Driving the road to Hana is easily a highlight of someone’s Maui vacation and for good reason.  Along the way, the stops on road to Hana take you through tropical rainforest, past beautiful black sand beaches and you will witness numerous road side waterfalls.

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When I’m not traveling you’ll find me on Maui, a place I’ve been lucky enough to call home for the last decade.  I’ve driven the road to Hana countless times and this should be on everybodies Maui itinerary.

In this article you’ll find out about all the best stops on the road to Hana, where they are located, what to expect and more.

TRAVEL TIP:  If you would prefer to follow along to an audio tour I recommend the Shaka Guide!  The Shaka guide tours are great for independent explorers who want the freedom to explore on their own terms, but like to learn about the spots they’re visiting.

The tours use GPS to offer turn-by-turn directions and audio narration with stories and music.  This will leave you with a deeper understanding and connection to Hawaii.

Before you drive the road to Hana

  • Rent a car.  This is the best way to expolore the island.  Another road trip on Maui is driving West Maui, make sure you stop at these 15 top spots!
  • Fill up your tank in Paia.  There won’t be anywhere to fill up on the way.
  • Pack snacks and drinks for the ride, this is a entire day adventure.
  • Start early.  The road gets crowded.
  • If you don’t bring snacks, there are plenty of places to get smoothies, juice or water if you’re thirsty.
  • Download the Shaka Guide
  • Enjoy you’re road to Hana itinerary.

If you’d rather skip the driving and be driven instead, take a road to Hana tour.

The scenic road to Hana in Maui, HI

About the road to Hana

What is the road to hana?

The road to Hana is a scenic drive and very popular. The Hana Highway (road to Hana) is made up of 52 miles of winding road, 59 one lane bridges, 620 curves and hairpin turns, as it snakes along the coast connecting Kahului to Hana town on the east side of Maui.

How long is the road to Hana?

Although the road to Hana is only 52 miles long, road to Hana drive time takes a typical tourist 2-4 hours to drive it one way without stopping and without traffic…which we all know doesn’t exist.

BUT who wouldn’t want to visit these incredible road to Hana stops along the way?!?!  The drive takes you through lush rainforests, by flowing waterfalls, and offers jaw dropping seascape views.  You’ll quickly see why driving the road to Hana is a popular activity.

Where does road to Hana start?

Technically the road to Hana starts in Kahului but the best road to Hana stops don’t appear until Paia town so we’ll start from there.

Is the road to Hana dangerous?

It’s as safe as anywhere but with anything you should exercise caution.  The road can be challenging at times as there are many testing turns, one lane roads and of course other vehicles.  Make sure you give yourself ample time to enjoy this activity.

What is the Best Day to Drive the Road to Hana?

There is no better day than the next to drive the road to Hana, although I would take these tips into consideration.  Always check the wheather as you wouldn’t want to drive the road to Hana during a heavy rain because flash floods can happen and parts of the road can be swept away.

Sundays and Thursdays are heavy travel days (arriving and leaving the island) so the road to Hana may be less crowded.

Start early to get the most out of your day. 

Top places to stop on road to hana

Flatbread Pizza Company in Paia, Hi on the road to Hana

paia town

The first of the road to Hana stops you’ll come to is Paia town.  Paia is a small, laid back town on the Northshore of Maui.  This is a great place to stop to fuel up  with gas, grab a coffee ☕️ or a hot meal.  There are plenty of tasty restuarants in Paia to choose from. 

If you’re looking for snacks, head to Mana foods to for the local, organic hot bar or snacks for the drive.

Ho'okipa Outlook in Paia Maui on the road to Hana

Ho’okipa Beach park

The second stop of the road to Hana stops will be the Ho’okipa beach park.  Park at the top, it’s located just on the side of the road.  The parking lot is visable and there’s also a sign.

From the lookout where you parked, you’ll be able to see Ho’okipa Beach below.  If theres a swell you can watch surfers and windsurfers get there fix.  The lava formed coastline is breathtaking and worth a few pictures as the waves crash up against it.

Twin falls the best stops on the road to hana with I'm Jess Traveling
Guy under a waterfall at Twin Falls on Maui

Twin Falls

Twin Falls will be next on the road to Hana stops, located on the right side of the road.  This is a short walk/ hike to get to 2 flowing water falls where you can swim beneath them!

The first waterfall is about 5 minutes down the path.  You’ll get an arieal view of the waterfall cascading down into a pool below.  You can crawl down the side to be able to get into the cold water and relax while a waterfall gushes beside you.

The second waterfall is another 10 to 15 minutes continuing up the path.  There are 2 different times where you will cross the stream so be careful as you step across the sometimes slippery rocks.  This waterfall is the biggest of the two and who doesn’t want to swim underneath a waterfall on their Hawaiian vacation.

Don’t let the parking lot packed with cars turn you off, its a pretty big place and there are several sets of falls after the “Twin Falls”.  Because of the ease and family friendly trail this is a fan favorite.  If you’re traveling with kids or want a trail with waterfalls that doesn’t require much effort, then Twin Falls is your place!

Tips to Enjoy Twin Falls:

  • The trail isn’t paved so it has the potential to be very muddy
  • It doesn’t cost to enter but runs off donations so be kind and support the area by being generous
  • Bring a towel and swim suit if you’re planning on swimming in the pools
  • You can buy some delicious fruit smoothies and juices at the trailhead
  • Please respect the aina (land): throw away trash in rubbish bins, stay on the paths, respect the wildlife and plants.
  • Respect the people who live there.  Return the generosity that they are showing you by allowing you to experience this beautiful area.
  • Basically be a kind human!
Huelo Outlook on the way to Hana
A beautiful outlook on the road to Hana

Huelo Lookout

Continue on down the road for a few miles and you’ll come Huelo lookoutwhich is on the left side of the road between mile marker 4 and 5.  The Huelo lookout is a cute fruit stand where you can buy fresh fruit, crepes, smoothies, juices and banana bread.  Walk down the steps and you can see ocean views through a palm tree frame.

Painted Forest

Next stop on the road to Hana stops is the ‘Painted Forest’ of rainbow eucalyptus trees.  It’s located just before mile marker 7.  You’ll see other cars parked along the road. This is also where the bamboo forest hike begins.

 *Photo tip, if taking a photo with an iPhone, use the panoramic vertically to get the whole shot of the rainbow eucalyptus trees.

One of the best stops on the road to Hana at the Waikomoi Trail

Waikamoi Ridge Trail

On the right side of the road just past mile marker 9 is where you’ll find Waikamoi Ridge Trail.  This is a short road to Hana hike as the trail is directly where you pull over.  It’s a quick trail that gives you a few decent views but the large beautiful trees you find along the path is my favorite part.

a peacock at the garden of eden on the road to Hana

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden will be next on the road to Hana stops if you have ample time.  It’s a beautiful property full of gardens, flowers, and birds like peacocks and ducks!  There are short walking paths throughout the farm. There are also several spots that have lookouts into the ocean, so yes there’s plenty of opportunity for pictures.

When I was here last the male peacock was putting on a show for us or should I say he was trying to impress his ladies.

If you have disposable cash garden of Eden is a great place to stop off at.  It cost $15 per person to enter  or $12 if you are Kama’aina.  Plus it supports local business which im a huge supporter of 🙂.

Coconut cafe inside sells some quesadillas, acai bowls, wraps along with coffee and fresh smoothies and juices.

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    Kaumahina Wayside State Park

    If you need a restroom that isn’t a port-a-potty stop Kaumahina Wayside State Park.  Bathrooms are open from 7-7 and there’s a cool lookout of Ke’anae Peninsula and a stretch of the Hana highway hugging the coastline.

    Honomanu Beach best stops on the Road to Hana-3-2

    Honomanu Bay

    If your main objective on the road to Hana is finding hidden beaches then Honomanu Bay is your next stop.  It’s worth a trip if you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  The road to get down there is paved but can get muddy and have many pot holes if its rained alot recently.  At the end of the road is where you’ll find this picture perfect black Hawaiian beach. 

    You’ll see the beach itself a from above before you’ll reach the enterance around mile markers 12 and 13.  Go down the hill, across a one way bridge and on the way back up the hill you’ll see an opening in the trees on your left hand side directly after mile marker 14.  There will probably be a few cars near the opening that will also help with finding the entrance.

    If you don’t have a four wheel drive vehicle it is possible to hoof it in.  Go for the pictures and/or to stretch your legs as you continue the picturesque journey to Hana.  We came on a perfect day and had the beach to ourselves.

    The next five miles there will be a few places to pull over on the shoulder and snap a picture of a waterfall or the coast line.

    Ka'nae on Maui with I'm Jess Traveling

    Ke’anae Peninsula 

    This is a beautiful place to stop and watch the waves crash onto the volcanic coast line.   There is plenty of parking making this one of the best  road to Hana stops.

    Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park 

    If you need another bathroom Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park will show up between mile marker 22 and 23. There’s also a waterfall nearby that you can jump in if you’re feeling saucy.

    * Just before mile marker 25.  There’s a waterfall on the right hand side that you can jump off a cliff into if the water level is high enough.

    3 little bears waterfall almost to Hana

    Upper Waikani Falls/ 3 Little Bears

    Just after mile marker 19 you’ll see on the left hand side 3 waterfalls ranging is sizes of small, medium, and large.  Appropriately named after the 3 little bears children’s story.  If it’s been raining a lot and the water is flowing then it will be just one large papa bear.  

    I'm Jess Traveling at Wai'anapanapa State Park on the road to Hana
    Black sand beach at Wai'anapanapa

    wai’anapanapa state park

    As of March 1, 2021 reservations are now required to visit the park in advance.  You can do so here.

    At last the star of the show Wai’anapanapa State Park. A beautiful State Park that has cabins and camping facilities and to add to the allure it is home to the impressive road to Hana black sand beach, Pa’iloa Beach.

    There are easy trails and hikes that take you around the park giving you panoramic views of all the beauty that Maui has to offer.

    If the surf is up, you’ll be able to body surf the shore break and the blow hole will be showing off.

    Nahiku restaurants stalls on the road to Hana
    Nahiku Stands a place to eat before you get to the town of Hana

    Nahiku Stands

    There will be a string of food trucks/ cafes on your left hand side before you reach Hana that you can’t miss.

    Nahiku cafe sells coffee, smoothies and a few snacks.  There’s a small gift shop, Nahiku Gallery.  Island chef which has items like fresh caught Hana fish and coconut shrimp.  And you can never go wrong with the island style taco joint where the kalua pig tacos are my favorite. 

    If you’re looking for a local Hawaiian food then opt for Lu’au’s.  There is also a pizza and burger joint. 

    Hana Town

    Hana is a charming, quiet Maui town.  Although not much in size, strolling around you can find a couple general stores to buy supplies/food, a handful of food trucks, a few restaurants and a gas station, but that’s it.

    If you’re staying overnight in Hana splurge for the Travaasa or if you’re traveling Maui on a budget opt for  Aina Kupuna.  For more information check out the posts below.

    Wailua Falls Hana Hi

    Wailua Falls

    One of the most iconic Maui waterfalls is Wailua Falls which can be seen from the side of the road past Hana town before the enterance to Haleakala National Park. 

    The Pipiwai Trail inside Haleakala National Park

    Haleakala National Park

    (Kipahulu entrance)

    The most popular and anticipated stop on the road to Hana is Haleakala National Park.  Enterance to the park from this side of the island is the Kipahulu enterance.  Inside this part of the park you can find Pools of Ohe’o or commonly known as Seven Sacred Pools and the start of my favorite hike on Maui the Pipiwai Trail.

    The Pipiwail Trail takes you past ancient banyon trees, through a cracking bamboo forest ends at the jaw dropping 400 foot Waimoku Falls.

    Awesome you’ve completed the best road to Hana stops on your road to Hana itinerary.  Through all the twisty curves, one lane bridges, and drop offs you made it!

    Road to Hana tips

    • Yes the scenic drive is beautiful and is a tourist attraction. It is also a road that is used by locals as it’s the only one to and from town. This being said PULL OVER and let the locals pass. If they are riding your ass it’s not because they’re trying to be mean it’s their way of asking you to “let them pass.”
    • This should be obvious but pay attention to the road, your surroundings and other drivers.  The last thing you’re want is to be in an accident in vacation.
    • Avoid sites located on or beyond private properties, and areas that lack visitor welcoming signage.
    • Park in designated parking stalls.  Don’t be “that guy” and block the road for everybody.
    • Do not enter streams on occasions of heavy rains and flash flooding conditions.
    • Don’t expect much service, cell service and WIFI will be very limited on this journey.
    • Please respect the Aina (land)!  Theres nothing that irks me more than to see litter and trash strewed about. Pack it in, Pack it out, its that simple!
    • Lastly, Do Not park underneath a mango tree, those sweet things have an evil side!


    XX Jess

    The Best Road to Hana Stops Written by a ResidentThe Best Road to Hana Stops Written by a ResidentThe Best Road to Hana Stops Written by a Resident