Antigua, is a city steeped in history and adorned with colonial charm. There are many things to do in Antigua Guatemala that a visit to this charming town is a must when planning a trip to Guatemala.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a treasure trove of well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture, where visitors can wander through the cobblestone streets lined with colorful facades and ornate churches.

Besides the historical charm, Antigua is an adventure seekers paradise. Surrounded by volcanos, there are many day trips that offer incredible hiking opportunities and even a chance to watch an active volcano erupt during the night.

And I haven’t even begun to talk about the all the delicious restaurants in Antigua. I promise, you’ll biggest problem will be choosing where not to eat because everywhere is so gosh darn good.  Don’t worry, we’ll get to all the tasty details in a second.

Things to do in Antigua Guatemala

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Is Antigua worth visiting?  Have you ever landed in a destination and instantly fell in love with a city? Well that’s what happened to me the first time I laid eyes on Antigua. Between the charm, the food and adventures at your finger tips, Antigua Guatemala is 1000% worth a visit.

After we’ve gone over what to do in Antigua, Guatemala, at the end of this post I’ll also include some practical information that will aid you in your trip to Antigua, including where to stay, how to get there, best time to visit and any useful tips to know before you go.

Door in Antigua Guatemala
Ruins in Antigua Guatemala

Things to do in Antigua Guatemala Quick List

Below I have a listed the best things to do in Antigua for easy viewing. If you’d like more information on a certain activity, click on the blue links below for more details of that specific thing to do in Antigua.

Antigua Guatemala Travel Vlogs

Would you rather see what visiting Antigua is like? Joe and I spent 7 weeks in Guatemala and 3 of those were in Antigua! That’s how much we loved the city. We filmed a couple vlogs while we were here about the best things to do in Antigua and epic day trips close by.

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Best Things to do in Antigua Guatemala

Things to do in Antigua Guatemala
Santa Catalina Arch in Antigua
Santa Catalina in Antigua Guatemala

Arco de Santa Catalina

The Arco de Santa Catalina (Santa Catalina Arch) is one of the oldest structures in Guatemala and symbol of the city. This iconic arch, framed by vibrant bougainvillea vines against a backdrop of the towering Agua Volcano, serves as a picturesque gateway to the city’s historic center.

Dating back to the 17th century, the arch was originally built to connect to the Santa Catalina convent, allowing nuns to pass between the religious complex and the school without being seen by the public.

Today, when you visit Santa Catalina Arch, you’ll more than likely see crowds of people as this is one of the most photographed buildings in Antigua. Surrounded by cobblestone streets and pastel-hued colonial buildings, this is one of the best things to see in Antigua.

📸 Photo Tip: If you want to get photos without other humans in the shot, come early around 7am.

Best Hotels in Antigua Guatemala

Go on a Free Walking Tour

The best way to get to know a city and your bearings is by going on a Free Walking Tour. It’s even better when you can do so with a local guide and a group of like-minded travelers. Plus it’s pretty cheap!

A walking tour is a great introduction to a new area and in my opinion one of the best “free” things to do in Antigua, Guatemala. Just don’t forget to tip! Tours usually last around 2 hours and a local guide will be able to answer any questions that you have.

Some Antigua Guatemala sights on the walking tour may include:

  • Arco de Santa Catalina
  • Parque Central & Plaza Mayor
  • Mercado Central (the central market)
  • Iglesia de La Merced
  • Iglesia de San Francisco El Grande
  • Convento Santa Clara
  • Cathedral de Santiago

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Hiking Pacaya Volcano
Horse on Volcan Pacaya

Volcan Pacaya

Volcan Pacaya is one of the best things to do in Antigua in a half a day because its one of the most accessible volcanos. This is a great warm up hike if you are planning on doing the overnight trek to watch Fuego erupt at night.

Located about an hour away from Antigua, many tours run to and from Pacaya and it is one of the cheaper excursions. It takes 1-2 hours to hike from the trailhead to the lava field.

The lava field is active and steamy a few meters down so it’s even possible to roast marshmallows or even enjoy a pizza that has been baked over the steam.

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🥾 Read the Full Guide:  Hiking Volcán Pacaya

Pepian a traditional dish in Guatemala

Eat Pepián

Trying traditional dishes and the local cuisine when exploring a new country is one of the tastiest ways to get to known a destination. And you can’t visit Guatemala without trying Pepián, one of Guatemala’s most famous dishes.

Pepian is a savory stew celebrated for its complex blend of indigenous Mayan and Spanish influences. The dish typically features a base of slow-cooked meat, often chicken or beef, immersed in a velvety sauce crafted from a harmonious mix of roasted seeds, nuts and spices. Served along side rice and tortillas.

The result is a symphony of flavors. You can find Pepián on every menu that serves up typical cuisine. I first tried Pepián at La Casa de las Sopas and it was exactly what I wanted it to be.

Here are some other restaurants in Antigua to try Pepian at:

Eating traditional food in guatemala
Tacos in Antigua Guatemala

Go on a Food Tour

Since we’re on the subject of food, one of my absolute favorite things to do when I come to a new city is to go on a food tour. I mean, what better way to experience the city’s diverse and delicious cuisine than with first hand knowledge from a local.

From the warm embrace of tortillas hot off the coal to the aromatic spices of dishes like Pepian, you not only satisfy your taste buds but also gain an intimate understanding of the historical and cultural threads that weave together the vibrant cuisine of this UNESCO World Heritage city.

A food tour in Antigua is not just about eating, it’s a celebration of Guatemala’s culinary artistry and a journey through its heart and soul.

🍜 Here are some top rated food tours in Antigua to check out:

Craft Beer in Antigua Guatemala

Drink Local Craft Beer

Amidst the colonial charm and ancient ruins, craft breweries have emerged as beacons of innovation, Whether sipping a refreshing lager or bold IPA, enjoying a local brew should definitely be on your things to do in Antigua Guatemala list.

Antigua has a (not-so) surprisingly fantastic craft beer scene. Antigua has many breweries and microbreweries in town – Antigua Brewing Company, Antigua Cerveza: Cerveteca, & Antigua Cerveza: El Bosque to name a few.

Antigua Brewing Company has a fantastic location close by the Santa Catalina Archway and a pleasant rooftop. The quinoa salad here was a fantastic addition to the flight of beer we sampled.

Antigua Cerveza: El Bosque is tucked away on the Main Street in and out of town. It has a huge beer garden, with campfires to sit around and has an all around good vibe. The avocado salad I had here was also out of this world.


Spend the Day at Hotel Museo Spa Casa Santa Domingo

When you start looking for the best places to stay in Antigua, I guarantee that Hotel Santa Domingo will pop up, as it is the most luxurious hotel in the city. The hotel is literally a museum, it used to be a former monastery after all.

As you walk the halls there are many artifacts on display representing Antiguas past. Don’t worry, if you are traveling Guatemala on a budget and staying here is out of your price range, you can still enjoy this hotel at fraction of the price.

You can purchase a day pass to use the pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room which cost $55 a day. Joe and I treated ourselves to a couples massage which gave us access to the above facilities and we hung out all day. I highly recommend this activity in Antigua.

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Ruins of Cathedral de Santiago

The Ruins of Cathedral de Santiago is another one of the top things to see in Antigua Guatemala. The skeletal arches and weathered stone walls stand as a testament to the destructive forces of earthquakes that have shaped this historic town.

Once the grand centerpiece of Antigua, the Cathedral de Santiago, built in the 16th century, now evokes a haunting beauty amid the surrounding garden. These ruins in Antigua, Guatemala are located walking distance to Central Park and you can’t miss it when exploring around.

Church in Antigua Guatemala
Parque central in Antigua Guatemala
Parque Central in Antigua Guatemala

Parque Central

Since we’re on the subject, our next thing to see in Antigua is Parque Central and Plaza Mayor. Surrounded by historical landmarks such as the iconic Cathedral de San José and the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, the park serves as a focal point where locals and visitors converge.

Lined with lush trees, park benches and flower beds, Parque Central is a great place to people watch and take a load off if you need a respite from the heat and the cobblestone streets. Local vendors will try to sell you their crafts like hats or necklaces, but it’s all apart of the experience.

The park also serves as a central point for many events and celebrations that are held throughout the year, the park is a living canvas that captures the essence of Antigua’s social life.

I spent the month of December in Guatemala and was blessed enough to celebrate Christmas in Antigua  and I can attest that Central Park was full of life. It was one of the coolest experiences in all of my travels, but more on that later on in the article.

Yummy Tacos at Cactus Tacos restaurant in Antigua Guatemala

Eat Tacos at Cactus Tacos

If you love tacos, then you can’t miss out on eating tacos at Cactus Tacos. I’ve included a few different specific restaurants to eat at in this list of things to do in Antigua, Guatemala post because they were that good that they deserve their own spot on the list.

Cactus Tacos is a small taco joint that serves up some seriously delicious tacos.  Plus it’s one of the cheaper places to eat in Antigua and portions are huge. Don’t miss out on the Tacos de Barria or Alambre Tacos.

Corazon de Agua Trail

If you’re a nature lover like me, a great hiking trail that circumvents Antigua is Corazón de Agua trail. This 3-mile loop trail takes you through the Corazón de Agua Ecological Park. The trail takes about 2 hours to complete and at the peak you’ll be greeted with views for miles.

Cerro de la Cruz a thing to do in Antigua

Cerro de la Cruz

Another great hike to do near Antigua is to hoof it up to Cerro de la Cruz which gives great views of the city. This hike is much shorter than the above mentioned and takes about a half hour to make it to the top.

The name appropriately translates to “Hill of the Cross”, where there is a giant cross surrounded by stadium style benches. The area was very well kept and it seemed as though concerts and events would take place up there.

There were several vendors selling souvenirs, food and drinks. Visit during sunset for an even more memorable time.

Learn How to Make Chocolate

Chocolate has a lot of importance in Guatemala or should I say in ancient Mayan history. So what better place in the world to learn how to make chocolate than in Antigua.

On a bean to bar chocolate making class, you’ll delve into the rich history of cacao. Discover the entire process, from harvesting cacao beans to transforming them into silky, delicious treats. Yes, you’ll get to enjoy all your hard work once you’ve made the chocolate!

This is a wonderful thing to do in Antigua for the whole family. You can book a tour here or head to Fernandos Kaffee in town and book a workshop with them.

ULEW Cocktail Bar in Antigua Guatemala

Find the “Semi-Secret” Speakeasy Ulew

Ulew cocktail bar is attached to Antigua Brewing Company (ABC for short) and to get inside you must enter through an old British phone booth.

The bartenders are knowledgeable and know what they’re doing. This is a perfect spot to grab a mid-day pick me up or to enjoy a hand crafted cocktail as a night cap.

Visit the Antigua Market (Mercado de Antigua)

If you want a “local’ experience make sure you check out the Antigua market. This market is located next to the bus station and is aimed towards locals.

Stalls brim with an array of items, it seems like you can buy everything here – from clothes, shoes and handcrafts to fresh fruits and vegetables. There’s even a bunch of stalls selling cheap eats and tipico dishes, so come hungry and with a sense of adventure.

Learn How to Carve Jade

One of the most unique things to do in Antigua is to learn how to carve jade. As you walk around town, you’ll notice many jewelry shops selling jade, its basically the national gemstone, so what better way to take a piece of Guatemala home with you, then making it yourself.

In a jade workshop, you will learn the traditional techniques of carving and cutting of the jade, which you will then be able to take home in the form of a necklace, bracelet or keychain.

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Ruins in Antigua Guatemala

Ruins of Convento Santa Clara

The Ruins of Convento Santa Clara is one of Antigua’s top attractions.  The remnants of the once-grand convent stand as silent witnesses to the architectural and cultural heritage of Antigua.

The intricate ruins, with their weathered stone arches and exposed walls, evoke a sense of both grandeur and serenity. Surrounded by lush gardens, the site offers a peaceful escape within the bustling city.

Exploring the cloisters and corridors, you can just imagine the daily lives of the nuns who once inhabited this sacred space. This is a great place to get some unique photos of Antigua. It cost 40Q to enter and is a must-see in Antigua.

Eating breakfast food in one of the best restaurants inA ntigua

Eat at Samsara

I wanted to include eating at Samsara on the best things to do in Antigua list because it was Joe and I’s absolute favorite restaurant in Antigua. And that’s saying a lot because there are so many tasty restaurants in town.

Samsara is a vegan/vegatarian restaurant that has a menu full of nutrient packed dishes. It’s hard to choose my favorite dish since so many of them were that good but don’t miss out of the quinoa salad or the eyes of tumeric kombucha. Portions are huge and prices are cheap.

Man in Antigua pushing a cart
Jocon at one of the best restaurants in Antigua
Honorable Mentions of the best restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

Take a Cooking Class

Another tasty thing to do in Antigua Guatemala is to take a Guatemalan cooking class. When you take a cooking class tour, you’ll get a hands-on experience that takes you beyond just sampling local cuisine.

Taught by a local chef, you’ll learn how to make traditional dishes such as Pepián, Jocón, and Kak ‘ik. You’ll learn about the cultural significance of each dish and gain insights into the culinary techniques passed down through generations. The best part is, you’ll get to eat all your hard work.

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Fresh Salad at Coaba Farms in Antigua Guatemala
Eating at Coaba Farms
Coaba Farms in Antigua

Explore Caoba Farms and Eat a Tasty Meal

Caoba Farms is an organic farm in Antigua where agriculture meets sustainability and community. Located about a 15 minutes from the center of Antigua, Caoba Farms is not just a farm but a thriving ecosystem dedicated to organic cultivation and environmental stewardship.

When you visit the farm, you can wander through the fields and dine at their farm-to-table restaurant. Yes you guessed it, this also serves up some of the best food in Antigua. The menu features fresh, organic produce grown on the farm.

The farm’s commitment to sustainability extends to its rustic market, offering farm-fresh produce and artisanal goods. Besides enjoying the delicious restaurant, here are a few other things you can expect to do at Caoba Farms.

  • Artisan Market: Takes place every Saturday.  Live music and sellers sell a range of handicrafts, organic products, and unique souvenirs.
  • Yoga and Wellness Classes: Embrace the serene surroundings with yoga.  On Saturdays from 8 – 9:00 a.m it’s free.
  • Farm Tour: Explore the lush fields and learn about organic farming practices and the farm’s commitment to environmental responsibility on a tour.
  • Cooking Classes: Engage in a hands-on cooking classes that showcase the farm’s fresh produce.
  • Educational Workshops: Participate in workshops on sustainable living, composting or gardening.
  • Family-Friendly Activities:  Caoba Farms is a great destination for families. Kids can enjoy activities such as farm tours, nature walks, and interactive sessions to learn about the importance of sustainable agriculture.
  • Butterfly House: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays (Admission: Q15)
Charming streets of Antigua Guatemala
Where to stay in Antigua Guatemala

Learn Spanish

Take it from me, it doesn’t hurt to know a bit of Spanish when you are traveling around Central America. Antigua is one best places in Central America to learn Spanish.

It’s suppose to be one of the places to learn Spanish because they talk slower and with less of an accent. There are a lot of Spanish schools in town. Here are some of the best Spanish schools in Antigua, Guatemala:

Take an ATV Tour

Another great way to see Antigua is on your own ATV.  In a city surrounded by volcanos, it is hard to resist this thing to do in Antigua.  This is not only an exciting way to discover the region’s topography but also an opportunity to inject a burst of adventure into your travel experience.

With rugged trails winding through the lush countryside and offering panoramic views of volcanos and valleys, an ATV tour provides an off-road experience that adds a thrilling dimension to sightseeing.  Besides the landscapes, you’ll also visit a Mayan village, Cerro de la Cruz and an organic farm.

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Fresh roasted Coffee

Go on a Coffee Tour

As the heartland of Guatemala’s renowned coffee production, Antigua provides an ideal setting for visitors to witness the entire coffee-making process on a coffee tour. You’ll learn everything from planting the coffee seed to picking, cleaning, roasting, grinding, brewing and finally tasting the perfect cup of coffee.

The sun is always shining, providing an ideal climate for the coffee plants to thrive. There are a few coffee farms located just outside of Antigua. Amidst the picturesque landscapes of Antigua’s coffee farms, this is not only a coffee tour but a chance see some of the most important sights of Antigua.

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Antigua Unesco World Heritage Site

Shop for Souvenirs at Nim Po’t Market

If you’re looking for souvenirs in Antigua, make sure you check out the Nim Po’t Market. The Nim Po’t Market is a sprawling warehouse located a stones throw away from Arco de Santa Catalina.

Inside you’ll find a vast array of traditional Maya clothing, hundreds of masks, wood carvings, local coffee, magnets, assorted dolls and figurines, and much, much more. Haggling is part of the game so be prepared for a little negotiation.

Christmas in Antigua Guatemala
Christmas in Antigua Guatemala
Christmas in Antigua Guatemala

Celebrate Christmas in Antigua

Our last activity to make the best things to do in Antigua Guatemala list is to spend Christmas in this town. I know most people think of Europe and their Christmas markets during the holidays but I had the pleasure of spending Christmas in Antigua in 2023 and it was amazing.

Antigua was a festive wonderland. The cobblestone streets came alive with the glow of thousands of twinkling lights and the scent of traditional holiday foods filled the air.

If you are in Antigua a few weeks before Christmas, you must make sure you witness the burning of the “Devil”, which is a symbolic cleansing ritual where they burn a devil pinanta of a sort. It represents cleansing yourself of all the bad spirits so you can start fresh.

Christmas weekend though, was absolutely the star of the show.  It was a party til the wee hours of the night each and every night.  First, I’ll say that Guatemalan’s LOVE their fireworks.

There is a parade that goes all through the town where people dressed in giant heads and tall people costumes dance around and the sounds of fireworks echo through the night.

I know that I’ve not done it justice in describing how awesome of a celebration in was. If you want to see what celebrating Christmas in Antigua is like, make sure you check out the video below.

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    Day Trips

    Day Trips from Antigua

    I couldn’t make a best things to do in Antigua Guatemala list without including the best day trips from Antigua. One of the best things about Antigua is the day trips, so make sure you go on a few if not all of the day trips I list below.

    Sunrise atop Acatenango watching Fuego erupt

    Overnight Trek on Acatenango Volcano to Watch Fuego Erupt

    By far one of the best day trips from Antigua and the most popular is the overnight trek on Acatenango Volcano. This adventure promises not only breathtaking panoramic views but also a a front-row seat to the awe-inspiring eruptions of the neighboring Fuego volcano.

    Hiking Acatenango Volcano is a challenging and rewarding hike that involves a substantial elevation gain in a short amount of time, starting at an elevation of around 7,500 feet and ascending to basecamp at 11,800.

    Once at base camp, you’ll spend the night and watch Fuego erupt all night long. It’s honestly as awesome as it sounds. Camping under the celestial canopy, with the silhouette of Fuego punctuating the horizon, transforms the trek into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Don’t go on this adventure without reading my full guide first. There’s many things I would have done differently to enhance my experience.

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    Mayan person in the Chichicastenango Market
    The Hectic Chichicastenango Market

    Chichicastenango Market

    The Chichicastenango Market is a photographers dream and a must see if you love chaos, colors and culture. The Chichicastenango Market in Guatemala, is one of the most famous and vibrant markets in Central America.

    Situated in the highland town of Chichicastenango about a 3 hour drive from Antigua, this market is not only one of the largest but also one of the most historic. The market only takes place on Thursdays and Sundays and is perfect for those seeking an authentic and colorful experience.

    Book a Day Trip Tour →

    Hobbitenango Themed Park

    One of the most unique day trips from Antigua is visiting the Hobbitenango Themed Park. Nestled in the hills surrounding Antigua, this themed park captures the essence of Hobbiton with its charming hobbit-style houses, lush gardens, and breathtaking views.

    The whimsical and enchanting structures and winding pathways create a sense of stepping into a fairy tale. Visiting this themed park, you can explore hobbit houses, relax in the cozy gardens, and enjoy panoramic vistas of the volcanoes that dot the horizon.

    There’s even a giant hand to walk out onto for a picture. It cost 50 Quetzals to enter and theres a restaurant and hotel to stay at if you’re feeling real magical.

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    I'm Jess Traveling in Lake Atitlan

    Lake Atitlan

    Lake Atitlan is the second most visited destination in Guatemala behind Antigua and for good reason. Lake Atitlan is a massive lake surrounded by volcanos. It’s a beautiful sight to see.

    There are several towns that border the lake and each one has its own personality and vibe. San Marcos is the most well-known, this “hippie” haven is famous for its yoga retreats and spiritual healing.

    San Pedro is a great place to base yourself if you plan on hiking some volcanos. Santa Cruz is more central making it an ideal home base to explore all of the towns.

    Finally Panajachel is the main town on the lake which is where all public transportation will drop off and depart from. There are many Lake Atitlan tours from Antigua.

    Book a Tour to Lake Atitlan →

    Im Jess Traveling in the ocean in El Paredon

    El Paredon

    If you are looking to go surfing in Guatemala, then look no further than El Paredón. This idyllic coastal town is about a 3 hour drive from Antigua, located on the Pacific coast.

    The main reason to visit this sleepy beach town is for the waves, but there are a handful of other things to do in town if surfing isn’t your thing.  Whether you come to kayak the mangroves, party at a beach front hostel or simply to relax and soak up the sun, the sunsets of El Paredon won’t disappoint.

    on top of a temple in Tikal Guatemala
    Tikal National Park

    Tikal Ruins by Air

    Tikal is one of the top things to see in Guatemala and it is possible to see these ruins on a long 17 hour day trip from Antigua. After a short flight to Flores, you’ll find yourself in the dense jungles of the Petén region, which is home to the iconic Tikal archaeological site.

    Towering pyramids, intricate stelae, and expansive plazas await, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the tropical rainforest. Exploring Tikal offers a glimpse into the architectural brilliance of this ancient city, once a thriving center of Maya civilization

    Although I think, spending more time in Tikal is a better way to experience this magical place, this tour is a great option if you’re short on time.  Check out the article below for everything you need to know before visiting Tikal.
    Hotels in Guatemala

    Where to Stay in Antigua Guatemala

    There are plenty of places to stay in Antigua that will accommodate every type of traveler and on every type of budget. These are the top picks on where to stay in Antigua.

    📍 Read Full Post: Best Places to Stay in Antigua

    Things to do in Antigua Guatemala

    When to Visit Antigua Guatemala

    The best time to visit Antigua, Guatemala, depends on your preferences for weather, events and crowd levels. Generally, two main seasons characterize the climate in Antigua

    Dry Season (November to April) is considered the best time to visit Antigua. The weather is typically dry, with clear skies and pleasant temperatures. It’s an ideal period for outdoor activities, exploring the city and enjoying the surrounding landscapes. This season coincides with the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Rainy Season (May to October) brings higher humidity and occasional afternoon showers. While rain can enhance the lushness of the landscapes, it may impact outdoor plans. However, the rainy season also coincides with lower tourist numbers, making it a good time for budget travelers or those seeking a quieter experience.

    Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations leading up to Easter and Christmas, attract large crowds, which you should also keep in consideration when planning your trip to Antigua.

    Antigua a day trip from Guatemala City

    How to Get to Antigua

    If you are traveling from out of the country, you’ll first fly into La Aurora International Airport (GUA) in Guatemala City.  

    From the airport many hotels and shuttle services offer private transfers directly from the airport to Antigua. This is a convenient option if you prefer a pre-arranged and hassle-free journey.

    Shared shuttle services also run frequently from the airport to Antigua. These are cost-effective options that you can also book in advance or figure one out when you land.

    The collectivo won’t leave until the van has at least 4 passengers so be aware that you may be waiting until other passengers arrive. I immediately found a shared shuttle when I landed and didn’t have to wait at all as there were already two guys in the van.

    Taxis and uber is also available at the airport. Local chicken buses also run from Guatemala City to Antigua but the hassle of finding the right bus(es) isn’t worth the struggle.

    Antigua is well connected to all other towns within Guatemala.

    How to Get Around

    Antigua is pretty compact and small, therefore you can cover a lot of ground on foot.  Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes as it’s easiest to navigate on the cobblestone streets in shoes. Tuk tuks are abundant and cheap. Uber is also extremely convenient to use to explore the city.

    Is Antigua Guatemala Safe?

    Antigua is generally considered safe. During the three weeks that I explored this town, I never felt unsafe at all. Not even an inkling.  However, like any destination, it’s important to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings.

    Be mindful of your belongings to avoid petty theft, stick to well-lit areas at night and take standard health precautions. Such as drinking bottled or purified water and being cautious with street food.

    Beautiful building in Antigua Guatemala
    I'm Jess Traveling in Antigua Guatemala

    Antigua Guatemala Travel Tips

    • Where comfortable walking shoes to navigate the cobblestone streets.
    • Tap water is not safe to drink. I always travel with the Lifestraw Water Bottle, it helps me save a little money on buying water and stay healthy with clean drinking water when in a pinch traveling through Central America.
    • While you can get by with English, having some basic Spanish phrases go a long way.
    • Credit cards are usually accepted at hotels but expect a 10% transaction fee added to the total.
    • Tips or propina in Spanish is about 10% in restaurants and is normally added onto the bill.
    • Travel Insurance – don’t try surfing without it.  It’s very affordable when you consider the alternative.
    • Book your accommodations in advance if you are traveling here during high season.
    • Guatemala has Uber.

     Guatemala Travel Guides ↓

    📍 If you are planning your trip to Guatemala, I spent 7 weeks traveling around this beautiful country so check out the travel guides below for more inspiration in planning your trip.

    20 Epic Things to do in Guatemala 

    Best Places to Visit in Guatemala

    How to Get from Antigua to Semuc Champey

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