No visit to Lima can be complete without checking out the trendy, hip neighborhood of Miraflores.  In fact, most visitors choose to stay in this area as they explore Peru’s capital city.  There are plenty of things to do in Miraflores that you’ll quickly understand why most travelers opt for this part of the city as their home base.

Not only are most of the hotels and hostels located in this area, but it is one of the safest neighborhoods in Lima.  From the buzzing food scene to the hopping night clubs, Miraflores comes alive in the evening and lasts into the night.

Most guidebooks usually recommend Lima to be skipped all together and when there’s so many wonderful places to visit in Peru, I can see how Lima falls lower on the must visit list.  But if you have the time, I think Lima deserves a few days on your Peru itinerary.  

So without further ado this is what to do in Miraflores as well as some useful information about Miraflores, Peru.

Things to do in Miraflores, Peru

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Miraflores, Peru

Miraflores is a vibrant tourist district of Lima and a neighborhood where many upper-class Peruvians live.  Miraflores is a stunning city, between the tall skyscrapers, popping food scene and scenic ocean views, it’s no wonder visitors and locals alike choose to spend their time here.

This beachfront residential district features many of Lima’s shops, top restaurants, nightspots and first class hotels.  From lovely walks along the cliff top or eating your way through town, exploring all the things to see and do in Miraflores, Peru will be right outside your doorstep.

17 of the Best Things to do in Miraflores

1. Go on a Food Tour

Restaurants are everywhere in Miraflores, so going on a Miraflores food tour to help narrow down your options is always a good idea.  Since Lima is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world, many of the best food tours actually operate solely in the district of Miraflores!

There are lots of food tours to choose from depending on how much you want to spend and how long you want to eat (and drink).  Here are a few tours to check out with good reviews.

Trending Flavors: Miraflores Walking Tour Including Food and Drinks Tasting

Hidden Miraflores Culinary Experience 

Miraflores Trending Flavors Half-Day Walking Tour

Peruvian Food Tour through Local Markets

Strolling the Malecon Boardwalk in Miraflores, Peru

2. Walk the Malecón

The Malecon is probably the most known attraction in Miraflores.  El Malecón is a boardwalk that follows the coastline atop the cliffs giving you sweeping ocean views.  You can walk it, jog it and even rent a bike or scooter to cruise it.

The Malecon is 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) in total.  Joe and I walked the entire Malecon when we were exploring Miraflores but from I would definitely recommend renting an electric scooter.

I thought the scooters were very innovative.  The scooters can be rented and operated through an app.  Just pull up the QR code on your phone, hop on and go for a ride.  Plus when you’re done you can leave the scooters wherever and continue on with your day.  Better yet opt for a e-scooter tour from Miraflores to Barranco.

This makes it convenient to see a lot in Miraflores and all within a couple hours.  Alternatively you can rent a bike or go on a bike tour through Miraflores.

Travel Tip:  If you are wondering what to do in Miraflores with kids there are several playgrounds located along the Malecon.

Paragliding in Miraflores, Peru

3. Try Paragliding

One of the most famous things to do in Miraflores is to try paragliding.  The paragliding launch spot is along the Malecon boardwalk.  You don’t have to book a tour in advance, just show up and pay cash.

Tandem flights cost about 260 soles, or $70.  The price comes with a video of the flight because if you don’t flaunt it on social media did you actually go paragliding?

Huaca Pucllana Ruins in Miraflores, Peru

4. Huaca Pucllana Ruins

The Huaca Pucllana Ruins are pre Inca ruins built out of adobe and clay.  The large pyramid are located in the Miraflores District of Lima, Peru.  Built from seven staggered platforms between the years of 200 AD and 700 AD, the ruins used to serve as an important ceremonial and administrative center for the advancement of the Lima Culture.  Under the Wari, Huaca Pucllana held significance primarily as a burial site for the nobility.

Today, the Huaca Pucllana complex includes an area for workshops, a small souvenir shop and a restaurant overlooking the ruins. The museum exhibits ceramics, textiles, tools, artifacts and other remains found on the site over the years.  You can visit the ruins on guided tours that are included within the price of the entrance fee. Or you can pair this activity on a tour with a museum visit and dinner.

Piscos Sours in Peru

5. Sample Pisco Sours

Would this be a best things to do in Miraflores list if I didn’t include Pisco Sours?  Pisco is the national spirit of Peru.  The clear spirit is a type of brandy, which is distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.

The Pisco Sour is a South American classic which originated in Peru.  Now I’m sure there are many bars and restaurants in Miraflores that serve awesome Pisco Sours but if you’re looking to sample a Pisco Sour that will blow your socks off, head to Ayahuasca Restaurant in Barranco.

Joe and I have a Peruvian friend that lives in Lima and she took us to this bar/restaurant as she said it serves one of the best Pisco Sours in Lima!  Let me tell you, they did not disappoint.  The passion fruit was my favorite and I think about that drink often.

If you want to join a hands-on demonstration of the pisco sour as well discover the authentic flavors of Peruvian cuisine you could check out this tour or this tour to test your skills as a bartender.

Travel Tip:  There are other flavors to try with your Pisco such as maracuya (passion fruit), borgona grape, tangerine and the coca leaf.

I'm Jess Traveling petting a cat at Kennedy Park
Kennedy Parque in Miraflores

6. Pet Cats at Kennedy Parque

Parque Kennedy or as the locals call it, Kennedy Park is located in the heart of the Miraflores district.  This beautiful park is surrounded by streets, historic buildings, small shops, restaurants and a beautiful church.

Inside the park you’ll find benches for relaxing, food vendors, painters and dozens of stray cats!  And the best part is that these cats are super friendly and can be pet.  Cuddling up next to a furry friend is one of the best free things to do in Miraflores.

Why are there so many cats you ask?  Story goes that back in the day there was a rodent problem and a solution the community came up with was to leave their cats here so they can hunt them.  As the years went on, the “cats” now treat the park as their home.

The Chabuca Granda Amphitheater is also located in the center of the park which hosts young artists, dancers, and bands a public space to perform.  Shows are free so consider yourself lucky if you happen to be here during one of these performances.

7. Dine at Larcomar

Larcomar is a high end fashion mall located at the end of the boardwalk that has literally been built into a cliff.  Now, normally I wouldn’t have recommend that you eat at a mall but the views, inviting space and selection of restaurants make it worth it.

There’s plenty of restaurants (American & Peruvian) to choose from all offering equally scenic views.  As of April 28,2022 when I visited, they had strict protocols to enter Larcomar – such as a double mask, hand sanitizing spray and a guard that wouldn’t let you in unless you met all of the above requirements.

Miraflores Coastline

8. Go Surfing

Surfing is one of the main sports in Peru and as you cruise along the coastline in Miraflores you’ll see why.  There’s break after break after break.  Playa Costa Verde in Miraflores is actually nicknamed Waikiki.  These breaks are consistent year round which makes surfing in Miraflores a good place to start.

Most surf schools are based in Makaha beach which is the perfect beginner spot.  The water is much colder than Maui (my home base ) and a wet suit is required if you are doing surf things in Miraflores in the fall or winter.

Travel Tip:   Barranco’s beaches have waves that are better for long boards.  Serious surfers can try Playa La Herradura in Chorrillos.

Love Park on the Malecon

9. Relax at Parque Del Amor

Parque Del Amor or Love Park is a lovely park located on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean that is full of vivid, fresh flowers, statues that represent love and of course ocean views.  This is a popular place to bring a date or to just admire the scenery.

In the back of the park, there is a fence where lovers can hang a lock to symbolize their love.  I mean that’s pretty adorable.

Ceviche in Peru

10. Eat your Heart Out

I know I already talked about going on a food tour but if you are looking for the best things to do in Miraflores, eating and then eating some more is definitely on the list.  If you only eat one dish in Peru, make it ceviche.

Ceviche is one of Peru’s most celebrated dishes.  It consists of fresh fish marinated in lime juice with hot peppers.  Being that Lima is located on the water, trying ceviche for the first time here is an absolute must.  Most restaurants have ceviche on their menus.

Travel Tip:  For the best ceviche in Lima, grab a bite at Punto Azul in Miraflores.

11. Visit a Museum

Miraflores has several museums to visit which is perfect for a rainy day or for the history buff.

  • Fundación Museo Amano – features a private collection of ceramics from Chimu and Nazca cultures.  It also has an assortment of lace and other textiles produced by the coastal Chancay culture.
  • Museo Enrico Poli Bianchi – contains gold textiles, colonial silver and paintings featured in National Geographic.
  • Choco Museo – well known for organic chocolate making workshops.
Beautiful Cathedral in Miraflores

12. Dazzle at the Local Architecture

If you stroll around Miraflores and detour into the side streets and alleyways, you’ll see lots of colorful buildings.  The Miraflores neighborhood is well kept and very inviting which makes roaming around that much more enjoyable.

There is also a stunning Catholic church located next to Kennedy Park.  La Virgen Milagrosa Church was built in 1939 and is worth a visit and a few pictures.

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    13. Sample Craft Beer in Miraflores

    Craft beers are all the rage,  popping up in every city and Lima is no exception.  In Miraflores, BarBarian or Lúpulo Peruvian Draft Bar will be the best places to drink some local brews.

    If trying beer is your thing, take this craft beer tour, where you’ll be able to enjoy and taste the best craft beers made in different parts of Peru.

    Walking tour in Lima, Peru

    14. Go on a Free Walking Tour

    The best way to get to know a city and your bearings is by going on a free walking tour.  It’s even better when you can do so with a local guide and a group of like-minded travellers.  Plus it’s free!

    A walking tour is a great introduction to a new area and in my opinion one of the best things to do in Miraflores.  Tours usually last around 2 hours and a local guide will be able to answer any questions that you have.

    15. Visit the Indian Market

    The Indian Market is located on Avenue Petit Thouars, is a huge open air market which looks like a bazaar you would find in Turkey.  Open daily from around 10.30 am to 9 pm, the Indian Market consists of dozens of different vendors selling all types of crafts and souvenirs.  They accept both Soles and American USD’s.

    Strolling through Miraflores

    16. Study Spanish

    If you are hanging around Miraflores for a while and want to learn or brush up on your Spanish opt for some classes. Peruwayna or Hispana Spanish School, are cultural centers that specializes in teaching Latin American Spanish and culture courses to foreign residents, immigrants and travelers of all nationalities, occupations and ages.

    17. Take a Cooking Class

    If you love cooking and want to get a hands-on experience with some of Peru’s most iconic dishes than opt for this Miraflores Cooking Tour.  First you’ll go shopping at a local market for your ingredients and then head to the kitchen to prepare a choice of fish, chicken, beef or vegetarian dish like ‘Ceviche’ or ‘Lomo Saltado’.  Yum!

    Where to stay in Lima, Peru

    Where to Stay in Lima | Miraflores

    As I mentioned earlier, Miraflores contains most of the hotels and hostels when looking for accommodations in Lima.  I used points and stayed 3 nights at the El Pardo Double Tree by Hilton.

    Not only was it free because of the credit card points I used to book the place but the staff was attentive, spoke English and the breakfast was fantastic.  This made an overall lovely experience and we were able to walk everywhere to all the things to do in Miraflores.

    Here are a few other Miraflores hotel recommendations on where to stay in Miraflores based on your budget or check out for more places to stay in Miraflores.

    Budget Places to Stay in Miraflores

    Selina Hostel– Choose from a bed in a dorm or your own private room.  Includes a restaurant, bar and free wifi in rooms.

    Waikiki Hostel – Good price, location and amenities including a kitchen area and washing machine.

    Mid Range Places to Stay in Lima

    Ibis Lima Larco Miraflores – Small French hotel chain in a great location.  Features a restaurant and a 24-hour bar, free WiFi, cable TV  and only a 3-minute walk from Larcomar Shopping Mall.

    Antara Hotel – This hotel features accommodation with a balcony and a spa bath and the beach is only 6 blocks away.

    Luxury places to stay in Miraflores

    Miraflores Park Hotel – This is the best of the best when it comes to luxury hotels in Miraflores.  Perched on the ocean you’ll get ocean views, top of the line service and an infinity pool.

    JW Marriott Hotel Lima – Superb seafront location next to the Larcomar shopping mall.  Perks of staying here include an executive lounge, restaurants, a bar, a casino, an open air tennis court, sauna and pool.

    For a Bigger Selection Check Out:  Where to Stay in Lima

    How to Get to Miraflores, Peru

    How to Get to Miraflores, Peru

    Miraflores is about 12 miles away from Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport.  There are a few different options you can use when figuring out how to get from Lima airport to Miraflores.

    By bus, it takes about an hour and cost about $6 USD’s.

    By taxi, it takes about 30 minutes to make the journey give or take depending on traffic and costs about $15.

    By Uber, costs around $12 USD and takes 20-30 minutes.  Taking an Uber is what I recommend you do when trying to get from the Lima airport to Miraflores.  We arrived into Lima around 10 pm and by the time we got through customs and declaration we were looking for transportation around 11:30 pm.

    As soon as you step foot outside the airport you get bombarded by people.  When its that late at night, you have all your luggage and you’ve probably heard of some horror stories – you want to make sure you find reliable and safe transportation.

    Calling for an uber took all of those worries out of the equation.  You didn’t need to haggle for price, you can follow along the app to know you’re headed in the right direction of your hotel and they pick you up right in front of the airport.

    Peru Travel Guides

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    ☔️ Best Time to Visit:  Shoulder months of dry season – March-May or October-September.

    💰 Average Daily Budget: $40 - 50 a day for basic accommodations and sit down meals.

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    Do you have any favorite things to do in Miraflores, Peru?  If so let me know in the comments below.

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