cold with a YETI Can Insulator.  The solsters are insulated with a double-wall vacuum so your beverages stay really, really cold.



The Lensball is a perfect gift for him if he’s looking to take his photography up to the next level.  The Lensball is made for beginners as well as for professional photographers.  It’s a great way to be creative in a picture and it’s small enough that he can take it around the world.

mens slim wallet

Slim Leather Wallet

A Slim Leather Wallet is a convenient size, making it able to be carried around in your front pocket.  Plus there’s RFID technology to block RFID signals used to electronically scan your wallet as someone passes by unnoticed.  This keeps vital information from being stolen.  A solid gift idea for travelers.

Have any other gift ideas for travel lovers?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Gifts for travel lovers
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