Exploring the bolaven plateau laos

I did not plan on visiting Pakse or the Bolaven Plateau Laos while I was traveling through this country but sometimes the best days are those completely unforeseen.

My boyfriend and I booked an overnight ‘sleeping bus’ from Vang Vieng to Sannavnkhet and were due to arrive at our destination at 6 am.  After a rough, wild, and slightly uncomfortable night in the back of a bus with no windows, we woke up to the Lao bus driver yelling at us to get off the bus as we were at the last stop.  Disoriented and barely awake we hopped off the bus and to our surprise we were in the city of Pakse.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Laos, but we over shot Sannavnket by 2 and a half hours!  Whoops!  Having our full fill of the “bus life” we decided to stay exactly where we ended up.  To our surprise, Pakse and the surrounding Bolaven Plateau has lots to offer.

*I have sprinkled some affiliate links in this post that gives me commission at no extra cost to you if you decided to make a purchase. All proceeds go to keep Jess traveling. I only recommend products and places that I believe in.  I thank you in advance.

1 Day on the bolaven plateau laos

How to Get There

First rent a moped: 80,000 KIP for the whole day because I think everyone should experience and explore Bolaven Plateau Laos this way.  There are many waterfalls clustered together located 45 minutes to an hour outside of Pakse.  You follow the only road that leads out of town and you’ll pass through some villages.

Tad Fane

This is the first waterfall you will visit.  Two waterfalls cascading down and the most popular waterfall in Southern Laos.  It reminds me of a scene straight out of Jurassic Park.  I traveled here during the wet season, so there was a lot of fog the day I explored this area but it was still such an epic sight to see.

Tad Yuang

The next waterfall you will visit and was my favorite.  In the dry season you can take a dip above or below the falls and there are restaurants and shops that line the parking lot if you’re looking to grab a bite to eat. It cost 25,000 KIP to enter each waterfall.

Koffie’s Coffee Tour

Keep journeying 20 minutes past Tad Fane and check out a coffee and tea plantation.  Koffie’s Coffee tour is a unique, highly informative tour with an overload of information about coffee growing, harvesting, processing and quality of coffee around the world and they teach you how roast coffee.

 If you’re willing to splurge on a experience go zip lining and drink coffee above a waterfall.  Bucketlist Goals thats all I have to say.


Tad Lo & Tad Hang Waterfalls

If you plan to spend more days exploring the area keep going and head to Tad Lo which is a 10 meter high waterfall on the banks of the Xe Set.  Tad Hang is also close by where in the summer you can swim around in the pools that surround this fall.  If you are staying in this area there is a long, scenic walk that takes you to all three falls on a well marked trail.


Salachampa– Connected to Salachampa Hotel, a perfect place to sip a Laobeer and try some Lao dishes.

Daolin– Serves a variety of pastas, Thai food and offers a lot of vegetarian options. Great price point. Open daily 6:30 am – 9 pm.

Cafe Em– an outdoor coffee shop using organic, freshly roasted Arabica beans from the Bolaven Plateau. Open daily from 6 am – 7 pm. Located by Tad Lo and Tad Hang.



Salachampa Hotel

Located in the center of Pakse, Salachampa Hotel offers simply furnished rooms and the convenience of an on-site restaurant.  Includes services like luggage storage and laundry.  Rooms start at $20 a night.


Tad Fane Resort

Located walking distance to the Tad Fane Waterfall.  The rooms are basic but you if you’re looking for a retreat in nature this is the spot for you.  Every room comes with a balcony and A/C.

Tad Lo Resort

Amazing location on riverside and 5 min walk to Tad Lo waterfall.


Champasak Grand Hotel

Large spacious rooms tastefully decorated and located 15 minutes away from the airport.  Spa, fitness center and a large outdoor pool.

La Jardin Hotel

A quiet but central location. Comfortable beds and an outdoor pool.

Before You Go

  • VISA– The USA and most European countries need a visa to travel Laos and you can obtain these at the border.  The cost of a visa is $30 USD but varies depending on which passport you are holding.  Check here to find out how much a visa cost for you.
  • PURCHASE: World Nomad’s Travel Insurance. I never travel without it as I’m a better safe than sorry type of gal.
  • CURRENCY: Laotian KIP is the currency of Laos. 8,000 KIP is about 1 USD.  Average daily budget is $40 USD’s and that’s not denying yourself of pleasures.

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