Are you finally going on that much needed beach vacation?  I have been living on Maui for the past 12 years which has given me ample time to create the perfect list of what to bring to the beach.

I’ve compiled the ultimate essential beach packing list so you won’t forget anything at home and you’ll be able to fully prepared the next time you spend the day at the beach.  

I have divided this family beach vacation packing list into 2 categories – Practical things to bring to the beach and things to take to the beach for extreme comfort.

What to bring to the beach

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What to Bring to the Beach | Beach Packing List

Practical Things to Bring to the Beach

Practical things to bring to the beach
The practical things to bring to the beach are items that should never be forgotten when deciding what to bring to the beach.  These items include things like swimsuits and sunscreen because I’d be a pretty interesting time at the beach if you forgot those two items.


You can’t pack for the beach and not have swimsuit on the list.  Having a quality swimsuit is essential will make you feel great.  These are a few of my favorite suits that I’ve found to have great quality, last a long time and they’re comfortable.  Mikoh, BondEye Swimwear, Cambria Bikinis and Mae Underwear.


A Sarong is small, light weight and easy to throw on.  This is great if you want to stroll along the beach or boardwalk and be a bit covered up.  I have these sarongs in every color, the come in handy when you live at the beach.
Unseen reef safe sunscreen by supergoop!


If I had one piece of advice to give to my younger self, it would be to take better care of my skin, i.e. wear more sunscreen.  Wearing sunscreen daily will help reduce wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and prevent burns and worse, skin cancer.

Having a Reef Safe Sunscreen not only protects your skin but it saves the coral reef.  This is a must when packing what to bring to the beach.

Maui Jim Sunglassses


Just like you protect your skin with sunscreen, Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun.  I love Maui Jims, like the Makoa Sunglasses.  They’re super thin and extremely durable.  Plus with Maui Jims warranty you can replace the lenses for $75 only.

Beach Bag

This Straw Beach Tote is fashionable and functional.  It’s lightweight, durable and has lots of room for hauling books, towels, water bottles, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, or whatever else you might need on the beach or at the pool.

Water Bottle

A  Hydro-Flask is a must what to bring to the beach.  Having a nice, big water bottle that keeps your water cold and handy is a necessity to prevent dehydration.  Temperatures can get very hot at the beach dehydration is no joke.

Beach Towel

A beach towel is an essential for any beach you go to.  I recently got a Beach Towel and love it.  It’s fast-drying, super absorbent, compact, light and sand doesn’t stick to it.

It’s super fashionable as it comes in many different patterns and it can be used for multiple different activities such as hiking or camping.  Towels are the best things to bring to the beach.

Flip Flops

Flip flops or as they are called here in Hawaii, slippas are an essential beach item.  The beach is sandy and the only things you should wear on your feet while at the beach are flip flops or nothing at all.

These Billabong slippas are the ones that I wear daily.  They are relatively inexpensive and easy to break in.

Sun Hat

Another beach essential you’ll want to pack for the beach is a Sun Hat.  Protect your face, sun damage is real.  A foldable sun hat makes it easy to pack if you are traveling to get to your beach vacation.

Waterproof Speaker

A Portable Speaker is a must have for any beach goer or traveler.  This Bose speaker produces a deep, loud sound and has a wireless range of about 30 feet.  Battery lasts up to 12 hours, perfect for jamming at the beach.

Lip Balm

Lip Balm is another must what to pack to the beach.  Chapped lips along with sunburn, is never very enjoyable.


There’s nothing better than relaxing on a beach reading a good book.  I live on a private beach and I spend my Sunday’s reading a book on the beach.  Grab a good book and hit the sand.  Better yet, bring an E-Reader so the book options are endless.


A Travel Cup always comes in handy.

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes are great to clean off you feet after spending all day on the beach.  Baby wipes are useful in so many situations and I always have some handy.  Not only are baby wipes what to bring to the beach but they are what to bring hiking, camping and road tripping as well.

Ziploc Bags

Having a few Ziploc Bags handy while you are cruising at the beach always comes in handy.  They can be used to keep your money and pocket items dry.  They can be used to keep food items cold in the ice without getting it soggy.  Whatever you’re using the ziplock bags for, these are always handy to bring to the beach.

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    Things to Take to the Beach for Extreme Comfort

    What to bring to the beach for comfort
    The next items on beach packing list only make your time at the beach more enjoyable and more comfortable.  Having lived at the beach for all these years, I can attest that you’ll want these items with you on your next beach trip.
    Yeti Cooler

    Yeti Cooler

    There’s nothing better than an ice cold beverage at the beach.  Having a Yeti Cooler will not only keep your liquids super chilled but it will keep ice for days.  This is easy to carry and worth the splurge for a day of lounging at the beach.
    Go Pro

    Go Pro

    What’s life if you can’t record it and then show the world?  A Go Pro is great for the beach and playing in the water.  Whether you want to record a life changing snorkel or go cliff diving, a Go Pro will be there every step of the way.

    If you plan on using the Go Pro for longer periods of time in the water, I highly suggest getting protective housing for it. The first timeI took my GoPro 7 in the ocean snorkeling, water leaked in by the battery.

    Beach Chairs for beach lovers

    Beach Chairs

    You can’t plan on spending the whole day on the beach without a Beach Chair.  There’s nothing better than sitting in beach chair on the beach reading a book.

    Beach chairs are easy to carry on your back, it has multiple pockets to store you things, and the pineapple design is classic.

    Beach Umbrella

    A Beach Umbrella provides shade from the relentless sun and keeps you at the beach for longer.  An umbrella is ideal especially if you have your kids at the beach.  Shade will provide everyone with comforts and a break from the ever so powerful sun.


    Pool Floats are always such a luxury when you’re hanging on the beach.  There are so many to choose from and they are awesome photo props.  You’ll have instagram worthy shots in no time.  These are a few of my favorites.

    Yeti Tumbler

    Help keeps your canned beverages cold with a YETI Can Insulator.  The solsters are insulated with a double-wall vacuum so your beverages stay really, really cold.  These also make great gifts for beach lovers.
    Leave in conditioner to bring to the beach

    Leave-in Conditioner

    Salt water can do damage on your hair.  A restorative, Leave-in Conditioner protects your hair against heat up to 450°F and leaves hair feeling soft and bouncy. Infused with dae’s signature citrus scent, this vegan leave-in conditioner is perfect for hair of all types and textures.

    Beach Blanket

    A beach blanket always comes in handy at the beach.  These Baja Blankets are cozy, practical, and full of vibrant colors.  It not only spruces up a photo but they’re versatile for any adventure.

    Snorkel Set

    If your beach vacation is somewhere magical like Maui, Hawaii then a nice pair of Fins, a Mask and Snorkel makes exploring under the sea that much better.  Having your own snorkel always ensure you’re never putting a foreign snorkel in your mouth.

    Water Shoes

    Water shoes are handy items to include in your beach packing list, especially if you plan on doing some snorkeling.  Water shoes are small to pack and come in handy when you are getting in and out of the ocean when there is coral reef.  


    No beach day is complete without Snacks!  Don’t leave home without these beach essentials.

    Now you know what to bring to the beach to ensure a successful beach trip.  Is there anything else you’d include in this beach packing list?  Let me know in the comments below.

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    What to bring to the beach with I'm Jess Traveling
    What to bring to the beach with I'm Jess Traveling
    What to Bring to the Beach (Beach Packing List)What to Bring to the Beach (Beach Packing List)