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Alright, I need a page to clump together all the awesome travel gadgets and nifty outdoor gear I’ve written about over the years. And I need a page that talks about my favorite travel gear.

Since I travel full time out of a Carry-on Roller Suitcase and Backpack/Camera Bag, I have been trying out different travel products and gear throughout the years, and not settling until I find something that fits my needs perfectly.

You can search through the articles below at the bottom of the page to see if something appeals to you or you can check out a few of my absolute favorite travel items below.

I’d also like to add that I’m not sponsored (not yet 😏), I just truly believe in these products. Also if you are reading this and happen to be one the brands listed below, I’d be honored to work with you.

For full transparency, I have sprinkled some affiliate links in this post which gives me a small commission at no extra cost to you if you decided to make a purchase. As always, I would never recommend a product or service that I didn't truely believe in. If you find this post useful, you can also treat Jess to a cup coffee by clicking the icon on the bottom of the page. This will allow me to continue to create more content for you to enjoy ☕️. 

I'm Jess traveling in Sremski Karlovici
Wandering through Thailand
Cappadocia Balloon ride with I'm Jess Traveling
I'm Jess Traveling in Antigua Guatemala

Travel Gear

Backpack/Camera/Travel Bag – This bag has everything I need in a backpack. And I take this backpack traveling around the world. It’s made by Wandrd and it can hold my camera equipment neatly and securely.

Plus I have plenty of room in the top to pack a small bag of extra clothes, small toiletries such as deodorant, sunscreen and makeup, a sweatshirt, book and a few other items.

I travel with the 31L and it’s the perfect size to fit underneath your seat or in the overhead bin on an airplane. It also looks classy so I can be hiking a volcano with it one day and sipping on champagne in first class the next. It goes with all occasions.

Carry-on Roller Suitcase– I travel with the Larger Carry-on Roller Suitcase from Away. It’s amazing. I have been rolling it down cobblestone streets, over railroad tracks, miles to and from a bus station, all around an airport, you name it, it’s been there.

The point of my ramble is that it’s still holding strong. I’ve been putting a beating on my suitcase full time and it’s still working great. I even sit on it most of the time to get it closed. Amazing quality and can still fit in the overhead bin on an airplane.

Nomatic Camera Bag – This is Joe’s camera bag and he loves it. He’s been traveling around with it for 2 years and has taken it on some crazy adventures. He swears by it.

This is a great bag if you have a lot of photography gear like Joe does. He carries several lenses along with his camera, drone and accessories. And the bag can fit an extra set of clothes and other small items necessary for travel days.

We also have the Nomatic Cube which zips up and fits into Joes Camera Bag. He stuffs loose accessories inside it when he’s traveling. Then he uses it as a day photography bag to adventure around cities and trails with.

Aloha Mini Hip Pack – I wear this thing daily when I’m traveling. It is has an inside zip pocket where I keep my cards and the outer pockets holds money, my phone, lip balm and room key. You can wear it around your hip or across body.

I own all types of these bags. I have a larger one that I keep a small set of clothes in and I have this one that holds my sunscreen and deodorant. I pack both of these bags in my travel backpack.

Packing Cubes – Packing cubes are great. They help you stay organized and create a way to separate your cleans and your dirties. The compression packing cubes make use of every inch of your suitcase.

Lifestraw Water Bottle – The lifestraw built into the water bottle will filter any impurities out of the water making it safe to drink. This comes in handy when you’re traveling though countries in Asia, Central America or South America. It also comes in handy on multi-day treks.

Priority Pass – I get priority pass through a few different credit cards that I own. This allows me to access various lounges all over the world. If you follow me on YouTube, you would see that I fly often and frequent lounges.

If you don’t have one of those credit cards, you can purchase a yearly membership. I can’t imagine a life where there is traveling without lounge life. Trust me, you need lounge access.

Hiking boots on Acatenango Trail

Travel Necessities

Sunscreen – This is my go to on the daily. It’s light enough to wear under foundation. I usually rock the Glow Sunscreen to give my face a little color without having to wear makeup.

Sunglasses – These sunglasses are actually really cheap but they are polarized and they look good on. They come in many different colors.

You can get them online or at any local REI store, usually located near the counter. Then you don’t feel bad trashing your glasses or accidentally loosing them because you can replace them for $20.

Bose Headphones – An investment but worth it. These headphones by Bose are comfortable on my ears, noise cancelling, and has bluetooth.

Danner Hiking Boots – These are my latest hiking boots and I’m obsessed. I’ve put off buying these for years, what was I thinking. They are comfortable, have grip, and look cute. If you’re an outdoorsy person at all, these are worth the splurge.

Travel insurance – I know it’s not always the most fun travel gear item but it’s the most necessary. I use SafetyWing as it covers me for quick stints back in the USA.

You never know what can happen in today’s world so I like having the peace of mind knowing that if something did happen, I’d be covered.

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on top of a temple in Tikal Guatemala
I'm Jess Traveling in Turkey
Sunset at the Parliament Building in Budapest

Travel Accessories

Hat Clip for Travel – This hat clip is very sturdy and I always have it on my bag, it’s so useful when you need it. Plus I like the way it looks.

Silicone Toiletry Bottles – These are leak proof bottles that you can fill up with liquids like shampoo and conditioner.

Toiletry Bag – This bag is sturdy and you can pack it full and not be worried about the zipper breaking.

Female Photographers
Machu Picchu, Peru
Pangea Dreams Retreat

Camera Gear

Okay, here’s what our camera bag looks like right now. I’ve been wanting to dedicate an entire page and go into detail about our gear but I think I’ll leave it right here for now.

This is our current setup and all the camera gear that we travel around the world with. Joe holds most of the camera equipment but I still hold my fair share, especially since now we travel with two full frame cameras, a drone and a gopro. Plus all the accessories.

Our Main Cameras – the Sony & the Canon. The Sony Alpha 7R V is the camera I carry around and is the newest addition to the family. We vlog with this camera and with the GoPro. We use this Mic.

Joe shoots with the Canon 5D Mark IV and carries several lenses. Joe shoots all the photography on this blog and he is working on setting up his print shop. We don’t travel light when it come to photography gear.

GoPro Creators Addition – Everyone knows that the GoPro is an awesome camera. I film a lot of our vlogs with the gopro. I’m outside a lot. The GoPro with the media housing allows me to film on top of a mountain and get good audio.

The media mod comes with a mic, wind buffer and light. It’s compact and less intrusive. This is a benefit if you vlog in foreign destinations like me.

Joby Gorillapod – This is the tripod that I have on the gopro. You can wrap it around poles and find a level spot on the ground when your outside. It’s lightweight and necessary for those time lapses.

DJI Mini Pro 3 – After loosing our first drone somewhere in the Albanian Alps, we replaced/upgraded to the Mini Pro III plus we have filters for the drone.

Electronic Cords Organizer – I love this thing. It keeps all my cords organized, theres a mesh pocket for extra memory cards and I can fit 4 external SAN Discos inside the case zipped up. I will never travel without this travel item again.

Peak Design Tripod – It’s lightweight and easy to travel with, among other things. We also have the Peak Design Clipwhich is perfect when we’re on the go or on a hike.

San Discs – After having several external hard drives malfunctions and almost loosing all of our data from the Balkans, we found replacements that are lightweight, smaller in size and much more reliable.

There’s no spinning disc inside the SAN Discs. They’re basically a giant memory card. This allows us to store all of our content like videos, raw format pictures and drone footage in one place and not have to worry about not enough memory or if it will break.

Memory Cards – The quality of your memory cards will affect the outcome of your footage.

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