Planning a trip to Turkey and wondering where to stay in Cappadocia?  Most people are surprised when they start researching the best places to stay in Cappadocia and realize that Cappadocia is actually an entire region in Turkey and not one specific town.  In fact there are 5 different towns in Cappadocia that offer fantastic accommodations which we will discuss in detail in the next section.

Cappadocia is known for its unearthly landscapes, cave dwellings, unique rock formations, underground cities, rock-cut churches and luxury cave hotels.  Not to mention every morning, Cappadocia has hundreds of hot air balloons take flight during sunrise. ← This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world besides the Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon Festival in the USA and that only happens once a year 🤯.

It’s no surprise that the stunning region of Cappadocia is one the most popular destinations in Turkey.  It certainly is one of the most interesting places to visit in Turkey.

Cappadocia, Turkey

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In this article we’ll go over the best hotels in Cappadocia, the best area to stay in Cappadocia depending on your travel preference and list accommodation options for every type of budget.  

But first, are you in a hurry?  If you are trying to book a room tonight or don’t have time to read the whole article, below I listed a quick list of the best places to stay in Cappadocia for easy booking.

Where to stay in Cappadocia

Best Area to Stay in Cappadocia

First let’s start from the beginning.  Where is Cappadocia located?  Cappadocia is a region of Turkey located in the heart of Central Anatolia.  It has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is now a popular tourist destination.

There are five main towns to choose from when deciding on where to stay in Cappadocia – Göreme, Uchisar, Cavusin, Ürgüp & Ortahisar.

Goreme is the most popular town visitors opt to stay when looking for a Cappadocia hotel.  Located amongst the fairy chimneys, Goreme is walkable to several view points that offer some of the best views for up close up balloon viewing.

It is also full of lots of restaurant options and nightlife.  This is a great area to stay in Cappadocia if you don’t have a car as there are lots of tour agencies in town and you can walk to several Cappadocia attractions such as the Goreme Open Air Museum, Lovers Point Viewpoint and Love Valley.

Uchisar is the second most popular area to stay in Cappadocia.  Uchisar contains many upscale and posh cave hotels.  This is a great place to stay in Cappadocia if you are not traveling on a budget and are looking for a luxurious, romantic getaway.

The town of Uchisar also offers great viewpoints for watching the hot air balloon flights.  The Uchisar Castle is the highest point in Cappadocia so you’ll get epic views of the surrounding landscape and it’s a bit less touristy than Goreme.

Cavusin is a bit more remote than the previous towns in Cappadocia and is located inside Göreme National Park.  Cavusin is a great area to stay if you are looking for somewhere that’s a bit more quiet.  Staying here you’ll have access to some great hiking trails without having to walk far to get to the trailhead.

Ürgüp is located about 10km east of Goreme and is home to many luxurious cave hotels.

Ortahisar is a smaller town located about 10 minutes outside of Goreme town by car.  This town is newer to the hotel scene so luxurious cave hotels are more affordable.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia on a Budget

Where to stay in Cappadocia on a budget

My Story Cave Hotel

  • Location: Uchisar
  • Price: $55 & up
  • Highlights: Great amenities like a gym & spa for a fraction of the price.

My Story Cave Hotel is a budget friendly place to stay in Cappadocia.  Staying here you can expect comfortable beds and air conditioning in the cave-like suites.  Heads up, if its a cheaper place to stay in Cappadocia, it more than likely won’t be a cave hotel but that’s why its more cost effective.

Splurge for a room with a balcony for epic views of the stunning landscape that surrounds the town of Uchisar.  Staying here still comes with great perks like a swimming pool, gym, spa and a restaurant.  This is where to stay in Cappadocia for any type of traveler on a budget.

Crazy Horse Hotel

  • Location: Ortahisar
  • Price: $60 and Up
  • Highlights: Price

The Crazy Horse Hotel is a cheap Cappadocia accommodation that is a great place to stay if you have your own vehicle.  Located in the small town of Ortahisar, this hotel is steps away from the Ortahisar Castle.

Rooms are basic and you are provided with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.  Beds are comfortable, you get a private bath and an excellent breakfast buffet every morning.

Think ripe olives, freshly baked bread and a plethora of jams to choose from.  Plus there’s all you can drink tea.  The owners are a sweet as can be and will make the stay that much better.

Jacob’s Cave Suites

  • Location: Cavusin
  • Price: $75 & Up
  • Highlights: Breakfast

Jacob’s Cave Suites is a wonderful boutique style hotel located in the center of Goreme National Park.  This is one of the cheapest cave hotels in Cappadocia with its original cave and stone suites.

All suites are carved out of the rock face and offer modern amenities such as air conditioning, private bathrooms and wifi.  Guests who stay here can enjoy a delicious Turkish breakfast served daily, a beautiful atmosphere and spectacular views around Cavusin.

Hera Cave Suites

  • Location: Goreme
  • Price: $97 & Up
  • Highlights:  Central Location, Cave Hotel

Hera Cave Suites is another exceptional place to stay in Cappadocia.  The rooms are big and beds are comfortable.  Each suite is a hand carved cave and masterfully designed.

Splurge for a suite which features luxurious amenities such as fireplaces, terraces and private plunge pools.  Staying here you can enjoy epic views from the rooftop terrace.  Walking distance to local boutique stores, coffee shops and tasty restaurants.

Seki Cave Suites

  • Location: Cavusin
  • Price: $95 & Up
  • Highlights: Turkish bath, Breakfast

Seki Cave Suites is another wonderful cave hotel in Cappadocia.  This unique accommodation is built in the ancient caves in Goreme town.

The suites are decorated in a traditional Turkish style with colorful carpets and rugs and hand-carved wooden furniture.  Each suite comes equipped with a large balcony which offer epic views of the fairy chimneys and hot air balloons in flight at sunrise.

If you book a stay here, you can enjoy the on-site spa, Turkish baths and you won’t be disappointed with the free breakfast that is provided to you every morning.

Located in the town of Cavusin about 8 minutes from Goreme.  Private, spacious, fantastic views of the balloons and all the amenities you could want like a Turkish bath and free breakfast.

Mid Range Cappadocia Hotels

Mid Range places to stay in Cappadocia

Mithra Cave Hotel

  • Location: Goreme
  • Price: $125 & Up
  • Highlights: Amenities, Location

The Mithra Cave Hotel is one of the best hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey that is easy on the wallet and has a great location in the center of Göreme.  The cave rooms are decorated in Ottoman or Greek style including traditional handcrafts, carpets and curtains.

Staying here gives you access to a range of amenities including a pool, spa, fitness center and on-site restaurant and bar.  Accommodation options range from standard rooms to luxury suites.

Most of the places to stay in Cappadocia include free breakfast with your stay and the Mithra Cave Hotel is no exception.  Each morning a breakfast buffet is served on the terrace accompanied with the sunrise and hot air balloons floating by in the valley.

Exedra Cappadocia

  • Location: Ortahisar
  • Price: $110 and Up
  • Highlights: Afforable Luxury

The Exedra is a fabulous Ortahisar hotel to stay if you are looking for luxury.  This is yet another cave hotel so some of the rooms are carved into the rock.

The hotel’s architecture is stunning and the rooms are cozy and tastefully decorated.  The spa is phenomenal, spend a morning getting pampered followed by a traditional Turkish bath.  Breakfast is full of choices and views over the surrounding valley are amazing with endless rooftop spots to hang out and chill.

Aza Cave Hotel

  • Location: Goreme
  • Price: $130 & Up
  • Highlights: Charm, Price and Location

Aza Cave is where to stay in Cappadocia for a cave hotel experience on a mid range budget.  The traditional cave-style rooms offer comfortable accommodations with lots of charm.  Guests can enjoy the comforts of the hotel including an outdoor pool, spa and restaurant.

Plus staying here gives you access to the terrace of the Sultan Cave Suites because the hotels are sister hotels and owned by the same group.  This means an epic terrace for sunrise balloon viewing.  Located a short walk from the center of Goreme, stay here to be close to tasty restaurants, local shops and tour operators.

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    Kayakapi Premium Caves

    • Location: Ürgüp
    • Price: $135 & Up
    • Highlights:  Heated floors and amenities

    Kayakapi Premium Caves is a beautiful Cappadocia hotel located in the town of Ürgüp.  The hotel offers a range of accommodations from standard hotel rooms to cave suites and villas carved from the cliffs.

    All the rooms are decorated with modern amenities including heated floors and some suites even have a fireplace and private terrace.  The hotel features a swimming pool, spa, fitness center and a restaurant that serves traditional Turkish cuisine.

    Aydinli Cave Hotel

    • Location: Goreme
    • Price: $125 & Up
    • Highlights:  Most unique place to stay in Cappadocia

    If you are looking for a truly unique stay in Cappadocia then look no further than the Aydinli Cave Hotel.  This hotel is built directly into the cave walls of a former monastery.

    The hotel offers a unique opportunity to stay in a hotel that is part of the very essence of the historical town of Göreme, with its stunning views and otherworldly landscape.

    The hotel is a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, with a range of traditional rooms and suites to accommodate every type of budget.  Stay here to be in a peaceful setting in the center of the action.

    Artemis Cave Suites & Spa- Adults Only

    • Location: Goreme
    • Price: $120 & Up
    • Highlights: Location, Views & Facilities

    If you are looking for an unforgettable stay then opt for Artemis Cave Suites & Spa.  The luxurious boutique hotel in Cappadocia offers a range of stylish accommodation options, 29 to be exact.  From cozy cave rooms to stunning suites with private terraces, you won’t be disappointed with your digs.

    Enjoy an abundance of upscale amenities including a wellness spa, outdoor swimming pool and a delicious restaurant serving traditional Turkish cuisine.  The breakfast buffet is one of the best in town and did I mention this is an adults only resort?!?!

    Located on a small hill, you are walking distance to one of the best viewpoint in town.  This is where to stay in Cappadocia for a convenient location, stunning views and luxurious facilities.

    Where to Stay in Cappadocia for Luxury

    Where to stay in Cappadocia, Turkey for Luxury

    Museum Hotel

    • Location: Uchisar
    • Price: $450 & up
    • Highlights: ‘Real’ life museum experience with luxurious accommodations and amenities.

    The Museum Hotel in Uchisar scream luxury.  Staying here provides a ‘real’ museum experience with luxurious amenities and accommodations.

    Inside the hotel is a museum featuring artifacts from the ancient city.  Located steps away from the Uchisar Castle (the most popular castle in Cappadocia), the Museum Hotel offers a variety of rooms ranging from single occupancy to larger family suites.

    The hotel features a terrace with panoramic views over the valley, a heated outdoor pool and its even pet friendly.  Stay here for a pristine setting and upscale accommodations with interesting history.

    Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa

    • Location: Uchisar
    • Price: $250 & up
    • Highlights: Service, Views and Amenities

    Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa is a unique place to stay in Cappadocia perfect for relaxation, luxury and adventure.  Located in the stunning natural setting of Uchisar, the Cave Resort is surrounded by the iconic fairy chimneys and valleys of Cappadocia.

    The resort and spa features a range of beautifully appointed suites, spacious terraces, balconies and luxurious amenities to make your stay even more special.  The resort also offers a variety of activities and experiences which will make your trip seamless.

    Dine in at the on-site restaurant or take advantage of the world class spa.  With incredible views, luxurious amenities and top of the line service, this is where to stay in Cappadocia for a memorable holiday.

    Karlik Cave Suite

    • Location: Uchisar
    • Price: $150 & up
    • Highlights: IncredibleTerrace, Cave Hotel

    The Karlik Cave Suite is a stunning hotel in Cappadocia.  Located in the adorable town of Uchisar, the suite is set in an ancient cave, allowing you to experience the region’s rich history and culture first-hand.

    The suite has been decorated with handmade textiles and traditional Turkish furnishings, giving you the ultimate experience.  The hotel has a beautiful terrace where you can watch hot air balloons take flight during sunrise, drink Turkish teas or coffees in the afternoon or simply just admire the surrounding landscapes.

    Located steps away from the Uchisar Castle, the Karlik Cave Suite is one of the best cave hotels in Cappadocia and is perfect for couples looking for a romantic stay or families looking for an unforgettable experience.

    Argos Hotel

    • Location: Uchisar
    • Price: $350 & up
    • Highlights: Top of the line service & amenities, rooftop pool and spa

    The Agros Hotel is probably the swankiest place to stay in Uchisar.  Once a monastery, now a Cappadocia cave hotel, this stunning boutique hotel is situated in a prime location in town.  The hotel features breathtaking views of Pigeon Valley and has a terrace that overlooks the ancients city of Uchisar and Uchisar Castle.

    With its luxurious accommodations and all the amenities and services you would expect from a high-end hotel, you won’t be disappointed with a stay at Agros.  Staying here gives you access to a spa, wellness center, a restaurant serving traditional Turkish cuisine and a stocked bar.  If you are searching for a luxurious stay in Cappadocia, look no further.

    Sultan Cave Suites

    • Location: Göreme
    • Price: $170 & Up
    • Highlights: Luxury, Location and Views

    If you’re looking for the ultimate cave hotel in Cappadocia, look no further than the Sultan Cave Suites.  Located in the heart of Cappadocia in Goreme, this unique place to stay in Cappadocia offers some of the best views in town.  I’m talking panoramic views of Love Valley.  From the terrace and the suites the hotel boasts breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and ancient villages.

    Each suite is elegantly decorated and includes a private terrace with views of fairy chimneys, hot air balloons and rolling hills.  Staying here will allow you to enjoy the on-site restaurant, swimming pool, spa and Turkish bath.  This is where to stay in Goreme, Turkey for luxury, location, views and an unforgettable holiday.

    Balloon ride in Cappadocia
    Uchisar Castle in Cappadocia, Turkey

    How Long to Stay in Cappadocia?

    Most people only stay in Cappadocia for a quick 3 days but if time allows I would stay in Cappadocia for at least 5 days.  There is so much to see, do and soak in that you’d almost be doing yourself a disservice if you stay less.

    Of course I know that most people don’t have unlimited vacation time so staying in Cappadocia for at least 2 full days will allow you to experience Cappadocia’s highlights.  Staying longer than 3 days in Cappadocia will allow you take get outside the main cluster of attractions and experience some cool day trips.

    Uchisar Castle in Cappadocia

    Best Things to do in Cappadocia

    Below I have listed a few of the top things to do in Cappadocia for quick and easy viewing.  If you’d like a more detailed description about location, what to expect and things to do nearby – click on the blue links to go directly to the blog post or vlog.

    ☕️ Read Full Post: 17 Epic Things to do in Cappadocia 

    Cappadocia Travel Vlogs

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    Cappadocia, Turkey
    Tea at the Cavusin Castle

    How to Get Around Cappadocia

    The easiest way to get around Cappadocia is renting a car.  Renting a car is extremely affordable in Turkey and roads are well maintained, making it very easy to navigate and get around.  Joe and I rented a car for the full week we were in Cappadocia and loved every minute of it.

    If you’re not into the responsibility of renting a car, booking tours will be your next best option.  Tours are reasonably priced and will take you to all the best things to do in Cappadocia.  Plus they’ll pick you up and drop you off at your hotel and who doesn’t enjoy that.

    Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Capppadocia

    There are a lot of dreamy places to stay in Cappadocia that will only enhance your experience in this magical part of the world. If you found this article helpful or have any favorite hotels in Cappadocia, let fellow travelers know in the comments below 👇.

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    Where to Stay in Cappaodica
    Where to Stay in Cappadocia, Turkey
    Best Places to Stay in Cappadocia
    Where to Stay in Cappadocia, TurkeyWhere to Stay in Cappadocia, TurkeyWhere to Stay in Cappadocia, Turkey